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The term ‘manuscript’ at the beginning was used to describe any document written by a hand (or typewritten), as opposed to being reproduced in some indirect or automated way like printing.  Today, the term manuscript refers to any typed, word-processed or written copy of any author’s work as distinguished from the printed version of the same work. Before the print machine came into existence, all books and documents were known as manuscripts. A manuscript or manuscripts is not defined by its content which could combine writing with maps, calculations, illustrations or explanatory figures.

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Editing Your Manuscript

There’s a great feeling that comes with finishing the first draft of a manuscript, whether it is a short story, novel, or a nonfiction book. Once the excitement begins to fade, you begin to realize how much work is needed before your manuscript gets published. The market today is highly competitive, therefore, for you to have a successful manuscript, you need a manuscript critique and professional editing. Whether you are looking to self-publish or get acceptance from a traditional publishing house, having an experienced book editor can help smoothen your writing and provide the critical suggestions that could see your manuscript reach the next level.

Finding an editor doesn’t need to be a herculean task, especially if it is your very first manuscript or perhaps, you are just on the lookout for another professional editor. Given we are in the information age where the world has fast developed into a global village, the internet has become a global market where you can find all your needs. There are many websites online that have created specifically to link you up to the best and professional editors around the world.

Online Manuscripts Editing Services

I assume you are not going to go online and instantly find a professional editor with all the right credentials you want; especially given the fact that there are so many websites online that offer these services. There are so many options, so you will have to take many things into consideration before hiring anyone online.

The truth is, there is no universal “best” manuscript editing service; nevertheless, there is the best manuscript editing service for each person given their editing preferences, budget, and needs. The experience, reliability, skill, balances, and reputation between the quality and price of manuscript editing services vary. Therefore, each person needs to find the best manuscript editing service that suits them.

One of the first things to consider when  taking advantage of an online manuscript editing service is to know the type of manuscript you are writing. Is your manuscript a journal paper, a business document, a book, or something else? Some individual manuscript editors and online manuscript editing services provide a wide editing service, while others focus on one or narrow document types; an example is an editor who only edits book manuscripts. You might want to choose an online manuscript editing service that offers an editing team, that way you can develop a working relationship with one or two editors and submit documents, depending on how frequently you write a manuscript. This can be helpful especially if you create different varieties of manuscripts. However, if you need manuscript editing services once, then you might not need an editing team. In this case, what you can do is to find a qualified individual talent to do the editing, but make sure you verify the credentials, reliability and reputation of the editor before giving him the job.

Another thing you want to consider is the deadline for your manuscript. You must understand that there are editors who can work faster than others. Some editors only edit manuscripts in British or American English. Some can do either upon your request. These are the tings you must consider before selecting or choosing an online manuscript service.

Sometimes, before you acquire the services of an editor online through a company, you will be asked if you prefer to hire an individual editor or work through an editing services company. If you choose an editing services company, do you want to choose who edit your manuscript or do you want an editor automatically assigned to your manuscript.

The final consideration in choosing which or whether online manuscript editing service is right for you is the price and your budget. You must know what you can expect and what you are paying for.

As discussed earlier in this article, there is no universal best manuscript editing service; nevertheless, there is the best manuscript editing service for you. Therefore when surfing through the internet looking for the right online manuscript editing service for you, you must fully understand the policies of any manuscript editing service before you hire before you give them your document for editing. Make sure you define your preferences, editing needs, and budget before you begin to compare the several edition services companies or editors before choosing one.

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