Publishing in a High Impact Journal?

To get the boost or have a good career prospect in the academics, you will need your paper to get published in an influential or high impact journal. Getting published in a high impact journal can help open doors during your career climb.

Journals are said to be custodians of academic endeavors and knowledge advancement. Also, their main aim is to publish papers with sound research that can withstand thorough validation and scrutiny. Plus, journals are always on the lookout for research papers that will have a significant impact on the academic community.

A journal is said to be a high impact journal when it has a high impact factor. The impact factor, on the other hand, is the measure of the importance of a journal. Also, it measures the importance by calculating how many of its articles get published within a period. There is no exact value that makes the impact factor high, but the higher the impact factor, the more influential the journal.

High impact journals have very low acceptance, and most early career researchers are often encouraged to submit their papers to those journals. This is why getting your paper published in a high impact journal is extremely competitive. After overcoming the problem of getting a groundbreaking idea or research, you will still have to find a way to write it to capture the interest of reviewers.

pointing handWhy You Should Publish in a High Impact Journal

  • Publication in a high impact journal enables you to share with the academic community your novelty ideas, research findings, and new knowledge gained from the research.
  • It can help you get permanent positions, get invited as a speaker in a renowned conference, or even help you get prestigious grants.
  • Getting published in a high impact journal can help advance your academic life and career.
  • It can also help get your article seen by colleagues in your field and get cited in their own groundbreaking paper.

I published in a high impact journal!

pointing handSteps to Publishing Your Paper in a High Impact Journal

There is no easy formula for getting your paper published in a high impact journal. Although, there are a few requirements that your paper must possess before it can stand the chance of getting published in a high impact journal. Here are a few steps that you might need to follow to stand a chance of getting published in a high impact journal.

  • Choosing your research focus

This is generally the first step in writing a research paper. But it is also important when you want that research paper to get published in a journal with a high impact factor. Your research must focus on solving a real challenging problem whose solution will have a real impact on the field. This is because high impact journals only focus on the research that has the most impact on the domain.

  • Having a solid title

Selecting the right research is the first half of the initial process. The second half is also as important as the coinage of the research title. To get your paper published in high impact journals, it is mandatory to have a good and attention grasping title. This is because journals receive a lot of paper entries, and the first step of screening those papers will be through their titles.

Therefore, having a strong and interesting title will increase the chances of getting your paper read and hopefully picked for publication.

  • Select your preferred high impact journal

Selecting the journal that you wish to publish your paper in is an essential step in your journey of getting published. This is so that when writing your paper, you would be able to follow the guidelines of your target journal strictly. Writing a paper that does not adhere to the guidelines of a journal will definitely not get published in that journal.

  • Have a good abstract

After the title, writing a good abstract is the next most crucial thing you need to do. Journals receive tons of submissions, and they can get to read them thoroughly. So after filtering by title, the next step is to read the abstract of those papers. Therefore, your abstract is going to be giving them a lasting impression of your paper. This is why you have to make sure you have a good one. Also, your abstract needs to summarize and capture the best part of your paper. Plus, it should give the readers a taste of what you have discovered.

  • Make your research tell a story

High impact journals require papers that have strong evidence and noteworthy conclusions. Therefore, your research needs to start by asking a big question and forming logical arguments. Also, try to fill the gaps in your story as much as possible. Additionally, your paper should tell a clear and compelling story.

  • Have an excellent literature review

To get your paper published, you will need to write an excellent literature review. The essence of writing a good literature review is to prove to the reader that with the numerous literature that has already been published, your contribution is still different. Also, you have to emphasize on the gap that is existing and how your contribution helps to cover it.

  • Write in a short, clear and concise manner

When writing your research paper for publication, your paper must be short, clear, and concise. So it is advisable to stay away from unnecessary long sentences and paragraphs. Also, make good use of figures as they make a visual representation of your findings and can prevent your paper from being too wordy.

  • Edit your write up

After getting the attention of the reviewer with your impeccable title and amazing abstract, it would be silly to get rejected because your paper is riddled with errors. After writing your research paper, it is essential to have your paper proofread and edited, preferably by professionals. This is to ensure that your write up is perfect and free from all forms of errors.

  • A convincing cover letter

The cover letter to the editor or the editor in chief should not be underestimated. Therefore, the content of the cover letter should be carefully written as it is meant to convince the editor in chief. Also, a good cover letter must outline the theme of the paper, the novelty of the paper, and must explain the relevance of the paper to the journal.

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