Ellipsis – All You Need to Know about It

Where to use ellipsis

The ellipsis (. . ., …)  also known as dot-dot-dot is a grammatical term (usually three dots) that’s used to indicate an intentional omission of a sentence, word or whole section from a text without changing its original meaning. The word “ellipsis” originates from the Greek word élleipsis, and it means, leave out. When it comes to how … Read more

Where to Use a Hyphen

Where to use a hyphen

The hyphen is used to join words together and also to separate syllables of a single word. Hyphenation is the use of hyphens. The punctuation mark should not be confused with dashes (en dash  –, figure dash ‒,  horizontal dash —, and em dash  —), which are longer and have their own different use. The … Read more

Where to Use Periods/Full Stops

full stop or period

The period is one of the first punctuation marks we learn when at the start of our reading and writing years. In comparison to other punctuation marks such as the semicolons or commas, the use of the period is easy to learn and understand. The period is known as the “full stop” in British English … Read more

Where to Use Commas

Where to use commas

The comma is one of the most used punctuation marks there is, and perhaps the most misused and abused punctuation mark in the English language. The comma is used in various languages and context, mainly to separate parts of a sentence such as items in lists or clauses. The word comma is derived from the … Read more

Where to Use Colon and Semicolon

Where to use colon and semicolon?

Not everyone understands the importance of using the right punctuation during writing. Just like with speaking, where the use of intonation helps your listeners understand you better. That’s what these symbols do to your writing. They help you communicate your writing to readers. People rarely have issues using the full stop, comma, bracket, exclamation, and … Read more

Brackets, Braces, and Parentheses – Where to Use Them

Braces, brackets, and parentheses

Has anyone ever sent you a message that you wanted to read, but it wasn’t well-punctuated, and it just wasn’t coming together? If you have, you already know what punctuation do- Make texts easy to read and understand. The absence of punctuation can wreak a lot of havoc in writing because punctuation give the written … Read more

All Types of Dashes – En Dash & Em Dash

en dash and em dash

A dash (little horizontal line) is a type of punctuation mark that floats in the middle of a text that is usually used to indicate a pause or a range. Dashes, which are usually longer than hyphens, are used to separate a group of words instead of parts of a word like a hyphen. Like … Read more

What Is The Oxford Comma? Quick & Complete Guide

What is Oxford comma?

It is first of all important to know that the Oxford comma is the same sign as the regular comma we use. However, what makes the Oxford comma different is its usage. The Oxford comma, otherwise known as the serial comma is a linguistic device in the English language. As an editor at Grammarly correctly … Read more

How to Analyze Grammar in a Text

To analyze grammar in a text

Analyzing grammar is a necessary part of proofreading and editing a text for professional or academic reasons. It is important because it makes it easy for readers to quickly grasp the message of the writer. However, to analyze grammar, several factors must be well understood before one can make a correct analysis. First and foremost, … Read more

Everything You Need to Know about the Exclamation Mark

What is exclamation mark and where to use it

An exclamation mark is a punctuation mark usually used at the end of a sentence. This means that when an exclamation mark is used, it signifies the end of a sentence. You cannot use a full stop, a question mark, and an exclamation mark all at the same time, considering they are all used to … Read more

The Golden Rules of Punctuation

rules of Punctuation marks

If you write, you need to know the golden rules of punctuation. Conversations in reality, and what appears as text, are indeed two variants. Speaking errors are understood, but on print, evidence remains as a standard and an embarrassing situation will have you facing the music. Writing an acclaimed thesis, or attempting to impress someone … Read more

A Definitive Guide for Punctuation

guide for punctuation marks

A sentence without punctuation is merely a group of words, because without punctuation a sentence will not make much sense. And use of incorrect punctuation or punctuation in the wrong place can change the meaning of the sentence completely. Therefore, it is important to use correct punctuation marks. Punctuation allows us to organize our thoughts … Read more

Common Punctuation Mistakes

punctuation mistakes

What are punctuation marks? Punctuation marks are the points or other small marks used in a text to help the reader interpret the exact meaning of the text. In a layman’s language, punctuation marks are used to make the written text readable and understandable. A sentence without punctuation is merely a group of words. Without … Read more