Avoiding Redundancy in Your Paper

As an English enthusiast or a writer, it is of utmost importance that you avoid redundancies in your paper. Redundancy is basically a flaw in a paper which indicates the repetition of phrases, words or modifiers. A writer must keep in mind that redundancies will cause his/her paper to have an unpleasant disruption for the readers. Similarly, a writer needs to be aware of maintaining the creativity level up to an optimum point and of deploying variety when required. There are plenty of ways a writer can avoid redundancies in his/her paper but here are some of tips for doing so:

pointing handDo not repeat a phrase:

This is allegedly a writer’s and a reader’s nightmare. For a reader, reading the same sentence twice can shift the focus from the article content and may leave him/her feeling dissatisfied. For a writer, this makes room for a series of errors which will align with the repeated line. A writer should therefore proofread the paper as many times as possible in order to avoid potential mistakes.

pointing handFocus with due diligence:

A writer has to be incredibly versatile about his/her paper while writing and this is because of the necessity of the content to be coherent. If the reader ends up identifying redundancies which imply plagiarism or monotony, he/she will surely criticise the writer for it. This is why the writer has to be aware of what he/she is willing to write and how all the elements should balance on a paper.

pointing handDo not go overboard with descriptions:

One of the major challenges that the writers face is the word limit issue. Some writers love to write less and express more whereas the others tend to do the very opposite. For this varying characteristic, writers are advised to not over describe a particular section of the paper. This redundancy can elongate the paper to a point where the reader is no longer interested in reading it. In this case, less is more.

pointing handAllocate variety where it is required:

Reader will only be interested in reading a paper if the words attract and excite them. For that to happen, the redundancy of having a single tone of words or phrases is completely forbidden. A writer must prescribe variety when it is essential since it will not only make the paper more appropriate, it will also increase the chances of readers to actually like the writer’s product.

pointing handStrictly maintain the guidelines and the citations:

For any paper to be approved by a client or an organization especially, it has to include proper citations and source links to verify its credibility. On the other hand, the guidelines are rules the writer must abide to fulfil the readers’ needs. Therefore, to avoid misunderstanding and mishaps, appropriate formatting and setting of content is recommended for a writer when preparing a paper.

In conclusion, avoiding redundancy in your paper may feel like a very ordinary task to do if you have a good grasp over your writing skills but it may turn out to be a major problem if any of the redundancies go unnoticed. This is why prior checking, proofreading and editing is required to ensure an attractive paper.

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