Where Do New Words Come from?

Where do new words come from

The English language is filled with thousands of words, and every day, new words are added to its vocabulary. It is the same with every language, where new words are added through interactions with other cultures. The English language has experienced several evolvements over several centuries, evolving into what we speak today. The English language … Read more

What Is Onomatopoeia: Definition & Examples

What is Onomatopoeia?

Onomatopoeia is a figure of speech that is used to describe a word that mimics the natural sounds made by an object or animal. An onomatopoeia is usually used to create an audio effect, and this could make a simple description more expressive, or even dramatic. For example, when you write “woof” to describe the … Read more

Origin of English Words

Origin of English words

There is a good chance you have wondered why there are so many foreign words in the English language. In this article, we will deal with some common words and their etymology i.e. their origin, and how they have changed over centuries. If you would like to learn about the origin of English words, this … Read more

What Are the Longest Words in English? A Quick Guide

Longest words in English

According to the 20th volume of the Oxford English Dictionary, there are a total of 171,476 words in current use. With this number of words, your mind will begin to imagine which words are the longest and how many letters they have. Well, you needn’t wonder anymore, this article has got you covered. A very … Read more

Grammar Rules That Have Changed in the 21st Century

English grammar rules that have changed

Grammar rules in English language are ever-changing. Today, it has even changed more drastically, thanks to social media and the forms of writing that have emanated on these platforms. A number of these trends have found their way into the English language, and has caused the extinctions of a number of renowned grammar rules. However, … Read more

Short History Of The English Language

History of the English language

Today, English is spoken by more than 2 billion of the world’s total population, making it one of the largest languages according to number of speakers. However, the history of the English language can be traced back to a time when three Germanic tribes — the Jutes, the Saxons and the Angles — invaded Britain … Read more

Outdated Grammar Rules

Outdated grammar rules

The English language is a dynamic language, an ever-growing language which immediately adapts to the current dictations of the environment in which it is being spoken. There are many outdated grammar rules that do not apply to the contemporary English. It is no longer news that the English we speak today is completely different from … Read more

One-word Sentences

one-word sentences

English is a beautiful language, and one of its many perks is the one-word sentences. One-word sentences — as the name suggests is a sentence with a single word, and which makes total sense. One word sentences can be used in different forms. It could be in form of a question such as “Why?” It … Read more

Top 11 Commonly Confused Words in English

commonly confused words in English language

There are many words in the English language that sound and look alike, but they have different meanings. Therefore, it is easy to confuse these words for one another, and most electronic spell checkers will not be much of help in this situation since the words are not wrongly spelled but misused. It happens when … Read more

Word Order Rules in English – A Comprehensive Guide

word order rules in English

Normally, sentences in the English language take a simple form. However, there are times it would be a little complex. In these cases, the basic rules for how words appear in a sentence can help you. Word order typically refers to the way the words in a sentence are arranged. In the English language, the … Read more