If You Don’t Read, You Can’t Write

According to Stephen King, if you don’t have time to read, it means you don’t have the time or the necessary tools to write, it is as simple as that. If you want to be an excellent writer, then you need to realize that reading is essential, you must have heard from teachers and fellow writers. Heck, you must have even read it from books on writing.

It has become common knowledge that reading helps to improve your writing skills. Do you think you can write? Do you have the ability to become a writer? The most crucial factor that will shape how good a writer you will be is how much you read. There has been a strong connection between being an avid reader and being a successful writer.

Essentially, reading serves as the basis for good and quality writing. Reading helps to build a solid foundation to help establish a career as a writer or author. To further understand how reading helps you to become an excellent writer, continue reading this article.

Reading a book

Benefits Of Reading As A Writer

  • Increased Vocabulary

Knowing the right words to use for your write up to convey the message you are passing across accurately is one of the essential qualities of a good writer. Reading helps to increase your vocabulary immensely.

In the English language, a word can have multiple meanings and usages; therefore, understanding how and when to properly use them might be a little difficult. However, constant reading will help you to learn how to utilize a single word in multiple ways as you begin to understand various ways a single word can be used in a sentence.

  • Understanding Various Writing Styles

When it comes to writing, there are diverse writing styles; each is suited for specific purposes and is usually unique to writers. However, to develop your own unique writing style, making it more suitable for your audience and genre, you will need to be able to comprehend the diversity in writing styles.

Therefore, to recognize and understand different writing styles, you will need to read various genres, works of different classic and modern-day authors, and a diverse range of publications. For a writer to be distinguished from the rest, you need to have a unique writing form.

  • Enhances Research

Since all formation of new knowledge is usually based on already existing knowledge, research is usually vital for writers. The truth is all knowledge known to humankind has been recorded in books and other written material; therefore, no matter what information you are looking for, the answer could be found by reading. Reading many books and sources can significantly enhance your research and quench your need for information. Also, reading provides all the details and background information you need to form new ideas as well as support already existing ones.

  • Brings Inspiration

As a writer, you are most likely familiar with the phrase “writer’s block” where writers hit a plateau and come to a grinding halt due to a lack of inspiration. This happens to most writers at some point in their careers. There are diverse ways you can cure writer’s block, but picking up a book to read is one of the most effective ways to do it.

Reading can provide all the inspiration you need to get your creative juices flowing again. There is something about seeing what other writers have done with mere words that nudges you to do the same or better.

  • Help To Improve Your Writing By Judging Others

As a writer, you subconsciously keep evaluating everything you are reading, be it the topic, the error, or the content. Doing this helps you identify errors from a reader’s perspective that might be difficult for you to see when writing.

Therefore, it will leave you better equipped to know how to avoid those mistakes in your own work. The more you read, the more mistakes you find, and the better you are at avoiding them.

If you don't read you can't write

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