Importance of Reproducibility in Science

reproducibility in science

In a survey when scientists were asked about reproducibility in science, more than 70% of them claimed to have failed to reproduce another scientist’s results, and more than 50% have failed to reproduce their own results. When we talk about data in science, reproducibility and replicability are among the major keys to what is known … Read more

Responding to Reviewers – Effectively & Professionally

tips for responding to reviewers comments

Firstly, you need to note that responding to reviewers whenever they are done assessing your research paper is a challenging task. It can be likened to writing the initial manuscript. Your response may as well be necessary when it comes down to resolving issues that have been addressed in your paper. Bear in mind that … Read more

How to Come up with a Research Question

A good research question

What is a research question? A research question is a question that a research project sets out to answer or around which your research is centered. Choosing a research question is the primary step to begin with your Ph.D. project. It is an essential element for both quantitative and qualitative research. You will need to … Read more

Plagiarism in Science

Plagiarism in science publications

A recent analysis  was done by Science Magazine on 10,500 retracted journal articles and found that the number of retractions has continued to grow, but it also challenges some worrying perceptions that continue today. The number of articles retracted by journals is constantly increasing each year. In one case an anesthesiologist racked up about 90 … Read more