What Is an Article Processing Charge (APC)?

Every journal written and published on various publications in the paper-only days collected huge charges. However, even with the vast array of free blog and article posts, this policy is still applicable to certain publications today. Let’s get to it.

Article processing charge

Article Processing Charge (APC) Well Explained

With lots of content, journals, reports, and electronic books available for grabs today, one would think it costs writers nothing to put them out there. The APC (article processing charge) is a fee often mandated on authors for specific publications.

To make their works available to the public via open access publication, authors are charged a publication fee, as known as article processing charge. The APC on each hybrid journal can be paid by researchers, the authors, or their institutions and agencies.

Sometimes, as a result of some inevitable economic circumstances and geographical disasters, open-access publishers overlook these charges. In the case of recession and war outbreaks, hybrid journals and open access journals can be published without collecting article processing charges. However, not all states and geographical areas adhere to these practices, as they stick to the charge per open access publication policy. (What is a mega journal?)

It’d be best to note at this point that article processing charges on any publication aren’t a guarantee to copyright retaining. The fact that an author is charged an APC doesn’t guarantee that he/she retains the open access journals’ copyright. This is often a common misconception among freelance journal authors. Also, your APC isn’t an agreement that ensures your journal becomes accessible under the Creative Commons License.

Benefits Of Article Processing Charges To Authors

We’ve explained in detail the article processing charge. How about we look at a few beneficial reasons why an author should get their journal on open access?

Wide-range Visibility Of Your Work

Journals published on open access channels are guaranteed to reach a wide range of consumers. Open access articles and journals collect tons of readers looking to access and download content for free.

Readers and researchers of open access journals know to get their materials from certain websites without paying a subscription fee. Also, since open access articles are directly linked to search engines, journal authors can be sure of massive traffic to their contents.

Lower Publication Cost

The APC charge on every open access publication covers the cost of editorial, proofreading, and edits of each journal by switching research funding agencies. With the one-time APC charge on every open-access journal, authors need not worry about editing and producing their articles.

Like subscription-based publication, the application processing charge on open access journals allows authors to publish long papers. With the one-time charge, authors get the benefits of long paper publication as subscription-based publishers.

Higher & Trusted Citations Impact

This is by far one of the most beneficial reasons why authors should pay the one-time article processing charge on open access journals. After the verification and approval of the journal and APC charge payment, the author’s academic content benefits from open access citations. It means the journals can be linked to the wide-range and available trusted citations over the globe. Their contents do not only reach a global audience but are also linked with numerous citations.

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To Wrap It Up

From the increased audience your journal gets to the trusted citations it gets linked with, we believe these are enough reasons to make the one-time charge.

Yes, today, a few academic journal authors argue the subscription-based and traditional method of getting journals to the public is the best. However, you almost get similar, if not more, benefits from having your journals and articles on open access publication.

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