What Is a Journal Paper Editing Service?

What is a journal paper editing service?

As a grad student, you may have asked “What is a journal paper editing service?” if you have looked for someone to check your paper before submission. You want to know what you can get from the service. Well then this post is for you. As an author, writer, or student, a journal paper is … Read more

Hiring a Journal Paper Editing Service

Hiring a Journal Paper Editing Service

What Is a Journal Paper You maybe considering hiring a journal paper editing service if you have just finished writing your paper and now are looking for someone to go through your paper and catch your mistakes. Well then this article if for you. Journal papers contain articles written about specific topics, and they are … Read more

Excluding Reviewers from Reviewing Your Paper – Why & How?

Excluding reviewers from your paper

Many authors choose to allow their manuscripts to not be accessible by “non-preferred reviewers,” who are specific individuals that fall under the category of people that authors don’t want them to receive their manuscripts for review. Excluding reviewers is a common practice greatly attributed to the fact that most authors consider some individuals as an … Read more

Suggesting Peer Reviewers for Your Paper

Suggesting Peer Reviewers for your Paper

For over 300 years, the peer review validation method has been used by scholars to assess the quality of their work and research. Its major purpose has been to validate academic work, increase networking possibilities, and polish the quality of published research. Although this method has received some criticism, it is still the most popularly … Read more

Problems with Open Access Journals

Problems with open access journals

Like everything else evolving, the acceptance of open access journals among authors and readers increases tremendously by the day. As researchers, funders and publishers invest quite some in newer opportunities, open access journals sure come with lots of benefits. However, a few problems have been associated with this type of publication as well over the … Read more

What Is a Mega Journal? Characteristics & Examples

Mega journal definition

Definition Mega journals are trendy in academic publishing. These scholarly journals are peer-reviewed open access journals, much larger than traditional journals, and subject to a less strict selection process. To understand the main idea behind Mega journals, one must first understand Open Access publishing (OA). Simply put, OA gives access to published information; this information … Read more

What Is an Article Processing Charge (APC)?

Article processing charge (APC)

Every journal written and published on various publications in the paper-only days collected huge charges. However, even with the vast array of free blog and article posts, this policy is still applicable to certain publications today. Let’s get to it. Article Processing Charge (APC) Well Explained With lots of content, journals, reports, and electronic books … Read more

What Is DOI? A Clear And Concise Definition

What is DOI?

D.O.I.(Digital Object Identifier) is a set of numbers, letters and symbols. A D.O.I. is unique for a number of reasons. Every electronic document with a D.O.I. holds its individual and secure link that can never change. As a result, D.O.I.s have widespread use. While they are used commonly for journal articles, they can also represent … Read more

How to Write a Strong Conclusion

Writing a strong conclusion for a research paper

In writing any academic or scientific paper, it is important to end the write up with a strong conclusion. A conclusion is meant to provide a thoughtful end to the write-up. Conclusions have a significant influence on the experience of the reader when reading your paper. Plus, conclusions are very difficult to write but are … Read more

What Is a Case Report and How to Write a Good One?

What is a case report?

What is a case report? How can I write a case report? How should I structure my case report? If these are your questions, this article is for you! Introduction Writing a case report is often referred to as the first step of getting your papers published in a medical journal. Writing a case report … Read more

Publishing in a High Impact Journal?

Publishing in a high impact journal

To get the boost or have a good career prospect in the academics, you will need your paper to get published in an influential or high impact journal. Getting published in a high impact journal can help open doors during your career climb. Journals are said to be custodians of academic endeavors and knowledge advancement. … Read more

Which Journal Should I Choose for My Paper? A Quick & Clear Guide

Choosing a journal

So, Which journal am I going to publish in? This is a question that you may need to answer at some point in your research. Choosing a journal for publication is a tricky process, which can be long, complicated, and lead to much frustration. This is an integral part of the higher education process, and … Read more

Impact Factor Versus Index Factor – Compare the 2 Factors

Comparing impact factor versus index factor

In terms of designs, the impact factor differs from the index factor. Not many people know the difference, but that’s fine. Here, we will identify what each of them is and also tell the difference between them. Let’s get to it then, shall we? What Is An Impact Factor? The Impact Factor is also referred … Read more