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Scientific Editing provides an excellent proposal editing service that can transform your document to the highest standards.

A proposal is at its core a formal or informal document that intends to present a plan, an idea, an opportunity or the basis for researching a particular topic. It seeks to persuade the reader to accept the terms and conditions involved. Whether it’s a bargain for business or academic funding, idea implementation, project pitches or a marketing campaign, a proposal is essential to move forward.

There are many genres of proposal writing, these include:

  • Solicited proposals – these are requested proposals from a sponsor that include specific terms and conditions, special requirements and technicalities
  • Unsolicited proposals – this type of proposal is presented to a sponsor or audience that may have an interest in the topic or argument discussed
  • Preproposals – this is essentially the prelude to a full proposal that is requested by a sponsor to determine whether the applicant should move on to the next stage
  • Continuation or non-competing proposals- these are commonly presented in existing or ongoing projects to gain continued support from the sponsor according to the success and progress of the project
  • Renewal or competing proposals – these are similar to unsolicited proposals and seek to keep or convince the sponsor to continue support at the end of a project

Proposals are all commonly utilized in a variety of fields such as business, academia, project management, marketing, education and more.

For this reason, the style of writing and the language used in writing proposals must be very convincing and captivating.

In addition, each type or genre of proposals follows different writing protocols, formats and organization. They can range from being a few pages long to more in-depth and lengthy documents.

No matter the length, type or format, Scientific Editing provides an excellent proposal editing service that can transform your document to the highest standards.



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What can you expect from a proposal editing service?

  • Efficient and professional proofreading – highly qualified experts in writing and editing from different fields of study are there to examine your document and highlight vital changes to improve its quality
  • Editing of language used to elevate accuracy – suggestions can be made on how to edit your writing to elevate its impact on your intended readers
  • Expert advice from a PhD qualified team with accredited academic backgrounds – from education to business to sciences there is an expert waiting to assist you
  • Affordability – whatever your budget may be, Scientific Editing has a reasonable package to suit your needs
  • Security and confidentiality – your material is safeguarded and stringent confidentiality codes are enforced

What makes a good proposal and how can a proposal editing service help achieve this?

In order to create a good proposal, you must consider the following:

  • Persuasive language: your arguments must make your audience feel confident that you can achieve your solution to their problems or be convinced that your idea is worth pursuing or funding
  • Clear definition of problem, argument, and solution: you must have a very accurate and concise plan laid out so that there is no confusion about what you intend to achieve with your proposal and its main directives and functions
  • Credible information and evidence supporting your request or offer – you should have exterior sources to back up your arguments, sources that are well known, accredited or reputable, accurate and proven successful. This helps you to convince your sponsor or audience that you’ve done your research and used it to create a viable model for success.
  • Straightforward sentences that are to the point and leave no room for doubt as well as an active voice: It’s important to use an active voice when writing proposals so that your points are well received and understandable
  • Concise outline of intended outcomes and benefits involved: you must have a well-planned strategy with more pros than cons to your ideas to secure the interest and approval of your receiving audience

Many individuals often have trouble with getting all of these aspects right and it’s quite normal to want a second opinion from a more experienced professional. Scientific Editing has in house scholars in all fields and areas of academics, business and writing who are very experienced and accomplished in writing winning proposals.


A proposal editing service can help you produce a competitive proposal with the following:

  • Thorough and expertly conducted proofreading to look for grammatical errors, spelling and punctuation mistakes, bad use of jargon, exaggerated language and improper usage of vocabulary, syntax and semantics.
  • Experienced editors who will guide you on your format and help you shape your arguments with simple, straightforward methods to get your ideas across
  • The expert can help you to define your points in a professional manner adhering to specific or required standards according to the industry or project background
  • Ensuring that the usage of active voice is maintained throughout the whole document
  • Proper organization and presentation of supportive facts, figures and examples to add credibility to your claims
  • Quality editing of fonts and styles to give your proposal a polished and professional look
  • All changes and corrections will be highlighted to you and any major editing tasks will also have to be approved by you. It is a customizable service with personalized guidance to your specific goals and intentions for your document.

Proposal editing services are frequently utilized by many successful professionals in business, science, academics and more. It is completely legal and acceptable.

How do you get started?

  • Contact an expert to get the process going and create a plan of action that suits you best.
  • Find out about the security protocols to have a peace of mind that your documents will be in safe hands
  • Discuss what you seek to achieve with the budget you are working with and choose an editing package that you can feel content with
  • Send your documents for the experts to examine
  • Use your free time to prepare for your presentation

Choosing to access a proposal editing service from Scientific Editing is recommended especially if you are pitching a proposal for the first time and the experts are happy to help you achieve your writing goals.

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