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After you have completed the writing of your ebook, there is one more step before you can get to publish it, which is editing. Although it happens to be a process, most writers dread, it is equally as important as writing the book from scratch. Here at Scientific Editing we provide professional ebook editing services.

What do you need to do when you have completed your book, but you need to make it one of the best works? Well, you could try editing yourself or pass it off to your family or friend for feedback. However, there is a high possibility that either way will fail because you and people related to you might not be able to give your book the objective view it requires.

Editing your ebook by yourself or giving it out to family and friends are editing options plagued by procrastination and bouts of frustration. But, you do not necessarily have to go down that route. You could hire an ebook editing service that will give you competent and affordable editing. Also, using an ebook editing service will reduce problems that may prevent you from publishing your book. The editing gives your readers great value and even makes you sound smarter.

Since you have spent numerous hours writing your book with the hope of getting it published and finding readers that will undoubtedly turn to profit, you will need it to be error-free. This is where Scientific Editing aims to help. Our ebook editing service is aimed at giving your book a perfect blend of line and developmental editing (What is developmental editing?). Also, our ebook editors will help smooth out your writing as well as providing critical feedback aimed at improving your writing skills.

Our ebook editing service was designed to provide you with the editing you need. Our professional editors will find errors that most writers will miss and also help improve the clarity and organization of the ideas of your book. Also, our editor edit your book while maintaining the overall voice, idea, and tone of the book.

ebook editingWhat You Will Be Receiving

Hiring our ebook editing services will provide you with the following

tick mark Corrections of all spellings, typographical, and grammatical errors in your book.

tick mark An improvement in the clarity and flow of your book. This is carried out by doing line by line editing.

tick mark Suggestions for the improvement in style, tone sentence structure as well as choice of words

tick mark Tracked revision to ensure you can review all the changes made and decide on which to keep and which to undo.

tick mark Identify and bring to your attention the weak points and other issues in your book that we think can be improved upon.

tick mark Comprehensive feedback on the writing and issues encountered in your book, that should help you write better.

Ebook editing service

Books That Our Ebook Editing Services Cover

At Scientific Editing, we edit:

check markShort stories novels and novellas (learn about the rise of English novel)

check markPoetry

check markMemoirs, biography, self-help books

check markScreenplays and plays etc.

It is important to note that we know how much work you have put into writing your book. Therefore, we make it a point of duty to ensure that our files are secure, so your work will not be leaked or copied.

science editor and proofreader

Research Paper Editing

Scientific Editing has a team of professional academic editors that can help you express your ideas and respect the rules of academic writing in your field.

expert in scientific editing

Dissertation Proofreading Service

Scientific editing has a team of experienced and qualified dissertation editors with different fields of study who are committed to offering the best proofreading service in the market.

Tailered editing and proofreading

Essay Proofreading Service

Our essay proofreaders will comb through the text of your essay to detect and rectify grammatical, typographical, spelling, punctuation, and syntax errors.

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