Best Advice for Writing a Research Paper


Peradventure you are not familiar with what research paper is or just to refresh your memory: a research paper is a form of writing that usually contains theoretical, substantial, and detailed information that must have gone through the proper process of in-depth research. Also, a research paper can contain arguments based on a thesis supported by significant evidence from a variety of reliable sources.

Tips for writing a research paper

Writing a Research Paper

You will need some helpful advice, a well-thought-out plan of action, and a set of useful tools to be able to write an excellent research paper as well as stay motivated throughout the process. This article details advice on how to simplify your work, read on to find out.

  • Choose an Engaging Topic

A proper topic is important in writing a research paper. Your topic should not just be catchy, but it should also be engaging. Make sure you choose a topic that is not only new and innovative but has a lot of base knowledge. Otherwise, you might be stuck spending time and energy coming up with substantial research results to build your paper.

Also, you need to choose an exciting topic that won’t just interest the readers but also interest you, so you won’t get tired of writing it along the line.

  • Search for Reputable Sources

Once you have been able to come up with a suitable topic, you are expected to take a deep dive into the topic and ensure that your research is based on proven facts and statistics.

With research papers, it is extremely important that you only use verified sources of information. Therefore, before you adopt and make use of any information in your research paper, you have to evaluate the reliability of the sources.

To ensure you only use reliable sources, use popular online services like Google Scholar, Google Books, or Microsoft Academic as they help you locate scientific articles, journals, books, or other kinds of research material.

  • Come up with a Thesis Statement

After gathering your source list, it is time to develop your thesis statement. The purpose of your thesis statement is to explain exactly what your entire research paper is all about. A thesis statement is normally presented in the introduction of the paper. Your thesis statement is expected to answer the following questions.

    • What is the goal of the research?
    • How do you intend to reach your goal?
    • What method do you want to use to prove your point?
    • What results do you hope to obtain?
  • Create an Outline

Creating a detailed outline for your paper is half the battle, as it helps you organize your notes based on the topic it is under. Brainstorming an outline will help you rightly place the notes and vital information that you gathered under the right topic. Having a good outline is where your research paper starts to take shape.

  • Write Your First Draft

Upon successfully coming up with a detailed outline, you can now start on your first draft. To write your first draft, all you need is to take your outline and get your jotted notes and ideas to form sentences and paragraphs. Your first draft put more details and life into the paper so people can read it and actually understand it. After your first draft, if you feel you still lack information, you can do more research.

  • Write Your Final Paper

When writing a research paper, you will need to read your first draft over and over. Once you are confident that you have successfully made all the necessary changes, it is time to write your final paper. When writing your final paper, you have to make sure all the vital information is included, and your paragraphs and sentences have a steady and natural flow throughout.

More importantly, you should ensure your final paper is free from typographical and grammatical errors. It is always advisable to have a professional editor and proofreader take a look at your paper before submission to ensure it is up to standard.

writing a research paper

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