Writing a Cover Letter

Here we have provided some simple tips to help you respond to reviewers‘ comments and get a positive decision!


When the decision letter arrives, read the comments carefully. Take time to understand the reviewers’ feedback and try to understand what they are asking you to do. It is also important to understand WHY they are asking you to do so. The Journal will give you a time frame for the revisions so don’t try to reply immediately.

Give yourself a while to process the feedback while you should be mindful to return your revisions with a timely response. By taking time, you let your emotions go away and prevent an impulsive response, which you would undoubtedly regret later.


One of the functions of peer review is to encourage the authors to deliver more robust research. After allowing yourself a day to process the comments, switch gears into “answer mode”! This is the time to trust your natural analytical processing skills. If you are still defensive rather than responsive, you are not ready yet to write a cover letter. Your responses should be polite and objective. There is no room for ego in your response. Start your cover letter by thanking the reviewers for pinpointing the weaknesses in your paper and providing you the opportunity to strengthen your research prior to publication.

The art of well-mannered rebuttal can be difficult to grasp but there is nothing inherently wrong about disagreeing on some of the reviewers’ points. Postulate your counter argument with a polite response that is  backed up with evidence to support your arguments.


Being mindful and organized when you resubmit your manuscript allows the revision process to run smoothly and efficiently. Your resubmission should contain four things:

  1. Cover letter
  2. List of responses
  3. Track changes document
  4. Clean version

Revising your manuscript doesn’t have to be stressful. Keep calm and Good luck!

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