Top 20 Best Poets of All Time

Best poets of all time

Robert Frost once said “There are three things, after all, which a poem must reach: the eye, the ear, and what we may call the heart or the mind. It is most important of all to reach the heart of the reader.” Like art, poetry can be highly subjective as much of its worth lies … Read more

Literary Devices

Literary Devices

Literary devices are different techniques used by writers to create a special effect with their writing. They do this to convey information or help readers understand their writing much deeper. These devices are generally used for emphasis or clarity. Identifying different literary techniques helps you understand why the writer wrote what he wrote. For example, … Read more

18th Century and the Rise of the English Novel

18th century and the rise of English novel

The novel today is considered one of the most important art forms in the English language. This is because it affects grand aspects of the language and is now considered an integral part of the art. However, the rise of the English novel occurred primarily in the 18th century; this does not mean that there … Read more

Elements of Literature

Elements of literature

Elements of literature or literary elements are the components of a literary work. A literary work is a branch of literature that involves the use of words to create an idea, a picture, or a story in a meaningful pattern. Literary elements are there to help in the discussion and understanding of literary works. Language … Read more

10 Best Poems of All Time in the English Language

Top best poems of all time

Poetry is such a vibrant genre. One that’s capable of expressing multiple figures of speech, evoking diverse emotions, and constantly pushing the barriers of impact and awareness. Poetry can be meaningful, rhythmic and it has a certain beauty to it. In the words of Victorian Poet, Matthew Arnold, ‘The Crown of Literature is indeed poetry’. … Read more

Top 10 Best Novelists of All Time

Top 10 best novelists of all time

Everyone has a literary hero. But who are the best novelists of all time? While all lists have their criteria, specific authors stand out amongst the crowd. Novelists don’t get the same level of fame and recognition as, say, musicians or film directors. Some novelists, however, have works that have had a profound impact on … Read more

History of English Literature

History of English literature

Do you want to know more about the great poets and writers of English literature? Do you want to know how it all started? In short, are you interested in the history of English literature? Stay tuned and keep reading. The English language has evolved over the period of time. As time has progressed a … Read more

What Is Alliterative Poetry? All You Need to Know!

What Is Alliterative poetry

What is alliterative poetry? What are the examples of alliterative poetry?What are the uses of alliterative poetry?If these are your questions, stay tuned and keep reading! Introduction‘In a poem, the words should be as pleasing to the ear as the meaning is to the mind.’ – Marianne Moore. Poetry, the genre of literature that is … Read more

What Is Alliteration? Definition, History, and Examples

Alliteration Examples

Alliteration, often called initial rhyme or head rhyme, is the constant repetition of similar initial consonant sounds in quick succession in either a phrase or even in a sentence. Here, we shall discuss everything relating to alliteration, from its history to examples in modern literature. Alliteration basically links two words to give it an all-around … Read more

Top 20 Greatest Books of All Time, Written in English

Top 20 greatest books of all the time

Everyone has different opinions and preferences when the debate of “What are the Greatest books ever written” comes up. From casual readers to historians, avid readers and even literary critics, the debate continues to earn new arguments. Is it a novel that left a subtle impact on the world? Or is it a novel with … Read more