Academic Writing and Editing


Scientific Editing offers academic writing and editing services that can assist you in publishing academic papers through perfecting your work, such as:

  • Grammar
  • Content
  • Impact

No scientific and medical journal accepts manuscripts that are not just poorly written, but also grammatically incorrect, regardless of how good the work is.

Scientific Editing makes sure that your manuscript is in its best form when submitted. And, all your revisions, as well as responses to reviewer’s comments, will be significantly received.

Nevertheless, if you decide to submit the manuscript to a different journal, your time and effort will be saved. This is because our medical and scientific editors can readily reformat your manuscript to suit a specific journal’s requirements

This will enable you to focus more on research and science than on the whole mechanics of proofreading and editing.

You can allow our grammar professionals in the medical and science fields to make your academic writing as ideal as it is expected to be.

At Scientific Editing, we are highly confident in the services that we provide. Our standards of quality are unmatched.

We Check and Fix:





Word Choice

Language Flow


Overall Structure

Weak Arguments

Relevant Information

British Versus American English

About Scientific Editing

Many of the clients we attend to are:

Senior researchers

Business experts, and

Graduate students

Many of our clients do not speak English but will need to either publish or present their research writing in the English language. However, do not think that the services we render are restricted to non-English speakers alone. The fact is that many of our clients do speak English as a first language. However, they get to still benefit from the scientific editing we perform. English editing and proofreading are a part of our editing services for native and non-native English speakers.

We make use of professional editors who easily pinpoint the areas of improvement in your manuscript to give you the best service for academic writing and editing. As for your figures and tables, our editors can provide informative comments.

Furthermore, the research paper proofreaders and editors give support clearly, and they do this with sophistication and precision in English. Before the academic writings get submitted for review, we can help in formatting your manuscript to perfection.

The researchers in diverse fields of science usually report all their findings, analyses, and even deductions in the form of a scientific research paper. Publishing in various areas is not an easy feat for scientists. Publishing in a highly reputed peer-reviewed journal is vital for a researcher to be successful in his or her career.

These journals demand that a research manuscript must be submitted according to specific formatting canons. This is why we provide editing services that allow researchers to submit these manuscripts easily to journals.

Manuscript Editing Service

In almost all the science fields, we have managed to employ diverse subject matter professionals. These professionals are researchers who have published in highly reputable journals over time.

What they do here is that they will edit your manuscript with the knowledge of your specific field. At Scientific Editing, we ensure that only the editor with the understanding of your research area gets to edit your work.

As for our highly qualified scientific editors, they make sure that your academic paper is edited for transparency. And, they ensure that the proper use of English is utilized to preserve the accuracy of your work.

Proofreading Scientific Research Paper

At Scientific Editing, we offer proofreading services as well. Here, the professional, scientific editor edits and formats your academic writing. Next, a senior editor will proofread the paper to check for spelling errors

We do this because the tiniest change in spelling or the order of words can distort your meaning. More so, difficult scientific names, as well as product names in a lab, can be easily misspelled. The job of the senior editor is to make sure your manuscript is entirely error-free.

Academic writing and editing

Copy Editing Sample

Writing Your Research Paper

Take your research to the next level

Before you submit your scientific manuscripts to us for editing and formatting, there are specific tips that you can employ to write an ideal document.

Bear in mind that the abstract is the most vital part of the research paper. For this reason, you must make sure that you write a highly effective abstract as well as an impressive cover letter.

You should identify the appropriate journal for your work and arrange all your findings in the format they require. Then, work on improving the language used in your manuscript.

Furthermore, brevity is a vital part of the academic writing and editing services that we provide. Make use of short and clear sentences. Ensure that you avoid complex and long sentences. Proofreading is a must for your academic work. As it stands, getting your Scientific Manuscript to be published in an international journal is not easy at all. Rejection can occur even before your content is read by their editors. The language you employ must meet the standards the journal editors want.

Issues like this tend to present a real difficulty, especially for researchers that are non-native English speakers. However, with our help, your language will not hold you back anymore.

Rated highly for our academic writing and editing, we provide a diverse range of editorial assistance. The editors that will work on your academic work in our company are holders of Masters or PhD degrees in a scientific discipline.

What this means is that they will make use of their skills in tackling your difficult scientific material. When using our academic writing and editing, we will make sure that your writing is clear, concise, and of course, free from grammar, spelling, and language errors.

As a result of our swift, dependable, and expert scientific editing services, you are just a step closer to a successful publication.


a service for proofreading academic papers

Editing service before submitting your thesis

Editing service before submitting your manuscript

Why Should You Choose Scientific Editing

We have dedicated our time in helping a countless number of authors in publishing their work in peer-reviewed journals. The scientific editors that we employ are experienced researchers and published authors as well.

With their experience, they make sure that your manuscript is ready for publication at the time you are to submit. We also provide the sort of package wherein you can allow us to tackle the whole journal submission process.

We have services that offer you highly impressive cover letters and manuscripts that are designed to be logical and correctly formatted. With us, you can get that manuscript re-edited any time in a full year.

Our editors at Scientific Editing format your manuscript in a way that conforms to the standards prescribed by your targeted journal.

We thrive on empowering the researchers out there by unburdening them from the struggles involved in a journal submission. We help them concentrate on their writings and aid in gearing the public towards a brighter future.

All in all, we specialize in academic academic writing and editing of papers, reviews, and grant proposals. Your work will be edited by professional editors who are:

  • PhD qualified in certain topics
  • Have worked as editors at selective journals, and in some cases, as chief editors.
  • Understanding of the entire publishing process and know what the top journal editors and reviewers want in research papers. They know what can stand in the way of your success.

Some of the process we go through include:

At the preliminary stage, your writing will be submitted for English language editing. This will enable the editor in the last stage to focus steadily on your concepts and not the usage of language.

  • Developmental edit

It is the major stage of the entire scientific editing prices. It is carried out by an expert developmental editor. This developmental editor is chosen specifically for your work as a result of his or her understanding of the content in your paper. The advice and edits revolve around:

  1. How well your argument reflects your main objective or question.
  2. The structure, transparency, flow, and emphasis of your argument.
  3. The appropriate description of your rationale, methods, and how you derived your conclusions.
  4. The presentation of your context and any justifiable effect of the research.
  5. The transparency and suitability of the figures, tables, and even the supplementary data.
  6. Sections that lack details or are unnecessarily lengthy.

Also, there is the effectiveness of your cover letter and the provided supporting materials.

  • Quality assurance edit

When you arrive at the final stage, the text you submit will be comprehensively reviewed by yet another editor. It will adhere to the quality standards which have been set by the chosen journal.

This editor examines the academic writing in detail and offers extra edits as well as feedback, making the editing and advice useful to you.

  • Feedback report

As an addition to your edited files, you will get to receive a custom four to eight-page report which contains:

  1. Feedback on the vital problems identified in the course of the edit,
  2. Journal recommendations based on the scientific assessment of your paper,
  3. Insight on how journal editors, peer reviewers, and readers may view the text, and;
  4. Advice for the improvement of your writing in the future.

Once again, at Scientific Editing, we can assist you in academic writing and editing. We do this by making sure your writing is clear and free of grammar, spelling, and typographical errors.

The English language editors at our company have worked with hundreds, if not thousands of professionals in the sciences such as:

  • Doctors
  • Scientists
  • Researchers
  • Publishers
  • Journal editors

Our job is to provide the academic writing and editing that will make your knowledge shine through for all its readers.

We have professional, scientific editors in both the scientific and medical fields. We will make sure your work follows any of your desired style guides. We can also review your document against the guidelines of the journal to which you are submitting.

If English is not your native language, we are here to ensure that you sound just like a native English speaker. Furthermore, you will receive comments that point out the issues in your work plus suggestions on how to go about resolving them. There will be a detailed yet short summary of your work plus some of the main concerns with it.