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For anyone engaged in the art of novel writing, one thing that we know you can struggle with is the editing. When you have taken the time to write a quality novel, the last thing that you want to do is comb through every page. You know the ideas, the story, the theme, and the general mood of the novel. But do you have time to go through every page and ensure that it all clicks? That’s why you need a Novel Editor.
And at Scientific Editing, we can be your editor for your novel. You simply let us see the book in the condition it’s in at present, and we can evaluate it for you in full. Having a second pair of eyes look through your story can be so useful. You know how everything plays out and can perhaps make logical jumps and plot links that your average reader would lack the lore and character knowledge to achieve. So, why not make sure that this troublesome problem is spotted before your book goes anywhere near a printing press?

There are many reasons to call us and to ask us for help at Scientific Editing, among them novel editing. When you want a novel editor with a critical eye and an idea of what works in modern novel writing for each genre, reach out to us today.
Our novel editors can show you the true potential of your novel, and what has to change to help it achieve its potential.

Make the most of your novel with a great novel editing service

Writing a novel often means coming up with your own unique story and tale to tell. This means putting in a massive amount of time and effort to build the world, fill out the characters, and detail the plot. The only problem is that, as the writer, you might find it hard to separate yourself from the written word to what is working around in your mind. So, let us help you make that distinction.

With our novel editing service, you can easily and effectively tap into all of the best ideas involving your novel. This will help you to notice where there is bias on the part of the writer, and where an idea might need more clarity. So, what can we do for you?

As your novel editor, we won’t hold back and will offer 100% clear and consistent feedback on every page.

Basically, by using our novel editing service, you have a novel editor who can look through each page of your novel and spot the problems that might be lurking within.

We can spot problems with syntax, with over-use of the same phrases, and with improving language choice.

We can spot flaws with the writing, too, such as errors in writing conversation to helping you further explore and expand on key ideas.

We’ll look for issues with the flow, too. If your novel is too detailed on some sections and too bare in others, our novel editing service will spot that.

At Scientific Editing, you can use our eagle-eyed approach to writing to make the most of your content.


Make your books ideas jump out the page

We’ll break down where we feel the plot works, and where we feel it falls flat. We can show you where more is needed, and where you could easily get by with less.

In short, we’ll show you where your novel has great ideas and where it needs further work. We aren’t here just to edit the language and to catch mistakes, but to give your novel a better chance of selling well. Our team are passionate readers as well as professional editors, so when using our novel editing service, our editors will treat your book at the standard you would expect. We want to read quality content, so our team will go through every process we can to turn your work into the very same.

It’s for this attention to detail and this desire to edit that makes our novel editing service the perfect choice for whatever kind of project you are working on today. Whatever challenges are blighting your book from going to release, let us help you find issues. From spelling to syntax, volume of language to vocabulary, we’ll find the best way to make your book sell itself.

Prime your book for the ideal audience with a Scientific Editing novel editor

By hiring a novel editor from our team, you’ll be working with a professional who knows all about making your book audience-specific. The main problem that you can find with self-managed novel editing is making sure your target audience is in mind. Writing a book for everyone is not a good idea; with our novel editing service, we can make sure that your book is written to appeal to someone specific instead.

From a young teenager to a growing professional, we’ll find out who is likely to enjoy your novel most. We’ll evaluate the themes of the book and try to work out who would be the perfect audience for such a piece of writing. In short, we make sure that you are getting maximum value for your time, money, and effort. That’s why today so many people rely upon our team at Scientific Editing for novel editing.

They want us to help them make their book sing to the right kind of people. And that is exactly what our novel editing service does – comprehensive editing of all of your book to ensure it’s target audience will love the end result. If you want to make sure you are left with a book that can inspire its audience and give them total understanding of the topic at hand, then it’s time to come and speak with us.

At Scientific Editing, we make sure you can get the novel editor that you need to see genuine progress. If your book isn’t in the condition you wanted it to be by now, then we can make that problem go away. Contact us today to discuss hiring a novel editor who is ideal for the kind of book you have written.

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