10 Best Poems of All Time in the English Language

Top best poems of all time

Poetry is such a vibrant genre. One that’s capable of expressing multiple figures of speech, evoking diverse emotions, and constantly pushing the barriers of impact and awareness. Poetry can be meaningful, rhythmic and it has a certain beauty to it. In the words of Victorian Poet, Matthew Arnold, ‘The Crown of Literature is indeed poetry’. … Read more

Top 10 Best Novelists of All Time

Top 10 best novelists of all time

Everyone has a literary hero. But who are the best novelists of all time? While all lists have their criteria, specific authors stand out amongst the crowd. Novelists don’t get the same level of fame and recognition as, say, musicians or film directors. Some novelists, however, have works that have had a profound impact on … Read more

What Is a Verb?

What is a verb?

What is a verb? What is a verb tense? What are different types of verbs? To find answers to these questions, stay tuned and keep reading! Definition A verb can be defined as a doing or action word. It shows an action, event or state of being. Sentences in the English Language can have either … Read more

History of English Literature

History of English literature

Do you want to know more about the great poets and writers of English literature? Do you want to know how it all started? In short, are you interested in the history of English literature? Stay tuned and keep reading. The English language has evolved over the period of time. As time has progressed a … Read more

What Is Alliterative Poetry? All You Need to Know!

What Is Alliterative poetry

What is alliterative poetry? What are the examples of alliterative poetry?What are the uses of alliterative poetry?If these are your questions, stay tuned and keep reading! Introduction‘In a poem, the words should be as pleasing to the ear as the meaning is to the mind.’ – Marianne Moore. Poetry, the genre of literature that is … Read more

The History of the Internet – A Comprehensive Guide

History of the internet

Introduction The internet as we know it today has very long and complex origins, and no single source ever agrees exactly with another on any point of the origins and early history of the internet. This controversy makes giving a detailed, unbiased account of the origins of the internet difficult, but for purposes of uniformity, … Read more

All Types of Copy Editing


In the world of writing, there are several types of copy editing and  here we provide brief descriptions for each type of copy editing. Let’s assume you give your work to a copy-editor to work on it. The copy-editor after some days or weeks returns the work to you, and what you find is something … Read more

Human Proofreading Vs. Machine Proofreading

Human proofreading vs. machine proofreading

Can the current proofreading tools/machine proofreading replace human proofreading? If this is your question, this article is for you! Towards the end of the 1990s, a chess-playing machine designed by IBM known as Deep Blue did an extraordinary thing; it beat the world chess champion, Garry Kasparov, in a chess match. What made this even … Read more

What Is Google Classroom? All You Need to Know!

What is Google classroom?

Introduction The world is becoming more and more paperless each day, and classrooms are not left behind. Today, many teachers are beginning to find solutions to manage their classrooms, hand out assignments, and communicate with students via simple tools and platforms. Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar -just to mention a few- are among some of … Read more

What Is Copy Editing?

What is copy editing?

When it comes to writing, there’s a whole lot involved. Sure, curating the content takes the lion’s share of the work, but other subcategories of activities every written piece need before publishing or submission. Most of these subcategories are targeted towards editing. Editing is crucial for every caliber or writer as it ensures that the … Read more

Top 5 Common Copy Editing Mistakes

Common copy editing mistakes

There are common copy editing mistakes that are well known to skilled copy editors. If you are thinking of making some copy editing changes on your own, you might want to avoid some of the following major copy editing mistakes. When self-editing, it really is easy to make some big mistakes that, to you, can … Read more

Top 5 Skills Required for Copy Editing

Skills required for copy editing

If you ever intend on becoming a copy editor, then you need to know what you are actually doing. Many of us get involved in things like copy editing and improving our work without really knowing for sure if we are making the right calls. That is problematic, and it can often lead to making … Read more

Everything You Need to Know about Google Translate

Snapshot of Google Translate

In this increasingly global and connected world that we live within, today we have grown used to communicating with people from all over the world. Global contact is now a common part of day-to-day life for humans from all across the world. However, a big part of this globalization of communication is the fact that … Read more

What Is Alliteration? Definition, History, and Examples

Alliteration Examples

Alliteration, often called initial rhyme or head rhyme, is the constant repetition of similar initial consonant sounds in quick succession in either a phrase or even in a sentence. Here, we shall discuss everything relating to alliteration, from its history to examples in modern literature. Alliteration basically links two words to give it an all-around … Read more

Top 20 Greatest Books of All Time, Written in English

Top 20 greatest books of all the time

Everyone has different opinions and preferences when the debate of “What are the Greatest books ever written” comes up. From casual readers to historians, avid readers and even literary critics, the debate continues to earn new arguments. Is it a novel that left a subtle impact on the world? Or is it a novel with … Read more

How a Copy Editing Service Works!

How a copy editing service works

Are you in the middle of writing a paper or piece of content? Then you might consider hiring a copy editing service. Such a service can be useful for you to get the changes made to your content that you feel were lacking. How, though, does the process work? While it does not always work … Read more

Benefits of Using a Copy Editing Service

Benefits of using a copy editing service

In the middle of writing some content in the English language? Then you might want to get some help. Second opinions are essential to any writing, from a sports article to an academic piece on politics, history, or particle physics. Whatever you are writing, though, it might be useful to bring in the help of … Read more

Who Needs a Copy Editing Service?

Whomneeds a copy editing service?

Are you thinking of hiring a copy editing service? Then you are making a very wise choice. Anyone who is in the process of writing content in the English language might wish to get help from an editor. However, you might wonder if you are the right person to get help from a copy editing … Read more

What Is a Copy Editing Service? Complete Guide!

What is a copy editing service?

When it comes to searching for a copy editing service for any piece of content, it is easy to get paralyzed with decision making. From using a certain term or phrase one time too many to trying to add in geographically-correct dialect, you have lots to think about. That is why, if you are writing … Read more

What is English Proofreading?

What is English proofreading?

Introduction The term proofreading consists of two words “proof” and “read”, which suggests it is a process of making a written text or manuscript free from errors. Hence, proofreading is a process which ensures the content is error-proof while reading by oneself so that the context can accomplish its purpose. In simple terms, proofreading refers … Read more