How To Write A Professional Email

Writing a professional email

Today, email is one of the most popular channels of communication in informal and formal settings. Emails offer speed, efficiency, and a secure communication channel, and this explains why organizations – both large and small – use it for daily communication. In professional situations, there is a certain format that your email has to follow. …

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One-Word Sentences

one-word sentences

English is a beautiful language, and one of its many perks is the one-word sentences. One-word sentences — as the name suggests is a sentence with a single word, and which makes total sense. One word sentences can be used in different forms. It could be in form of a question such as “Why?” It …

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How To Find A Reliable Source/Reference

Reliable sources

Finding accurate and reliable research sources is an important aspect of academic writing. Thanks to the accessibility of information on the internet, finding sources and references has become easier for students and researchers. However, it is becoming more challenging to evaluate sources’ credibility to determine if the information provided in the sources can be cited. …

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