Best Tools for Statistical Analysis

Best tools for statistical analysis

Introduction Data is an important part of today’s business world. We create and transfer huge amounts of data daily in today’s business world. So much that having access to as much as data as you can present a multitude of opportunities from a business perspective. But how can we turn this day into action? The … Read more

When Do Statistical Analyses Lie

Statistical analyses and lies

Statistical Analyses used to be associated with the business industries back then. They have, however, become very important in the way humans live their life. Statistics are commonly used by the government to formulate policy bothering on their citizens. Without it, some sectors of the world will be nonfunctional. The rise in globalized operations, as … Read more

P-value and Compromising Scientific Findings

p-value and statistical analysis

In science, the ultimate success of any experiment is most of the times determined through a measure known as statistical significance. For a result to be considered significant, the difference that is observed in the experiment carried out between groups of probably people or plants will be quite unlikely if no difference exists. However, the … Read more