What Is IMRaD? IMRaD Format in Simple Terms!

What is IMRaD

You might be reading this article perhaps because you have faced the same question; What is IMRaD? When writing a scientific paper, it is important to follow an appropriate organizational structure. IMRaD is one such organizational format. IMRaD is an acronym, which stands for Introduction, Method, Results, And Discussion. It is an increasingly popular organizational … Read more

What Is a Journal Paper Editing Service?

What is a journal paper editing service?

As a grad student, you may have asked “What is a journal paper editing service?” if you have looked for someone to check your paper before submission. You want to know what you can get from the service. Well then this post is for you. As an author, writer, or student, a journal paper is … Read more

What Is a Manuscript Editing Service?

What is a manuscript editing service?

If you have written a manuscript and now are looking for a manuscript editing service, you may have come across the question “What is a manuscript editing service?” Well then this article is for you. Writing a manuscript is not for the faint-hearted. The endless hours of thinking and writing, developing the story, and fine-tuning … Read more

Benefits of Hiring a Manuscript Editing Service

Benefits of hiring a manuscript editing service

You may have asked yourself “what are the advantages of hiring a manuscript editing service” if you have looked for a manuscript editing service. well then this article is for you. Every year, more than a million research papers are published. As a result, there is a lot of competition for a place in a … Read more

Writing the Introduction – A Clear & Concise Guide

Writing the Introduction - A Clear & Concise Guide 1 | Scientific Editing

The introduction is a guide that carries the attention of the reader from a general subject area to a specific topic of inquiry. It affirms the subject, context and importance of the research being conducted by giving a summary of the background and understanding of the story. The introduction also goes on to state the … Read more

What Is an Article Processing Charge (APC)?

Article processing charge (APC)

Every journal written and published on various publications in the paper-only days collected huge charges. However, even with the vast array of free blog and article posts, this policy is still applicable to certain publications today. Let’s get to it. Article Processing Charge (APC) Well Explained With lots of content, journals, reports, and electronic books … Read more

What Is DOI? A Clear And Concise Definition

What is DOI?

D.O.I.(Digital Object Identifier) is a set of numbers, letters and symbols. A D.O.I. is unique for a number of reasons. Every electronic document with a D.O.I. holds its individual and secure link that can never change. As a result, D.O.I.s have widespread use. While they are used commonly for journal articles, they can also represent … Read more

Best Advice for Writing a Research Paper

Best advice for writing a research paper

Introduction Peradventure you are not familiar with what research paper is or just to refresh your memory: a research paper is a form of writing that usually contains theoretical, substantial, and detailed information that must have gone through the proper process of in-depth research. Also, a research paper can contain arguments based on a thesis … Read more

Shortening a Long Abstract

Shortening A Long Abstract

The abstract is the second most crucial component of your academic paper after the title. The length of an abstract for most journals or lecturers is between 250-300 words; some journals or lecturers may ask for as low as 150 words. Writing an abstract is easy, but shortening a long abstract to fit the word … Read more

Weak Words to Avoid in Academic Writing – Quick Guide

Avoiding weak words

Academic writing is different from informal writing. When writing an academic paper, many phrases and words that are otherwise acceptable in informal writing are inappropriate in academic writing terms. Slangs and short forms that juices up the informal writing have no place in academic writing. Academic writing should be concise, correct, precise, and free of … Read more

Open Access, Everything You Need to Know about It

What is open access?

The introduction of the internet led to the emergence of digital archiving. Therefore, making digital access to information to increase significantly. However, the most important milestone in digital access to information and making it publicly and freely available was the emergence of the open access movement. Open access is a part of the wider open … Read more

How to Do a SWOT Analysis – A Comprehensive Guide

What is a SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis is a powerful way to evaluate a business, company, or project. Therefore, the point of a SWOT analysis is usually to come up with a strong business strategy by putting into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of the business as well as the opportunities and threats it faces. What is SWOT Analysis? SWOT … Read more

How to Find a Reliable Source/Reference

Reliable sources

Finding accurate and reliable research sources is an important aspect of academic writing. Thanks to the accessibility of information on the internet, finding sources and references has become easier for students and researchers. However, it is becoming more challenging to evaluate sources’ credibility to determine if the information provided in the sources can be cited. … Read more

Chicago Format for Academic Papers and Essays

Chicago format for academic papers and essays

Introduction When you are being asked to write an academic paper or an essay, your instructor or the instructions accompanying the assignment will specify which writing style to adhere to. Your instructor could require you to format your paper or essay according to the Chicago manual of style. Then, it is essential to note that … Read more

A Definitive Guide to APA Format/Citation Style

APA format - APA citation style

Introduction APA is an acronym for the American Psychological Association. The APA format is a style of documentation of sources used by the American Psychological Association. It is mainly used by researchers and students in the social sciences, for example, anthropology, psychology, sociology, etc., as well as those in education and other fields. The APA … Read more

What Is a Case Report and How to Write a Good One?

What is a case report?

What is a case report? How can I write a case report? How should I structure my case report? If these are your questions, this article is for you! Introduction Writing a case report is often referred to as the first step of getting your papers published in a medical journal. Writing a case report … Read more

Taboo Words in a Research Paper

Taboo words in a research paper

A research paper is a piece of scientific writing written by a researcher or a student containing the author’s original research on a particular topic for a specific field of study. Additionally, a research paper should include the analysis carried out in the course of the research as well as the interpretation of the research … Read more

Do not Squeeze Your PhD Dissertation into a Paper

Do not squeez you PhD dissertation into a research paper

After spending years working diligently on something that matters to you, it is common to want people to know about your findings. However, the problem is most authors want to put everything in at once. There is no way to put your whole PhD dissertation in 6,000 words or less successfully. It cannot work. Therefore, … Read more

Publishing in a High Impact Journal?

Publishing in a high impact journal

To get the boost or have a good career prospect in the academics, you will need your paper to get published in an influential or high impact journal. Getting published in a high impact journal can help open doors during your career climb. Journals are said to be custodians of academic endeavors and knowledge advancement. … Read more

A Definitive Guide to Preparing an Outline before Writing Your Paper

Preparing an outline for a research paper

Introduction Is preparing an outline important at all? Well, an outline is considered to be the blueprint or plan for your research paper. Also, it helps you to organize your thoughts and arguments for the research. Additionally, it makes conducting the research and writing the research paper very efficient. Before writing your research paper, preparing … Read more