Step-by-Step Instructions for Writing an Abstract in Chicago Format

Writing an abstract in Chicago format

Introduction An abstract is generally a one-paragraph summary of a paper that is written to give readers an insight as to what the paper is about. Authors write abstracts to present the main points of the paper to the readers. This is why an abstract is generally referred to as a snapshot of the focus … Read more

Chicago Table of Contents: How to Create One

Chicago table of contentss

Introduction Table of contents refers to the list of the contents in a paper that is usually found in the preliminary pages of a paper. Plus, it usually gives the descriptions of the chapter and sections in the paper as well as their commencing page number. Just like most writing styles, Chicago style does not … Read more

Using Abbreviations in Chicago Format – A Clear Guide

Using Abbreviations in Chicago Format - A Clear Guide 1 | Scientific Editing

Introduction Abbreviations are essentially the shortened version of a phrase or word. The way abbreviations are to be used in a paper or essay is entirely dependent on the writing format you are using. Each writing format has its specific rules for abbreviations. The Chicago style is no exception to this, it, however, distinguishes between … Read more

Paraphrasing and Quotation in Chicago Format

Paraphrasing and Quotation in Chicago Format

When you write a paper or an essay, you are expected to write the results of your research in your own words. That is why copying another author’s paper or, at the very least, using an idea from a source without citing the author is termed plagiarism. Plagiarism is a major form of academic dishonesty … Read more

Numbers in Chicago Format

Numbers in Chicago format

Introduction When writing a nontechnical or a technical paper or essay, there is a high tendency of having to make use of numbers in your text, most especially if you are writing a scientific paper where you would have to report numerical information about your research. Most authors are fond of spelling out the numbers … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Chicago Reference Page

Chicago reference page

Introduction Chicago has two documentation styles, which are the Notes-Bibliography System (NB) and the Author-Date system. The former is used by authors and students in literature, history, and the arts, while the latter, although similar, is used by authors and students in social sciences and pure sciences. The two systems were both developed to convey … Read more

Chicago Format Running Head – A Clear Guide

Chicago Format Running Head

Running head for most writing format refers to the short version of the paper’s title or author’s name that is written at the header at the top of each page. Also, these running heads usually include the page number after the paper’s title or author’s name. The writing format determines the location of the running … Read more

Alphabetizing References in Chicago Format

alphabetizing references in chicago format

Alphabetizing references in Chicago format is actually easier than it sounds, as long as you understand the basic guideline of sorting a list by alphabets you should be fine. However, you might be good at arranging a list by alphabets, but you could run into hyphenated words, and you would be wondering what you would … Read more

A Definitive Guide to Chicago Format

Chicago format style

Introduction Academic writing requires researches and students to use a system to structure their work and reference. Chicago format, among others, is one of the most popular systems. The Chicago style manual is currently in its 17th edition. It was created to help students and researches to cite their sources in various disciplines properly. Also, … Read more

Tables and Figures in Chicago Format

tables and figures in Chicago format

A paper or essay might require the use of tables and figures in the body of the paper to either present data or augment the text. These tables and figures for proper understanding will require a caption and a citation. However, the format that these captions and citations will take is dependent mainly on the … Read more

Clear Instructions for Chicago Title Page

Chicago title page

There is a version of the Chicago style named Turabian style that was developed for writing papers and essays. There is no comprehensive instruction for Chicago Title page in the “Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition.” A title page is not mandatory in Chicago style. However, you can be instructed to include one. Here are … Read more

Chicago Headings and Subheadings

Chicago headings and subheadings

Introduction Typically, a paper or an essay is usually divided into different chapters and sections; each of these sections and chapters should have its unique heading. Headings are essential for providing structure to papers and essays. The Chicago style, unlike some other writing styles, has no comprehensive guidelines on how to format heading and subheading … Read more

Chicago Format for Academic Papers and Essays

Chicago format for academic papers and essays

Introduction When you are being asked to write an academic paper or an essay, your instructor or the instructions accompanying the assignment will specify which writing style to adhere to. Your instructor could require you to format your paper or essay according to the Chicago manual of style. Then, it is essential to note that … Read more