Benefits of Hiring a Dissertation Proofreading Service

Hiring a dissertation proofreading service is a decision that may have crossed your mind if you are planning to submit your thesis. It could be a wise decision if you know a good editing service.

Doctoral students come across several obstacles in earning their degrees. One of these blocks; perhaps the most difficult and stressful one is the one they face while trying to obtain final acceptance of their dissertations by university officials. Doctorate candidates usually have to eliminate problems associated with style compliance, mechanics, formatting, and grammar.

Having to complete all these revisions can be frustrating and time-consuming, especially when the candidate must meet deadlines for degree conferral. These are some of the reasons why doctoral candidates seek the services of professional editors to perform the final revisions. Doing so helps ensure that their dissertation is free of technical issues, as well as, grammatical issues that could possibly delay the acceptance of their dissertation and eventually, delay the completion of their degree. In this article, I will be providing readers with some of the importance or benefits of hiring the service of a professional dissertation editor.

Example of a Dissertation Proofreading Service

The Editing Process

Proofreading is barely as old as writing or communication itself. For many centuries, people have given their documents to individuals to ensure correctness, clarity, completeness, and consistency of their working before publication. Evidence of visual editing can be traced as far back as 900 years ago. Today, editing occurs on multiple stages. Some individuals do their editing themselves or ask other friends, colleagues, or relatives to look at their work.

Businesses today hire professional editors, both internally and externally to proofread and edit documents before they are shared publicly. Academics use similar editing services to make sure their books and articles meet publishing company standards. Students, particularly those who are not Native speakers seek help from both professionals and personal services in completing their dissertations and thesis.

Editors review physical documents by marking corrections and needed changes with a pencil, using by using a system of symbols. Today, the innovation of the computer and the Internet has seen editing take a new turn. There are new tools such as the “Track Changes” available in Microsoft Word that fastens editing, making it much easier to note suggested changes, correct errors, and reorganization.

Benefits of Hiring a Dissertation Proofreading Service

There are four factors to consider when hiring a dissertation editing service that will ensure the success of a person’s dissertation, they include:

• Cost,

• Stress,

• Impact, and

• Expertise

Cost and Time

Doctoral students’ lives are complicated. In the United States of America, 28.4% of the nearly half-million doctoral students have dependents, while 39.8% of them are married. This is proof that carving out a significant amount of time from their already busy schedules to study, attend classes and conduct research can be a daunting task. These students must find a way to balance the normal expenses of maintaining homes and family with the high costs of these graduate programs. In addition to this, they must meet their submission deadlines so that can participate in graduation ceremonies.

Therefore, hiring professional editing services will help students/candidates continue the other priorities in their lives without having to deal with the pressure of finding time to edit their dissertation. It means that there don’t have to constantly read a material they are so familiar with, which makes spotting errors difficult. By having hired and professional editor to look at their dissertation, they can easily juggle their work, family and other responsibilities to meet their submission deadlines.

Also, hiring professional editors to look at their dissertation will help save money. I know you are wondering, “don’t they pay these professional editors?” Yes, they do but it is often a one-time fee which will ultimately lead to cost-saving by eliminating fees for additional hours of enrollment for lost wages.

It Helps to Ensure Accurate Revision

Those who give their dissertations to professional editors quickly are guaranteed of having their degrees converted on time.

Peace of Mind

Candidates who give their dissertations to professional editors who will deliver on time, make correct errors, and make suggestions to ensure the dissertation is accepted. This will bring welcome peace to the candidate despite the pressures that come with finishing the program.

Providing with Supplemental Services

There are several professional services that provide clients with additional services apart from just editing. These services include data analysis, writing tips and techniques, research assistance, and consultation to mentor and guide students through the dissertation process. Some of these services even provide assistance in preparing for the defense of the dissertation, the fair use of copyrighted material, website design and editing.

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