Different Types Of Copyediting

Different types of copyediting

The process of copy editing is used to define a broad number of reviewing activities which is done to modify a written content. It is usually done to track grammatical, structural, and other errors which might have been missed during the writing process. There are several types of Copyediting, and each of these terms have …

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What Is Developmental Editing – Quick & Clear Guide

Developmental editing

Developmental editing refers to a kind of editing that strives to improve the overall structure, content, and delivery of a manuscript. It is quite different from proofreading or copyediting which are processes aimed at improving the grammar, punctuation, and spellings of a written piece. Rather, the developmental editing process involves itself with topics like pacing, …

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The Firsts In English

The firsts in English

The English language has a beautiful history behind it. In this article, we will look at the first events that marked the beginning of a great moment in the language. The most iconic pioneer moments, or as we call them the firsts in English, are below: The First Book Printed In English: The book, The …

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Development Of The English Language – A Short But Comprehensive Guide

Development of the English language

You may have been writing and speaking in the English language, but you probably don’t know that the English language, which was preceded by Celtic, belongs to the Germanic languages. The development of the English language started with the invasion of Britain by three Germanic tribes (the Saxons, Angles and Jutes) during the 5th century. …

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Facts About Writing Skills

Facts about writing skills

Today, writing has become necessary in the academic, professional, technical, engineering, and scientific workplace. Writing is a teachable and practical skill that incorporates soft skills like communication, collaboration, and problem-solving with specific and targeted steps such as audience analysis, prewriting, topic development, and review. Having excellent writing skills remains an important aspect of communication. This …

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