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Proofreading is essential to all types of writers. However, no one said you have to do it yourself. Outsourcing the best online proofreading services is pretty common, and most times, the service provider does an impeccable job.

Because this service is in high demand, there are a lot of supplying brands available in today’s market. Hence, with this market saturation, how exactly does one handpick the best online proofreading service provider? Well, it’s simple. The best service providers in this niche have key features that are all imperative to the quality of their service.

In this article, we’ll be talking about these distinguishing features in a bid to help you sieve through the multitude to select the best.

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Qualification of the Best Online Proofreading

Just like any other job, there are qualifications for employment in an online proofreading service. These qualifications are essential to the trade, and every proofreader is required to possess them. Here are a handful of them;

  • Master’s Degree

To ensure that not just anyone with a computer proofreads your highly important work, proofreaders are expected to possess a master’s degree in English or its associated courses before gaining employment in most proofreading firms.

It is this degree that guarantees the proficiency of such a proofreader in English and its usage. The best online proofreading services employ only those that satisfy this criterion.

  • Experience

A minimum of 3-5 years of experience in the proofreading or editing trade is required from applicants. This is because individuals who satisfy this criterion are more liable to be more efficient than those who do not.

A proofreader with a wealth of experience will definitely do a better job than one without as they possess the keen eye for details and the skills to deliver efficiently.

  • Good Reviews

The internet hides nothing. If a service provider is efficient, the reviews will depict this. However, because most brands know that potential clients go through their reviews before purchasing their service, they try to falsify these reviews.

When looking for the best online proofreading service provider, only check verified reviews about the company. This is because these verified reviews are independently computed by diverse accredited review sites.

  • Pricing

Pricing is such an important feature in editing and proofreading. You may think that the best service providers charge the highest, which might be true, but it’s not a unanimous fact. Service providers with moderate to high charges may offer the best service, but so may those that offer low charges.

In essence, pricing is important, but it doesn’t adequately mirror the value of the service you’re signing up for. As a disclaimer, it’s important to note that proofreading services charge per word count. Hence, the greater the word count, the higher you pay.

  • Trial Sessions

As a means to get more clients, the best proofreading services usually offer trial sessions where clients can send in a required length of work for free proofreading. It’s like getting a free sample of their work, so you know what you’ll be paying for. It’s an effective strategy, and the online proofreading service providers offer it.


With a plethora of options available to anyone with internet connectivity, finding the best proofreading service may seem tedious. However, by highlighting the features which the best service providers have as pointers, this facilitates the selection process.

Essentially, the best service providers have the educational qualification, the wealth of experience, authentic reviews, can be averagely priced, and they could offer free trial sessions to prospective clients. With these essential pointers, one can concurrently identify and select the best in the game in the sea of options.


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