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Scientific Editing is an academic copy-editing company that provides the perfect copy-editing services that your academic paper deserves.

We are a group of experienced native-speaking editors who have expertise in Biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Microbiology, virology, Medicine, Biotechnology, Genetics, Immunology, Physics, Chemistry, Ecology, and other disciplines.

There is a vast difference between having academic skills and writing skills. Being a good researcher doesn’t necessarily make you a good writer. If you can’t express your research progress and outcomes with your target audience, it may seem as though you should not work on that research in the first place. The primary goal of a research paper is to make readers aware of a fact. If readers cannot grasp the impact of your research, then all of your laborious efforts seem to go to waste.

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To get a proper assessment of your academic paper, you should edit your draft paper repeatedly. Unfortunately, for most people, editing only means correcting spelling and grammar mistakes. At Scientific Editing, we edit for much more. We cannot stress enough how vital editorial services for academics are for a paper. Editing is critical for the success of your academic writing. In fact, most prominent universities encourage students to edit their masters or Ph.D. thesis by a professional editor (Learn about our thesis editing assistance).


Clarity is the readability of your text. If your writing has clarity, the reader will understand it easily. You should treat your paper as teaching material to your reader. The reader shouldn’t have to read between the lines to understand what you are saying. Writers and editors put clarity at the highest value as it is the hardest to achieve.
There is no hard and fast rule for achieving clarity in a paper. The more time you put into having clarity in your writing, the easier it will be to comprehend its message. Scientific Editing ensures that the clarity of your paper is uninterrupted. There are two steps in achieving clarity for your writing; clarity of argument and clarity of words.
The clarity of arguments reinforces your research agenda. If you don’t have clarity of argument, readers will lose focus, and your paper’s theme will get blurred. Clarity of words ensures your article is understandable without any jargon and unnecessary vocabulary. Our copy-editing service will check the clarity of your paper in terms of argument and vocabulary. Our experts will gauge the clarity of your writing objectively.

Objective Feedback
Writers often overlook common mistakes and errors in their paper as they go through the work regularly and develop a familiarity with their work. This familiarity often causes them to think of a wrong as right and go along with it. Another fact is that judging our work is always tough for us.
We tend to judge partially and discount any mistake. For these reasons, it is wise to get your academic paper to have checked by a professional. A second opinion from a professional will give you objective feedback, and any hidden mistake will be evident to a fresh pair of eyes. Our experts can give you objective feedback and suggest any necessary alterations.
Many papers face rejection from publishers for poor editing. At scientific Editing, we value your hard work and effort for your work. Our editing team ensures that your efforts pay off. We take your draft and edit it to the proper format and style, which in turn boosts your chance of getting published.
By getting professional help to revise your grammar, word choice, spelling, and format will all undoubtedly put you in a better position for publishing. Many of our clients have informed us that our editing services have helped them get published when they were struggling before.

Formatting is essential for the perfect presentation of your writing. If you use an unusual format or use it inconsistently, readers might get distracted, and following your thesis might be a struggle. Think of formatting as a universal language that all readers in your field of interest will understand.
There are standard formats that writers and editors must follow. The three standard schools of style generally followed by writers and editors are the APA style, MLA style, and CMS Style (Chicago Manual of Style). These styles get updated several times a year. Many journals have their own set of formats that must be followed by the writers. Here at Scientific Editing, we check the formatting your writing by checking these points:
Document margins
Paragraph spacing
Document spacing
Page number

Consistency and Uniformity
Consistency and uniformity mean that your entire writing should express one theme. No part of it should stand out as unnecessary. Your arguments should gradually lead the reader to the same conclusion and thus validate it. Uniformity also refers to the cohesion of your writing style. As English is a rather adaptive language, it can be easy to mix up many different styles in writing; especially, if you are not a native English speaker.
The task of maintaining both the consistency of arguments and the consistency of writing style is quite hard for the writer. Here at Scientific Editing, we put our best effort to make your paper uniform and consistent. With careful editing from our experts, you can rest assured your paper will pass the hurdle of consistency in terms of arguments and writing style. (Advice for writing a research paper)

Grammar Error
Grammar errors can ruin the credibility of your academic writing. In creative or experimental writing, you can tweak the rule to some extent, but in academic writing, you always have to follow the rules. The most common error found in academic writing is the inconsistency of tense. In English, there are 12 different tenses, and non-native speakers often get them mixed up. This inconsistency of tense can occur at sentence level or passage level.
Another common mistake is the improper use of the possessive form. For example- ‘Darwin’s theory of evolution’ suggests singular possessive, and it is expressed as apostrophes. there are cases where we don’t use the possessive form, such as years- 1980s instead of 1980 ‘s, Plural acronym- CEOs instead of CEO’s. At Scientific Editing, we provide you with editing without any grammar error, which will increase the credibility of your paper.

Punctuation Errors
Punctuation is essential for a proper understanding of writing. It tells us how words and sentences relate to each other. A common punctuation error is the inappropriate use of the apostrophe. We use an apostrophe for possessive form and contractions. For example, “Steve’s paper was published; you shouldn’t write it.” We used an apostrophe in the possessive form and an apostrophe in the contraction.
The comma is often a very poorly handled punctuation in an academic paper. Some writers use too many commas, and some don’t even bother using one. If you are not mindful of the position of commas, the meaning of your sentence can alter.
The use of it’s and its is often confusing to many writers. It’s is used when we are using a contraction: it is or it has. A straightforward way to distinguish the use of it’s and its is to check if you can replace them with it is or it has. If it is replaceable with it is or it has, use the apostrophe version it’s.


To Get Superior Quality Editing

Our editing service covers every aspect of your academic paper. We make sure that you have structured your article correctly, with clarity, consistency, uniformity, and compactness. We check the flow of your arguments and their validation. We edit any errors in your writing style and formatting. Any trivial grammar or punctuation error that might be overlooked by you are scrutinized. With our services, you can rest assured of the editing and focus on the content of your academic paper.

To Get Professional Editing from the Experts in your Field

Our editing team consists of several reliable, qualified, and expert editors. We have a team of editors with specific expertise in your field of interest. They are native English speakers who possess knowledge and expertise in the language. In addition to our regular editors, we also have collaborative editors. We reach out to them if we have a task that is beyond our regular editor’s expertise.

Scientific Editing is graced with editors with PhDs in Biology, Microbiology, Medicine, Molecular Biology, Immunology, Physics, Chemistry, Physiology, Genetics, Biotechnology, and more. Our editors have published peer-reviewed papers in their fields. You can rest assured that your paper will get proper editing from an expert.

To keep Track of Your Paper’s Editing through Ms Word

At Scientific Editing, we provide you the opportunity to track the editing of your paper. In an MS Word document, you can track all changes through the Track Changes feature. For PDFs and other file formats, you will get a separate word file explaining all the details and changes. This transparency of editing will help you understand your areas of improvement and build upon your writing skills.

To Get a Customized Service

We understand that sometimes you might need specialized editing. For example, you might request editing for a passage instead of the whole paper. Or your content is short in length, and you want it edited. We offer customizable editing services. If you are in a rush and need some last-minute editing done, we can provide you with the service you need. You can rest assured that running against a short deadline won’t compromise the quality of our work.

As an academic writer, the very last thing you want to do is to fix minor grammar mistakes and formatting that can take up your valuable time. The time that should be used to enrich your content. You can leave your editing tasks to our expert editors. Here at Scientific Editing, we value your effort, and we understand the importance of your academic paper. Our team is very dedicated to their editing services, and we strive to deliver the best to you. Get professional help from our editors and get the best out of your academic writing.

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Academic copy-editing servicesup to 2,500 words1 day
Academic copy-editing servicesup to 5,000 words2 days
Academic copy-editing servicesup to 7,500 words3 days
Academic copy-editing servicesup to 10,000 words4 days
Academic copy-editing servicesup to 15,000 words5 days
Academic copy-editing servicesup to 20,000 words7 days
Academic copy-editing servicesup to 30,000 words10 days
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