Editing Manuscripts for American Journals


There are many reasons why you may want to get your manuscript published in an English journal. The United States is the leader in many industries, and the research sector reflects that. Some of the most prestigious journals in the world come from American publishers, such as the New England Journal of Medicine or Science Magazine.

Some of these journals also attract the broadest readership audience, and it’s the best way to get your work out there and into the hands of many other professionals in your field. Being accepted for publication can have a great impact in your career and your work, which can mean better resources and funding in the long run.

However, American journals usually follow a different style, and if you are a foreigner, this style can be particularly difficult to maintain. If you learned English as a foreign language, you may have learned the British Standard. This is why you may need a special service for editing manuscripts for American journals.

American Standard English varies from British Standard English in many different ways, like some parts of grammar. For example, in British English you can say ‘hospital’ but in American English you need to say ‘the hospital’. Most importantly, the spelling can be quite different. Hundreds of words are spelt differently, such as ‘color’ and ‘colour’, and even more words have different meanings, such as ‘petrol’ or ‘gasoline’.

Although these differences may seem trivial or minor, they can build up in an unedited manuscript and be a deterrent to American journals. If you are not completely certain your manuscript is written in American Standard English, a professional service for editing manuscripts for American journals is your best shot.


Proofreading and Editing Manuscripts for American Journals

Copy Editing Sample


Editing manuscripts for American journals

Copy Editing Sample

Common Mistakes Found in Manuscripts

Scientific manuscripts vary from field to field. However, there are some common mistakes found among all of them despite their differences. In our experience, the abstract is often the most difficult part of a manuscript to write, and this is where the most glaring mistakes can be found.

Many famous American journals are very content heavy, despite being selective and exclusively featuring the best of the best, American journals can still be quite dense. If you want your work to stand out, you will need an abstract that is both concise and representative of your manuscript’s content. You will also need a service for editing manuscripts for American journals if you want to grab the attention of those skimming through the journal.

You need to ensure your research aim and hypothesis are not vague or hidden. Making sure your work is clear is the first step into making sure others in your field do not feel distanced by you. On the contrary, you want to eventually encourage the general public to consider your findings if it could be applicable to their life. Being a primary source of information can be important and help ward off middlemen and misinterpretations for your work.

Why You Should Have Your Manuscript Edited

After spending such a long time studying your field, gathering relevant data, and analyzing your results, you want to ensure your work is accessible to the global scientific community. Sometimes the best way to do this is by submitting your work to an American journal, and to do this with some expectation of success you should have your manuscript edited by editors that offer specialized services for American journals.

Beyond the particular specifications of American manuscript editing, most researchers will encounter difficulty when trying to have their own work edited. You may be too close to your work to edit it appropriately because you have become accustomed to its flaws. A fresh set of eyes can add a new perspective and some much-needed feedback.

If your institution does not have the right resources to help you with editing manuscripts for American journals, especially if the institution is not English, you may not know where to turn. We can provide some much needed feedback in these cases, because you may not even have peers who can provide a similar service in English.

You have nothing to lose by getting a little extra feedback, so contact us today.

Feedback for Submitting manuscripts to American journals

How Scientific Editing Will Improve Your Manuscript

We will help you improve every aspect of your manuscript. As mentioned, American journals may have specifications you are not familiar with, and we can help format your manuscript to fit them. You can focus on the content and delivery of your manuscript without worrying about the relatively minor, but not unimportant, details concerning formatting.

However, we will also ensure you are putting out the best content possible, so your manuscript has the best chances of getting published. This will entail revising your grammar, word choice, spelling, and syntax where possible.

This can be especially helpful for researchers who speak English as a second language, since they have less access to editing services or peers who can help them with editing. Our fresh take can allow you to think of your research more critically and help round off your analysis.

When editing manuscripts for American journals, it is important to know that we will review your research and data and see how your analysis works with the information you prove. This will help you fill any gaps you may have in your analysis and make sure you are putting out your best work.

Many researchers have seen success with our methods and if there is a particular aspect of your manuscript you would like us to pay special attention to, let us know and we will be sure to check it out.

Citations and Format

It is important to reiterate just how much the formatting of your manuscript can impact your chances of getting published. It is even more important to communicate the selectivity of American journals concerning their formatting requirements.

When editing manuscripts for American journals, it is important to know that many of the most prestigious journals in the United States receive a lot of submissions every year, and from those submissions only a selected few are actually published.

This high level of selectivity means that submissions that are missing minor requirements are often overlooked, or flat out rejected, because the journal can afford to miss a few manuscripts if they have such a large pool of submissions to choose from.

It goes without saying that if minor requirements can have such a great impact, major requirements such as formatting or proper English, are given a lot of weight.

Citation is a major part of formatting. Citations are both listed in the references as well as embedded in the text in many journals. These are the most important parts of your manuscript because they add credibility to your research and analysis. But even more importantly, if your manuscript contains incorrect citations, you can be suspected for plagiarism.

This is a detrimental label to be attached to for a researcher, but it can be quite easy since citations can vary between journals. However, our editors will ensure all of your formatting needs are met, and help safeguard against such accidents.

Editing papers for American Journals

Our Editors

While you may desire to have your manuscript edited, you also want to ensure the editors you entrust your manuscript to are qualified. Some editing services simply assign you to an editor with qualifications regarding English.

While this is great in its own right, some scientific fields may not lend themselves to outsiders, and editors may be lost on the types of analysis and information they are dealing with. Ideally, you would like someone who is well acquainted with your field of research and can comfortably review your paper.

With our editing services you can rest assured that all the editors tasked with working on your manuscript are highly qualified and experienced in editing. Even more importantly, when you task us with working on your manuscript, we will assign one of our editors who has graduated with a degree related to your field of research.

This ensures that your editor is already familiar with basic information and journals in your particular field, they can help you navigate what is expected of you and how particular things may be communicated in English in the particular field.

This brings us to another one of our unique and invaluable services, our editor will also give you feedback on the manuscript itself and let you know if your conclusions are sound.

Critical Feedback

Our critical feedback is a great resource that all our customers benefit from. Our highly specialized and educated editors already have a grasp on the scientific field your manuscript. With this information they will critically assess the analysis and data you present and let you know if they find any weak points or miscommunications in the text.

This is especially beneficial if your native language is not English. An editor who is not well versed in the topic can easily be confused by the nuances of the field mixed in with English mistakes. Our editors can follow your meaning and the intention of your words and let you know if your point is being adequately communicated, particularly in American English.

No matter what the topic of your manuscript is, we have an editor who can match you perfectly. Our editors range from Environmental Sciences, Biology, Physics, Math, and many other sub-fields in between. They are the best for editing manuscripts for American journals.

Are you skeptical or do you just want to verify who will be working on your manuscript? Don’t be afraid to reach out to us because we want to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Plagiarism check for American journals


Your manuscript entails many long and hard hours of study, research, data collection, as well as many other struggles. You may be concerned that your data could be leaked before you have had the opportunity to claim it as your own. This is why we want to assure you that your manuscript is being kept with the utmost safety precautions in mind.

Our website is safe and secure, and we use all the appropriate encryption methods where necessary. Do you have questions about the safety measures we have in place to ensure your privacy and security? Just ask us and we will do our best to assuage your concerns. You may also read our confidentiality statement.

Custom Requests

We understand that not all manuscripts are the same. Sometimes your word count may be quite small, or particularly large and this is why we have different price ranges to suit you and your needs. We also have special rush orders available if you are trying to meet a deadline because we recognize you may need some last-minute assistance.

If there are any other special circumstances surrounding your manuscript, we will be happy to accommodate you. Whether you would like us to critique a particular part of your manuscript, or if you would only like us to edit particular parts of your manuscript, whatever the case may be, just let us know. Contact us and we will try our best to fit you into a custom service.

Editing Manuscripts for American Journals
Editing Manuscripts for American Journals - Fast & Affordable 1 | Scientific Editing

D. Van Syl

I was running into a deadline to get my paper published and wrap up my PhD. I did not know where to submit my manuscript to get it published in a descent journal. Scientific Editing helped me all the way.

Editing Manuscripts for American Journals - Fast & Affordable 2 | Scientific Editing

N. Hajjar

Scientific Editing allocated an editor to help me with formatting my paper and to submit it. The communication was very informative and clear. I was impressed that the submission process was completed on the same day. I got my paper accepted by a prestigious American Journal.

Editing Manuscripts for American Journals - Fast & Affordable 3 | Scientific Editing

W. Shin

I have used the manuscript editing service of Scientific Editing twice and both the edited papers were accepted by two American journals. I will use your editing service again and will recommend my colleagues to use Scientific Editing services for manuscript editing and submission.

Editing Manuscripts for American Journals
Testimonial by Chad

Editing Manuscripts for American Journals
Testimonial by Chris

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