What Is a Copy Editing Service? Complete Guide!

When it comes to searching for a copy editing service for any piece of content, it is easy to get paralyzed with decision making. From using a certain term or phrase one time too many to trying to add in geographically-correct dialect, you have lots to think about. That is why, if you are writing in English, it pays to know that you are by no means alone. Indeed, with the help of a copy editing service, you can get help in making sure that your content is of a good enough standard to meet the expectations set.

What is a copy editing service?

This is a service that is wholly dedicated to the art of writing better English content. It could be for someone who is designing a speech, a script, a political letter, an article for a newspaper or blog, or even a book manuscript.

Whatever you are looking for, a copy editing service is the kind of expert assistance you need to get your writing shining. They can look over the content, find ways to improve it, and either make the changes or provide you with useful commentary to keep you on the right path. (Learn about the difference between copy editing and proofreading)


What does a copy editing service do?

Typically, they will look to evaluate the content from a critical standpoint. Often, you will have to give direction for what you want. Typically, this will involve asking an editor to look out for typos and mistakes in the language being used. However, other service that a copy editing service can provide include, but are not limited to:

  • Changing the language. Often, we can find that we fall down on using the same phrases excessively out of comfort. Instead of making that mistake, you can use a copy editing service to help change the language used and make it more welcoming.
  • Improve the writing. You might wish to have a copy editing service check over your content to see where mistakes exist, or where repetition is prevalent. They can then check over the work, making adjustments to create more unique, exciting content.
  • Improve the language. However, if you are not a native English speaker then you might find it hard to get things 100% accurate. That is why many people choose to then improve the language of their content by using the help of a natural English speaker.
  • Adjust for your audience. Say you are writing a story for kids, but feel your language is too adult. Or you are writing an informal article, but feel like it is written too academically. Well, you can adjust your content to suit your audience with the help and input of a copy editing service.
  • Check for mistakes. From mistakes in times and places to figures and facts, you could use a copy editing service to spot problems with your writing from a factual standpoint. They can then work together as a team to find out what could be done to help correct the issues and turn your content around.

Get tips for copy editing!


Hiring a copy editing service

Of course, you might decide that such support is worth the investment – and you would be 100% correct. Hiring a copy editing service is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your content reads well, is factually correct, and sounds ‘native’ in the way it is written. For that reason, we highly recommend that you look to hire a copy editing service to give you the support you need.

Nobody can make their writing truly shine without a second opinion. By hiring an editor in English, you make sure your second opinion carries immense weight.

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