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Scientific Editing was established in January 2019 by a group of scientists from different fields. Our head office is located in Toronto, Canada, but we serve clients all around the world. Our aim is to accelerate international scientific research communication. At Scientific Editing, we take great efforts to understand our authors’ needs. We aim to help scientists and academic authors break through the language barriers, bridge the gap between authors and peer-reviewed journals, and accelerate the process of publishing high-quality articles.

Armed with an in-house editing team, we provide high-quality services to academic, publishing, and pharmaceutical communities. All our editors are native English-speakers with a PhD, or extensive editing and publishing experience in different fields, and have been carefully screened and selected.

When you send your article to us before submitting it to a journal editor for consideration, a member of our research paper editing and proofreading team will carefully read your paper alongside the guidelines you provide to ensure that your manuscript meets the journal’s requirements. We choose a proofreader/editor whose field is close to yours to check and perfect your grammar, spelling, and punctuation, eliminating all errors and helping you improve your writing style so that your paper will shine when it arrives on the editor’s desktop. In many cases, authors whose research papers have been rejected by a journal editor when first submitted have ultimately encountered success in publishing their work, even in the same journal, after they have used our professional editing and proofreading services.

A large number of our clients are senior researchers, advanced students, and business professionals who are not native English speakers but who wish to publish their research in the English language. Our services, however, are not limited to non-English speakers. Many of our clients are speak English as their first language, but they still benefit from our scientific editing. By default, English editing and proofreading are included in our Editing service, but authors also benefit from our editors’ scientific comments. Our experienced editors pinpoint the weakness of your manuscripts and suggest compelling arguments. Also, they provide comments for your figures and tables.

Our research paper editors and proofreaders assist authors in communicating as clearly and with as much precision and sophistication in English as they were writing their papers in their native language. Our services have also proved extremely beneficial for native speakers of English who require a second pair of professionally trained eyes to ensure that their writing contains no errors or inconsistencies in language or formatting and is generally polished to perfection before they submit it for grading or publication. Whatever your research may be and whoever you hope will read and appreciate it, we would be delighted to help you achieve success through your writing.


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Bizhan Romani

CEO, founder, and content developer

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David Adewusi

Content developer

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Andi Xavier

Content developer

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Damien Zimmerman

IT manager

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Henry Owens

Finance assistant

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Charmain Hansen

Customer service, business developer

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Kelvin Evans

Web developer

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Hannah Snyder

Front-end developer

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Sharon Gutierrez

Director of operations

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Leonard Howe

Business analyst

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Philip Rojas

Director of operations

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Zach Melis

Editorial quality manager

Scientific Editing is composed of TRUSTED EDITORS who help scientists and scholars get their work published in high impact journals.


Editing Services

All of our editors specialize in editing science and medical texts written by non-native English speakers. Whether you send us an original research article, a review article, a grant application, a reviewer response letter, a cover letter, or even a master’s or PhD thesis, our editors will revise your work to express the prominent points in a clear and scientific language. Every paper or document edited by Scientific Editing is checked again for errors by our in-house English editors.

  • Experienced PhD editors in your field
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Editing in American and British English

Writing Services

Responding to reviewers and writing cover letters for your paper could be complex and time-consuming tasks. Scientific Editing facilitates the process by reading your manuscript in-depth and writing your cover and/or response letter from scratch to ensure that your communication with a journal’s editorial board and reviewers is transparent and accurate. Our team of scientific editors have an impressive publication record and know exactly what is required to get your paper published quickly.

  • Experienced authors in your field
  • Clear communication with reviewers
  • Emphasis the significance and novelty of your research
  • BELS certified editors

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