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check-markWho Are Our Clients?

Our clients include academics, students, authors, professionals from around the world that require high-end editing and proofreading to ensure that their ideas are communicated clearly, and their presentation is flawless. Our team of qualified and dedicated editors is there to help our clients achieve all-round success in all their writing endeavors.

Five-star customer experience is our main aim with each customer and each order. We provide unrivaled quality editing and proofreading with a high rate of customer satisfaction to all our clients.

check-markWhat Do We Do?

We offer the following service

  • Manuscript editing and polishing for publication
  • Academic article writing
  • English editing and proofreading
  • Proofreading and editing of journal articles, dissertation, and term papers
  • Editing, copy editing, proofreading, a critique of essays
  • Proofreading and editing white papers, reports, manuals and press release
  • Project and assignment proofreading and editing.
  • Scientific article proofreading
  • Research article editing
  • Academic article editing
  • Journal selection and submission
  • Journal formatting
  • Thesis editing
  • Pre-submission peer review
  • Artwork preparation
  • Responses to peer reviewer comments
  • Book editing
  • Proposal editing
  • Proofreading online
  • academic writing and editing
  • Graduate School Application Editing
  • Essay Correction – Affordable Essay Editing

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    ebook editing service

    Dissertation editing and proofreading

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  • check-markWhy Hire Scientific Editing?
  • Our editors will rearrange the order in which words in your write up are arranged. Also, they adjust the entire flow of the article to ensure that the message in the write up is clearly and concisely presented without losing the intent of the write-up.
  • Scientific Editing editors will verify the facts, figures, and sources of articles to ensure the truth in the article and prevent misinformation.
  • Hiring Scientific Editing for our editing services will afford authors the chance of taking a break from the writing stage to allow you to rest and have the time to come up with better ideas and write new articles.
  • Our editor will proofread all orders to ensure there aren’t any errors and, if there are, work diligently to identify and eradicate all spellings, punctuation, and typing errors in a timely fashion.
  • A writer intends to communicate an idea or a message through his write up, having errors can, however, distract the readers from the message the author is trying to pass across. An article will get more disorienting with the more errors contained in it. This may lead to a misunderstanding of the intended message by the readers. To prevent this, Scientific Editing will ensure that your articles are error-free, which will enable a smooth read and proper digestion of the intended message on the part of the reader.
  • A writer will not be appreciated if his article or write up has been properly edited. Still, a writer will definitely be condemned if he submits a write up riddled with errors. To prevent the humiliation and punishment that comes with a bad write up, our professional editors will ensure that the article meets the required standard.
  • Every author needs editing, but stress editing is nearly impossible. Therefore, hiring Scientific Editing is often the best investment an author can make. Our editors will make sure that all the Is are dotted, and all the Ts are crossed to ensure that your writing is poignant and fluid.
  • Trusting us with your manuscript can feel like a big commitment. However, writing the manuscript itself is a big commitment. Plus, you would not want to go through the stress of writing it and end up not getting it properly edited
  • By using Scientific Editing’s editing service, you can rest assured your manuscript will be well polished and ready for submission to the publication of your choice promptly.
  • Scientific Editing will help correct grammar, remove redundancies, fix sentences, and help use suitable vocabularies to help perfect the manuscript.
  • To preserve and maintain your overall writing style and tone of the manuscript, Scientific Editing editors will only make and recommend changes only when necessary.
  • Our processes have been streamlined to allow for the return of your edited and proofread document as quickly as you desire.
  • Our professional editors are experts in various fields, handpicked through a rigorous selection process to weed out unqualified editors and are supported with the latest technology to support editing and proofreading.
  • Privacy is important to us, so we take document security very seriously to prevent leaks of our client documents.
  • It may be difficult to express yourself clearly, let us review your draft and help your writings.
  • Our editor in the process of editing your documents will ensure that your document is short and concise, rather than it being long and incomprehensible.
  • Having your editing done by Scientific Editing will not only save you the time and stress of having to edit yourself but will also finish the editing of your document in record time without mistakes.
  • You Get The Best Scientific Editing
  • Having your documents edited by our editors at Scientific Editing will ensure that your document achieves the level of perfection, which will distinguish it from all others.
  • When a manuscript contains grammatical, spelling, punctuation errors, people, especially in the academic and business world, will find it difficult to take the writer seriously. However, hiring Scientific Editing will prevent the humiliation that comes with a badly written document.
  • Scientific Editing ensures that your manuscript is edited to the required standard set by the journal of your choice; this will improve the chances of your manuscript being selected for publishing.
  • Our editors also aim to help academic authors become better writers; this is done by implementing strategies that will ensure they do not repeat the mistake they have earlier made.
  • Hiring Scientific Editing to edit your document will not only ensure that it is free from grammatical, spelling, and language error, we would also make it sure it gets the recognition/ marks it deserves.
  • Our editors will help improve the clarity, readability, and organization of the document.
  • We also ensure that all resources used in the articles are properly cited and referenced, and the cited sources are verified to ensure authenticity across the article.
  • Editors at Scientific Editing have a lot of experience in editing documents/manuscripts. Plus, they are also fluent in all variations of the English language. These skills and knowledge help them choose the right words to use and replace the words that might not be appropriate with many appropriate ones.
  • Scientific Editing is not just in the business of the only correction of errors but also strives to ensure that the message or idea you are trying to communicate in your research article is communicated in the best way possible.
  • Rather than having to depend on grammar checkers and spellcheckers on a word processor that will more often than not do a bang-up job in correcting spelling and grammar, our editors because of their intricate knowledge of the English Language will carry out such corrections flawlessly.
  • Our Editing Services Are Like None Other
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Scientific Editing only hires academic editors that are qualified in their respective fields. They all have numerous years of experience in providing quality editing services. We carefully select editors that are not only qualified but are the best in the business.
  • Our editors are all native English speakers with in-depth knowledge of all variations of the English Language. They also possess a minimum of a master’s degree in their respective fields with extensive experience.
  • Our editing is done using the track changes function in Microsoft word, a standard function on Microsoft word that allows easy movement between changes and gives the writer the chance to see the changes effected and choose to either accept or decline the proposed modifications. The comments and changes are always displayed in the right margin and are very easy to accept or discard.
  • Status of a diplomate, our Editors at Scientific Editing, have been able to attain this. Attaining this status shows that our editors possess unparalleled editorial proficiency. You would most definitely want an editor of this status to handle your documents. To be able to achieve this status, an editor would have to have had a considerable amount of experience in editing and possess an editor certification for a minimum of 2 years.
  • At Scientific Editing, our editors are not just qualified. They also possess the required certifications to be called a professional editor. For example, our editors are Editors of life science (ELS) certified. This certification, therefore, bolsters the credibility of our editors and gives a virtual representation of how our editors handle research manuscripts.

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  • So, What Are You Waiting For?
  • For the duration in which we would be working on your document, Scientific Editing will help you perfect the way your message is passed across to your intended readers. We would also help to stick to your narrative during editing and help you present your argument and ideas clearly and concisely.
  • To attain the level of perfection that your document requires to get the recognition it requires, your document requires professional editing. Scientific Editing provides one best editing services and hiring us will be the best decision you make for your documents.
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