5 Tips for Copy Editing

Are you in the process of writing some copy? Then you might not be sure how to ensure the content turns out A-OK. We all have our own choices to make when it comes to copy editing. For example, you might want to try and focus on a particular part of your content; does it need more detail?

Perhaps you might just want to edit the content for mistakes, or even change up the variety of your vocabulary. Whatever the reason is, though, you might want to try and adapt the following copy editing tips to better understand how a copy editing service works. Trust us when we say that it will make your writing better.


Always look for repetition

Many times when editing, you might focus a lot on the typos and the errors. And while that is a good idea, there is much more to copy editing than just looking for mistakes. Spend some time looking closely at the various repetitive phrases that you might use. Many of us have little safety terms and phrases that we stick to as we know it sounds good; but if you use it five times in a single article? It sounds weird.

So, focus on repetition first!


Look for synonyms

Similar to the above, you will get a lot more mileage out of your writing if you spend some time looking into the various synonyms that you could be using. Instead of always using ‘very’ or ‘really’, you could change it up and use something that does the same job but simply makes your writing a bit more variable.

Especially if you are writing fiction, having a bit more variety in how you write is very, very important. If you are writing from the perspective of more than one person, it’s even more vital than before!


Add new reasoning

When reading a piece of content for a second time, you might start to notice some little gaps in your writing. This might come down to things like not having enough reasoning included in your writing. It might simply come down to something like having a lack of detail in a section. When copy editing, pay very close attention to parts of your content that might need a bit more fat in terms of explanation and details.

These little things can make an almighty difference to your content and make it a more enjoyable read for the watching audience.


Focus on the details

Copy editing is about more than just making some small cosmetic changes to the writing. It is also about making smart choices regarding the way that your writing explains itself. Look for things like areas where you could add in a reference link, or a quote from a specialist. There are various things you might notice about your content that you simply feel needs to be a bit more detailed.

Sometimes, adding in another little layer of detail and/or justification can go a long way to making sure your content reaches the standard you had expected.

Reach out for help

Of course, you might feel like your content needs a bit more detail when it comes to editing. You might notice some areas where you simply cannot make the changes that you feel would work best. With that in mind, we highly recommend that you look to bring in a copy editing expert. They can find the problems that you are unable to correct yourself.

Often, it is better to have a second professional opinion than simply assume that your content is good enough. A second glance can be enough to tell you where changes could be made, and how your content could be further improved. Is that not worth paying for?

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