Challenges of Doing a PhD

Challenges of Doing a PhD

PhD stands for Doctor of Philosophy. It refers to the academic or professional degree that, in most states or countries qualifies the degree holder to work in a specialized position in their chosen field of study or teach their chosen subject at University level. The word “Philosophy” is developed from the Ancient Greek “Philosophia” which … Read more

Dissertation Acknowledgement – Who to Acknowledge in Your Dissertation?

Dissertation Acknowledgement

Introduction The acknowledgments page is usually one of the preliminary pages of a dissertation. It usually contains paragraphs of text that acknowledge and thank the people who have helped you while you were researching and writing your dissertation. This page usually includes both personal and professional acknowledgments. The acknowledgments page is typically placed after the … Read more

How to Structure a Dissertation?

How to Structure a Dissertation

A dissertation refers to the long piece of academic writing usually based on original research submitted as part of a postgraduate degree. As a graduate student, your dissertation is most likely the longest piece of work you have ever written and knowing where to start or how to go about it can be a little … Read more

Do not Squeeze Your PhD Dissertation into a Paper

Do not squeez you PhD dissertation into a research paper

After spending years working diligently on something that matters to you, it is common to want people to know about your findings. However, the problem is most authors want to put everything in at once. There is no way to put your whole PhD dissertation in 6,000 words or less successfully. It cannot work. Therefore, … Read more

To Do a PhD Or Not To Do a PhD

To do a PhD

In life, there come difficult times when you want to make impactful decisions. They could determine the next phase of your life, or perhaps even change it forever. Deciding whether or not to do a PhD is definitely one of them! During times as such, being in a dilemma can lead to frustration. Research is … Read more

Dealing with a Demanding PhD Advisor

Dealing with a demanding phd advisor

“Thou Shall write your dissertation and 3 papers by tomorrow noon.” Said a demanding PhD advisor A PhD or a ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ is the highest university degree obtained after completing the Bachelors and Masters or any other degree. A PhD advisor is a faculty member of a university whose job is mentoring and counseling … Read more

Choosing a PhD Advisor

choosing a PhD advisor

It’s finally that stage of your graduate study that comes down to choosing a PhD advisor. Working to complete a PhD takes time, effort, and a lot of energy. It’s generally expected that this experience will be formative and significant, and choosing the right support during this process can make or break your experience in … Read more

Does It Matter Where I Do My PhD?

Doing a PhD in which university

Deciding to do a PhD is a worthy venture, especially for those who aspire to become an authority in their fields of study, those who have a passion for research, and those who are already in the lecturing profession and want to be eligible for the post of a professor. Having all this in mind, … Read more

Stopping at Master’s Degree or Continuing with a PhD

continuing with a PhD - Master's vs PhD

Many people are often in a dilemma when it comes to deciding between earning a master’s degree and stopping there or continuing with a doctorate (PhD). The two are quite distinct. While a master’s degree is career-oriented, PhD is research-oriented. Factors like the length of study, the cost of study, and the prestige that comes … Read more

How to Come up with a Research Question

A good research question

What is a research question? A research question is a question that a research project sets out to answer or around which your research is centered. Choosing a research question is the primary step to begin with your Ph.D. project. It is an essential element for both quantitative and qualitative research. You will need to … Read more

Things to Avoid in a PhD Dissertation

PhD dissertation

A PhD degree is considered one of the most valuable degrees for an aspiring academician. PhD is a doctoral degree with an academic focus. PhD research usually helps the academician to improve his abilities to understand and solve problems, increase confidence, become a better communicator and acquire skill sets that lead to a better job. … Read more