Top 11 Commonly Confused Words in English

commonly confused words in English language

There are many words in the English language that sound and look alike, but they have different meanings. Therefore, it is easy to confuse these words for one another, and most electronic spell checkers will not be much of help in this situation since the words are not wrongly spelled but misused. It happens when … Read more

How to Structure a Dissertation?

How to Structure a Dissertation

A dissertation refers to the long piece of academic writing usually based on original research submitted as part of a postgraduate degree. As a graduate student, your dissertation is most likely the longest piece of work you have ever written and knowing where to start or how to go about it can be a little … Read more

Word Order Rules in English – A Comprehensive Guide

word order rules in English

Normally, sentences in the English language take a simple form. However, there are times it would be a little complex. In these cases, the basic rules for how words appear in a sentence can help you. Word order typically refers to the way the words in a sentence are arranged. In the English language, the … Read more

A Definitive Guide to APA Format/Citation Style

APA format - APA citation style

Introduction APA is an acronym for the American Psychological Association. The APA format is a style of documentation of sources used by the American Psychological Association. It is mainly used by researchers and students in the social sciences, for example, anthropology, psychology, sociology, etc., as well as those in education and other fields. The APA … Read more

Can You Cite Wikipedia in a Research Paper?

Can you cite wikipedia

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that happens to be multilingual. Also, it was developed and to be maintained as an open collaboration project to a group of volunteers who are expected to use the wiki-based system of editing. Also, it is the most popular and largest general referenced work on the internet and is considered … Read more

MLA Format and MLA Citation

MLA Format and citation

Introduction The Modern Language Association (MLA) is the organization responsible for the development and modification of MLA format, sometimes called the MLA style. The MLA format was developed for students, researches, and scholars in the language and literature fields to be able to use a uniform format of referencing for their assignments and papers. Also, … Read more

Secret to Writing Like a Pro

writing like a pro

There are certain tricks and secrets to writing like a pro. When writing, using big words that make your paper harder to understand does not make you smarter. On the contrary, complex writing makes you sound small-minded. To sound smart when writing requires simplicity. Plus, simple writing is accurate and brilliant writing. Also, writing accurately … Read more

A Guide to Modifiers


Modifiers refer to words or phrases that modify specific meaning of another word or phrase. To modify is to change or alter how something looks or is perceived. Therefore, a modifier simply means a word that qualifies, changes, limits, or clarifies a word in a sentence to lay emphasis, give detail or explanation. Simply put, … Read more

Tips for Accurate Writing

Skills for accurate writing of a science paper

When it comes to academic or scientific writing, mastering the art of communication is very important. Therefore, you do not only need to know how to write. You also need to write in such a way that your intended message is what you are communicating. Also, the ability to clearly explain yourself in plain English … Read more

The Golden Rules of Punctuation

rules of Punctuation marks

If you write, you need to know the golden rules of punctuation. Conversations in reality, and what appears as text, are indeed two variants. Speaking errors are understood, but on print, evidence remains as a standard and an embarrassing situation will have you facing the music. Writing an acclaimed thesis, or attempting to impress someone … Read more

Science Writing Vs. Formal Writing

Science writing vs formal writing

Writing isn’t just about putting pen to paper and scribbling words. Different occasions demand different types of writing. Using an informal type of writing for situations that demand a formal type of writing wouldn’t be acceptable. That is why it is important to learn about the different writing types or styles and when they are … Read more

A Long List of Irregular Plural Nouns

irregular plural nouns

Usually it is very easy to make plural nouns from singular nouns by following some standard rules such as adding -s or -es to the end of the word. However, there are some nouns that don’t seem to follow the rules. Such nouns are called irregular nouns. That means they don’t become plural the “regular” … Read more

A Definitive Guide for Punctuation

guide for punctuation marks

A sentence without punctuation is merely a group of words, because without punctuation a sentence will not make much sense. And use of incorrect punctuation or punctuation in the wrong place can change the meaning of the sentence completely. Therefore, it is important to use correct punctuation marks. Punctuation allows us to organize our thoughts … Read more