What Papers Get Many Citations?

What papers get many citations?

  A citation is an official mention of a broadcast or non-broadcast supply that you simply consulted and acquired data from writing your analysis paper. The amount of times your work is cited is very important. As a result, it will indicate the impact that your analysis has in the particular sector. Papers with lots … Read more

Dealing with a Demanding PhD Advisor

Dealing with a demanding phd advisor

“Thou Shall write your dissertation and 3 papers by tomorrow noon.” Said a demanding PhD advisor A PhD or a ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ is the highest university degree obtained after completing the Bachelors and Masters or any other degree. A PhD advisor is a faculty member of a university whose job is mentoring and counseling … Read more

Which Journal Should I Choose for My Paper? A Quick & Clear Guide

Choosing a journal

So, Which journal am I going to publish in? This is a question that you may need to answer at some point in your research. Choosing a journal for publication is a tricky process, which can be long, complicated, and lead to much frustration. This is an integral part of the higher education process, and … Read more

When Should I Start Writing a Research Paper? Easy Tips

Writing a Research Paper

Writing  a research paper is a skill that is learned over time, requiring time, research, and attention to detail. One of the biggest components of this process, is allowing yourself adequate time to complete this task, including collecting relevant information, presenting a topic for review, and ensuring that you have adequate sources and materials to … Read more

Choosing a PhD Advisor

choosing a PhD advisor

It’s finally that stage of your graduate study that comes down to choosing a PhD advisor. Working to complete a PhD takes time, effort, and a lot of energy. It’s generally expected that this experience will be formative and significant, and choosing the right support during this process can make or break your experience in … Read more

Choosing the Title of Your Paper

Choosing the title of your paper

What’s in a name? Would a paper by any other title read as well? Titles are one of the trickiest parts to writing, especially when that work is designed to be presented in a formal or academic capacity. There are many considerations to take when thinking about the appropriate title of your paper, including the … Read more

Writing a Thesis versus a Research Paper

Thesis versus a research paper

Two of the biggest pieces of writing one might complete while pursuing their education, might be a research paper, and/or a thesis. These two works both take dedicated time, energy, and focus to complete, and should be taken seriously. But while they are both serious pieces of work, they also have some clear differences, which … Read more

British Versus American Editors

British versus Anerican editors

To put it simply, a British editor edits a write up following the guidelines and dictates of the British English language. On the other hand, an American editor will edit based on his own version of English, which is American. Both are not the same. A lot of people confuse both. Some do not know … Read more

Who Reviews My Paper after Submission?

Paper review process

A paper is a collection of several primary pieces of literature to produce a coherent argument regarding a topic. To put it simply, a paper is a publication concerning a particular topic. The paper can either be published in a Journal. A paper can also be a thesis. The purpose of a paper review is … Read more

Impact Factor Versus Index Factor – Compare the 2 Factors

Comparing impact factor versus index factor

In terms of designs, the impact factor differs from the index factor. Not many people know the difference, but that’s fine. Here, we will identify what each of them is and also tell the difference between them. Let’s get to it then, shall we? What Is An Impact Factor? The Impact Factor is also referred … Read more

Does It Matter Where I Do My PhD?

Doing a PhD in which university

Deciding to do a PhD is a worthy venture, especially for those who aspire to become an authority in their fields of study, those who have a passion for research, and those who are already in the lecturing profession and want to be eligible for the post of a professor. Having all this in mind, … Read more

Stopping at Master’s Degree or Continuing with a PhD

continuing with a PhD - Master's vs PhD

Many people are often in a dilemma when it comes to deciding between earning a master’s degree and stopping there or continuing with a doctorate (PhD). The two are quite distinct. While a master’s degree is career-oriented, PhD is research-oriented. Factors like the length of study, the cost of study, and the prestige that comes … Read more

Editing Vs Proofreading – 5 Differences

editing vs proofreading

Starting from English enthusiasts to commoners, editing and proofreading are the two terms that tend to confuse us all often. Well, it is quite justified as they have similar traits but there is a fine line of responsibilities and task differentiation between an editor and a proof-reader. An editor is an individual who corrects the … Read more

The Golden Rules of Punctuation

rules of Punctuation marks

If you write, you need to know the golden rules of punctuation. Conversations in reality, and what appears as text, are indeed two variants. Speaking errors are understood, but on print, evidence remains as a standard and an embarrassing situation will have you facing the music. Writing an acclaimed thesis, or attempting to impress someone … Read more

Where to Submit Your Paper

Submit your paper

Imagine a scenario where you have created a manuscript after months of researching and backbreaking ordeal. You smile and submit your paper but then you get rejected by the publishing journal. All your hopes and dreams are crushed in a blink of an eye. It sounds tragic, right? But for an average journal, nearly 50 … Read more

Science Writing Vs. Formal Writing

Science writing vs formal writing

Writing isn’t just about putting pen to paper and scribbling words. Different occasions demand different types of writing. Using an informal type of writing for situations that demand a formal type of writing wouldn’t be acceptable. That is why it is important to learn about the different writing types or styles and when they are … Read more

When Do Statistical Analyses Lie

Statistical analyses and lies

Statistical Analyses used to be associated with the business industries back then. They have, however, become very important in the way humans live their life. Statistics are commonly used by the government to formulate policy bothering on their citizens. Without it, some sectors of the world will be nonfunctional. The rise in globalized operations, as … Read more

Why Many Papers Cannot Be Reproduced

Irreproducible results in science papers

As soon as scientists write up their findings and results in scientific papers, they should endeavor to include their methodology in order to allow other scientists to replicate those results. It is also important for a study to be replicated much time over by an independent group of scientists before they can be confident that … Read more

Biology; a Field with Many Branches

Biology Branches

Everywhere you look, you’ll see biology. It is evenly distributed all-around your surroundings. From the animals to the plants, to the river you’re looking into, to the ground you’re stepping on. Indeed, everything shows off the evidence and importance of biology to the world. The functioning of the human system is all due to biology. … Read more

Writing a Sound Conclusion for Your Paper

writing a Conclusion for your paper

Although writing an introduction or a conclusion for your paper can be sometimes hard, they’re very important parts of your paper. They both have a crucial effect on the readers’ perception of your paper. A sound conclusion can assist the readers in making a transition back to their daily routine after reading your paper, in … Read more