What Is a Thesis Statement?

What is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement can be described as a sentence that is included in the beginning part of a research essay or dissertation that relays the objectives of your research and dissertation thesis.  The thesis statement clearly shows the understanding of the writer and his/her judgement of the topic. It is part of the introduction and … Read more

18th Century and the Rise of the English Novel

18th century and the rise of English novel

The novel today is considered one of the most important art forms in the English language. This is because it affects grand aspects of the language and is now considered an integral part of the art. However, the rise of the English novel occurred primarily in the 18th century; this does not mean that there … Read more

Table of Contents in MLA Format; How to Create One

Table of contents in MLA format

The MLA format, which was developed by the Modern Language Association for students and academics in the humanities and arts, does not have strict rules on creating a table of contents. However, you might need to include a table of contents in MLA format if you are writing a lengthy paper in MLA format. (Also … Read more

MLA Headings and Subheadings – MLA Format Heading

MLA headings and subheadings

Introduction MLA format is a literature referencing style that is developed by the Modern Language Association. The writing style offers a flexible guideline for writing, referencing as well as formatting. One of these set guidelines concerns the MLA headings and subheadings. Headings and subheadings are identifiers that are required to help organize and provide structure … Read more

Step-by-Step Instructions for Writing an Abstract in Chicago Format

Writing an abstract in Chicago format

Introduction An abstract is generally a one-paragraph summary of a paper that is written to give readers an insight as to what the paper is about. Authors write abstracts to present the main points of the paper to the readers. This is why an abstract is generally referred to as a snapshot of the focus … Read more

Step-by-Step Instructions for Writing an Abstract in MLA Format

Abstract in MLA format

Introduction An abstract is a clear and concise summary of a finished paper that is written to convince and inspire readers to read the paper. Writing an abstract is, however, dependent on the type of writing style that you are adhering too. Typically, MLA writing style does not require an abstract, having said that, you … Read more

Chicago Table of Contents: How to Create One

Chicago table of contentss

Introduction Table of contents refers to the list of the contents in a paper that is usually found in the preliminary pages of a paper. Plus, it usually gives the descriptions of the chapter and sections in the paper as well as their commencing page number. Just like most writing styles, Chicago style does not … Read more

APA Table of Contents; APA Format for Table of Contents

APA table of contents

The APA (American Psychological Association) created a writing style that helps create consistency in the format of papers submitted within the field. The style has served as a guide for formatting the papers of researchers and students alike within the field. APA format does not necessarily require a table of content. However, you might need … Read more

APA Headings and Subheadings – APA Format Heading

APA headings and subheadings format

Introduction APA Headings and subheadings are required to help organize and provide structure to papers and essays. Just like MLA, APA has guidelines for APA headings and subheadings which offer a premise on what each section should entail. This is important for the easy navigation of readers all through the literary piece. APA or American … Read more

How a Copy Editing Service Works!

How a copy editing service works

Are you in the middle of writing a paper or piece of content? Then you might consider hiring a copy editing service. Such a service can be useful for you to get the changes made to your content that you feel were lacking. How, though, does the process work? While it does not always work … Read more

Benefits of Using a Copy Editing Service

Benefits of using a copy editing service

In the middle of writing some content in the English language? Then you might want to get some help. Second opinions are essential to any writing, from a sports article to an academic piece on politics, history, or particle physics. Whatever you are writing, though, it might be useful to bring in the help of … Read more

What Is a Good Proofreading Strategy?

Proofreading Strategy

When we say proofreading, we refer to the process of examining your text carefully to find and correct mistakes in spelling or typographical errors, punctuation, and grammar. For effective proofreading, the first step is to find ways to experience what you have written down differently than how you originally had it written. What that means … Read more

5 Proofreading Strategies to Consider Trying out

5 proofreading strategies

As a writer, you might find it hard to go back and look over your own content. This is common – many of us have little time to read and edit. In fact, that is why most newsrooms and websites will offer an editorial position on their staff. Having someone who can edit work, refine … Read more

Best Online Proofreading Service

Best Online Proofreading Service

Do you have a question about the best online proofreading service? Well then this article is for you! When you need help in organizing and creating quality writing, there is a huge amount to think about and consider. For example, your writing will need to be looked over and managed by a writing professional. You … Read more

Best Online Proofreading

Best Online Proofreading

Proofreading is essential to all types of writers. However, no one said you have to do it yourself. Outsourcing the best online proofreading services is pretty common, and most times, the service provider does an impeccable job. Because this service is in high demand, there are a lot of supplying brands available in today’s market. … Read more

Is There Such a Thing as the Best Proofreading?

The Best Proofreading

When you need help with the editing and mastering of any piece of content, it helps to know where to turn. For many people today, that means turning to a proofreading service and here the question is raised: Is there such a thing as the best proofreading service?. Proofreading is one of the most useful … Read more

Proofreading Rates

Proofreading rates

So you’ve decided to outsource your proofreading service to a service provider, but you’re unsure of the proofreading rates? Well, you’ve come to the right place. It’s so easy for one to be ripped off on the internet, and with digital services like proofreading, you have to be aware of everything it entails before you … Read more

What Is Online Proofreading?

What is online proofreading

Have you wondered what online proofreading services are and what they can offer you? Well, then this article is for you. As an author, professional writer, freelance writer, student, casual writer, columnist, or businessperson, drafting any typewritten work probably comes with the trade. You’re tasked with the responsibility of doing the research before relaying all … Read more

How Much Does Proofreading Cost?

proofreading cost

The importance of proofreading your dissertation, thesis, paper, or any type of document cannot be overestimated. In fact, before any written work gets to its intended audience, it should be proofread. One important question is that how much proofreading costs since there are so many proofreading services available on the internet (Get an affordable proofreading … Read more

What Does the Best Journal Paper Editing Service Offer?

Best journal paper editing service

When writing a journal paper or article, you want to know that you have tackled the subject at hand properly. The writing of a journal paper means trying to be very precise about the topic at hand, the subject matter, and the challenges that the subject brings to the table. With that in mind, you … Read more