Academic Writing and English Language Editing Services

Writing in English language can be tough. Why? Well, it is one of the most complicated languages. This is because of the numerous rules of syntax, semantics, spelling, punctuation, and even capitalization that come with the English language. Therefore, it requires special skill and adequate knowledge to write an academic paper with absolutely no error.
During writing, writers are liable to make numerous mistakes that they might not be able to notice at the time. This might be caused by several reasons which could be, trying to meet up with a deadline, distractions, losing train of thoughts, and the likes. However, it is imperative to go through academic papers to root out the errors that have been made while writing.
When writing academic papers, putting your idea on paper in the initial draft is not the ending of the writing. Writing in the English language consists of different important stages. One of those important stages is the editing stage. At this stage, the draft is examined to confirm if it is properly writing. Also, this is done to check if it actually conveys the message of the author.

English language editing servicesup to 2,500 words3 days
English language editing servicesup to 5,000 words6 days
English language editing servicesup to 7,500 words7 days
English language editing servicesup to 10,000 words8 days
English language editing servicesup to 15,000 words10 days
English language editing servicesup to 20,000 words14 days
English language editing servicesup to 30,000 words20 days

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Academic Writing and English Language Editing Services
Academic writing and English language services

Academic papers require perfections because they are written to achieve a particular purpose, be it grades, recognition, publication, or promotion. It is for these reasons that it is, however, imperative to make sure that academic papers are free from all forms of errors that comes with writing in English languages. Also, one can only achieve this level of perfection by the act of proofreading and/or editing the written document to identify and correct errors that might have occurred.

Having the editing of your academic documents done yourself or by a friend might seem like the right course of action, this might seem right under some circumstance. However, in most instances, due to the importance of the academic been written for, it is advisable to seek the services of professional editors.

Additionally, the level of perfection required from academic English papers can only be guaranteed by professional editing services. This is because professional editing services have in their employ professional editors, who are native English Language speakers and have experience in editing academic papers. When a writer requires the best that they can get from their academic document, it is the job of the editing service to ensure that it is achieved.

Get a second set of eyes to catch your mistakes.

Scientific Editing is a professional academic English Language editing service dedicated to making academic papers reach their full potential. We strive to achieve this aim by arming the company with the best academic and English language editors with the best technology to aid editing.

It can be somehow difficult to express oneself clearly when writing, especially when writing about complicated topics that the readers might not have a good understanding of. This is why we have editors to help improve your writing (Our service for manuscript writing), check your grammar, spelling, and typographical errors.

Being a non-native English language speaker and having to write an academic paper in the English language might prove to be difficult, especially in your choice of words, as you might not be well equipped in your vocabulary. Our editors will help revise your draft, help with the correct choice of words to better express your idea. Also, they will help in rephrasing your sentences to ensure there is no ambiguity and to aid better understanding by the readers.

Scientific Editing renders unparalleled editing services, whereby authors submit their academic draft and are confident that the editing processes are professional and confidential. Using Scientific Editing will ultimately ensure that your academic papers are error-free, clear, and concise.

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Checklist during Editing By Scientific Editing

When rendering English Language editing services, our editors go through the following checklists:

Content and format: our editors ensure that the content of the academic paper is in line with the topic and also to check if the formatting of the paper is adequate.

Clarity: our services include checking the sentences to ensure they are clear and understandable.

Reliability of resources: checking to make sure that the sources used in the academic paper are reliable and true.

Plagiarism: check through the contents to make sure the sources are paraphrased and cited in other to prevent plagiarism.

Cohesive paragraphs: the paragraphs in an academic paper must link to one another. So, when reading, it will all flow together like a well-oiled machine.

Citation consistency: an academic document must use the same citation format throughout the document.

Professionalism: academic papers must maintain a level of professionalism, and the writing must not be informal.

Background: when writing anything academic-related, a proper background must be given to ensure the readers, whoever they might be, understand what they are reading.

Our editors also check to see if your academic paper does not contain redundancy, unstructured tables, and figures, as well as a well-summarized conclusion. Our English language editing services offer perfection when it comes to academic documents.

People Who Need English Language Editing Services

The people that need the service of academic English language editors include academics, students, and professionals that want to ensure that their ideas are well communicated and their presentation flawless. Anybody that as written an academic paper in English Language and wants it to get the success it deserves requires the services of an academic English Language.

Why You Would Require an Academic English Language Editing Service

Writing an academic paper in English requires a level of error freeness and delivery that might not be achieved in the first draft of the academic paper. Hence it requires editing, and this level of editing can only be done by professionals like the ones in Scientific Editing.

Here are a few of the reasons why you would need our English language editing services:

  • Objectivity

If you have written any academic documents and have high hopes of it achieving the purpose you wrote it for, then it deserves the time of an editing service. This is because your work requires someone to edit your work objectively as it would be easy for you to overlook mistakes.

  • Error correction

Using a writing service will help to correct the errors that might have ensued while writing the first draft. Errors like typographical, spelling, syntax, and semantic errors will have been rooted out and corrected by professional editors.

  • Non-native English speakers

If you are not a native speaker of the English language, it is highly possible you would not be able to express your idea in the right manner. However, employing the services of professional editors will help to ensure that your message s passed across to readers with the best use of English as possible.

  • Level of professionalism

An academic paper is said to be written with a level of professionalism because it is written to get something specific in the academic world. Hence, it requires the touch of a professional editor to guarantee that level of professionalism. Also, Scientific Editing offers that level of professionalism amongst their services.

  • Time

It takes a considerable amount of time to write an academic paper, between the time for research and the time for actual writing, the writer might not have the time to edit his work. This is why the services of an English editing service is required to help the writer edit his work in as little time as possible.

  • Stress

After going through the stress of writing an academic paper, there is, however, additional stress that comes with editing your own work without help. To ease oneself from that stress, you will need the help of an academic English language editing service to help edit your work as professionally as possible.

  • Experts

Academic English language editing services have expert editors that are qualified in editing academic papers in a fraction of the time. Alongside this, the editors are also experienced and from diverse academic fields, which help them better improve your academic writings in various fields of study.

  • Unrivaled success rate

Scientific Editing has recorded a very high success rate when it comes to editing academic papers written in English. Our editors make sure that the effort you put in writing your academic paper is rewarded with success.

  • Structure

Our editors will help to improve the entire flow of the academic paper by rearranging the in which the words are arranged. This is done to help ensure that your write up is delivered as clear and concise as possible.

  • Avoid distractions

Having an academic paper riddled with errors will lead to the distraction of its reader, and this might cause the reader to misunderstand the message in the paper. Our editors will, however, prevent this from happening as they work diligently to remove all errors. Scientific Editing will ensure that your academic paper is error-free, which will make for a smooth read and proper understanding by the readers.

Benefits of Hiring Scientific Editing For Academic English Language Editing Services

Several benefits come with having your academic papers edited by Scientific Editing, and they are as follows:

  • Having your papers edited by our experts will ensure that your paper reaches its full potential, which inherently distinguishes it from others.
  • Our editors will ultimately help authors, especially non-native English language speakers, improve their writing skills. This is done by carrying the authors along in the editing stage to ensure they do not repeat the same mistakes.
  • Our editors also help to remove the burden of having to perfect academic papers from authors. They do this by taking the responsibilities of structure, organization, and layout of the academic paper, which gives authors the time to focus on other things.
  • We will not only ensure that your academic paper is free from spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors. Additionally, we will also ensure that it gets the recognition, grades, and success it deserves.
  • Helping to improve the clarity, organization, and readability of academic papers is one of the benefits of having your academic papers edited by edited by our science editors.
  • Scientific Editing editors also help authors communicate their complex ideas as simply and clear as possible without losing the originality of the idea.
  • Our editors also verify all the resources used in the academic paper are properly referenced and cited.
  • Editors at Scientific Editing are fluent in all variations of the English language. This makes them especially knowledgeable when it comes to using the right spellings. Additionally, that quality allows them to successfully choose the right words to replace the words that might not be appropriate in a sentence.

What Makes Scientific Editing Especially Qualified For Academic English Language Editing?

  • Qualified editors

Scientific Editing only hires qualified editors in their respective fields.

  • Native English speakers

All our editors are native English speakers that have in-depth knowledge of the English language.

  • Modern editing technology

Our editors are equipped with the latest editing technology to aid how we render our services with the swift and thorough editing of academic papers.

  • Certified editors

Alongside being extremely qualified, our editors are also certified.

  • Privacy

Scientific Editing understands the level of privacy and confidentiality required in handling academic papers. Therefore, we have put in place adequate security measures to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Ensuring that academic papers are properly written is the main reason Scientific Editing was formed. Writers put a lot of time and energy into writing their academic papers. Hence, they should reap the fruit of that academic paper, but that would not happen if the paper was not properly written. Hence our services help authors to ensure their papers are properly written and get the expected benefits from their hard work.

If you an English author and you want your academic paper to be perfect, hiring Scientific Editing service is the best way to go.

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