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pointing handAt Scientific Editing we can help you with editing rejected papers.

Senior scientists and students who are not native English speakers but they need to publish their research in English make up a large proportion of our clients. Our editing and proofreading services can be of great assistance in enabling such authors to communicate their work with precision and transparency. The writing and editing services provided by Scientific Editing are also beneficial for native English speakers who would like to ensure that their written work contains no errors or inconsistencies in language or formatting.

If you have already submitted your manuscript and it has been rejected due to formatting or language issues, using one of our editors provides the perfect solution. Sending your work to us for editing will help increase its chances of being seriously considered for publication by the journal editors and peer reviewers. Be sure to include relevant information or a link to the author instructions, any feedback you may have received from editors or reviewers (Read about suggesting reviewers and excluding reviewers). This information will help us edit your document accordingly and therefore facilitates the best results.


  • Correcting any grammatical errors.
  • Correcting any spelling errors.
  • Correcting punctuation errors.
  • Ensuring correct syntax of the English language is followed.
  • Ensuring your scientific manuscript reads logically, clearly, and the narrative flows smoothly.
  • Bridging any language barriers.
  • Reducing unnecessary redundancies and repetitions.
  • Identifying weak arguments and suggesting alternatives to strengthen your argument.
  • Identifying any inconsistencies or contradictions throughout your narrative.
  • Editing and modifying any referencing mistakes.
  • Providing helpful annotations and scientific-based comments to help you target prestigious journals and publishers.
  • Offer trackable editing revisions of your scientific manuscript so that you can keep track of editing revisions


Feedback for rejected papers

Editing rejected papers up to 2,500 words 1 day
Editing rejected papers up to 5,000 words 2 days
Editing rejected papers up to 7,500 words 3 days
Editing rejected papers up to 10,000 words 4 days
Editing rejected papers up to 15,000 words 5 days
Editing rejected papers up to 20,000 words 7 days
Editing rejected papers up to 30,000 words 10 days


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