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Scientific Editing is a group devoted to ensuring that your research gets not just to, but over the finish line of publication. Saying that they work hard at editing biology articles and other similar papers is nothing short of an understatement of their intentions and abilities.

A better description of Scientific Editing will expose their duties as ‘guides through the gates of journal publication.
Scientific Editing is positively unique in the editorial landscape due to their unique methodology, an approach that is defined by their mission and vision to create a place where article writers can go to not just correct errors or reformat their articles.
Instead, the wish of every editor is to apply his/her accumulated knowledge and experience and erudition that is spread across more than 20 completely different disciplines to improve the articles they encounter.
The editors are determined to aid every researcher that reaches out to Scientific Editing from students looking for experts in editing biology articles for assignments, to biology scholars looking to prepare their reports for publication without stress. How they accomplish this is a combination of the following services that Scientific Editing offers.

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For editing biology articles, our editors are not just reliable ‘smart people.’ They are a community of accomplished scholars honored with MScs and Ph.D.s. Their knowledge is partially based on the aptitudes that allow you to rely on them for editing biology articles towards not just perfection, but acceptance.

The other part is why Scientific Editing is a better haven than your colleagues for editing biology articles is that they are certified editors. This means they do not just have high documented statuses, but that they are also able to prove their status anytime with their editorial prowess.

The Editors in Life Science (ELS) badge is a distinguished proof of editorial ability awarded to qualified academicians who can successfully navigate through the accreditation examinations that are held every three years across North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe.
The Board of Editors in Life Science (BELS) offers the ESL badge, and many editors at Scientific Editing hold that honor. Add that to the wealth of experience you get access to when you enlist the help of Scientific Editing for editing biology articles.

Scientific Editing Traverses Diverse Fields of Research

A common mistake scholars make is giving their work to editorial services that are primarily interested in getting the grammatical errors corrected. Unfortunately, these people could end up diluting the quality of the work or causing professional blunders.

Fortuitously, the lineup of academic veterans that make up the team members at Scientific Editing is a  picture of diversity as far as disciplines are concerned. Most are well-equipped for editing biology articles, and others are involved in physical quantities and qualities. In actuality, this is where the quality of qualifications of the team members at Scientific Editing shines through.

Rather than editing biology articles without reviewing the content, our experts will thoroughly vet your research to ensure that your premises, methods, and conclusions leave no holes. Instead, you will find your work having more color after our experts have touched it.

The Scientific Editing process

After editing articles and submissions of students from a vast range of universities, a list that includes Harvard University, McGill University, University of Toronto, Cornell University and other universities of similar stature, we have developed a reliable system to ensure that you get the best results possible, regardless of the academic structure of your institution.


Problems like leaked investigations or stolen research are rife in the academic world. Because of this, Scientific Editing has necessitated the ‘Confidentiality Agreement’ to take on the responsibility of protecting your data when editing biology articles

Consequently, the Scientific Editing website is a fortress secured with the best encryption and under the care of an exceptional team of Information Technology experts dedicated to provide the safest platform for keeping your data safe when editing biology articles.

Standardized Formatting

Different journals have different formatting standards and they are all meticulous about these criteria. Scientific Editing offers advice on any part of your formatting that doesn’t meet the set standards in that discipline. When editing biology articles, the editors will point out key areas you can improve on in your citations and format to improve the chances of getting your written article into a publication.


Any researcher worth his pen will agree that research articles are not usually stress-free productions. More time is spent on attacking challenges than on celebrating successes. However, some mountains are impossible alone, and having an extra brain on the project will assure you better speed and precision in your research.
Sometimes, students feel forced to ‘understand’ the expectations of the supervisor. With a member of the editing team of Scientific Editing within your reach, you can get a clearer perspective of the project at hand by directly reaching out for help.
Our editors are equipped with the wealth of experience, depth of mental workforce, and qualification that will prove an invaluable asset to the research of any magnitude.

Custom Requests

Just as we are all in different phases of our lives, Scientific Editing understands that people can find themselves in demanding situations and in need of emergency aid.
Therefore, Scientific Editing has created space for ‘rush hour’ orders. Our editors are always ready to help and will try their best to ensure that you can have peace of mind.
Similarly, there can be severe problems that do not fit any of the usual editorial services. Scientific Editing insists that there is no point in carrying the burden alone. Instead, reach out to Scientific Editing, where we have a solution to your problem.

Plagiarism and Citations

Plagiarism is a serious crime. There is no other way to put it. However, we are also aware that the cross-referencing platforms available now are too strict in picking out what could even be the oddest case of coincidences.

There have been many reported cases of biology articles earning rebuttals due to the almost inescapable frequency of elements like nomenclature. Scientific Editing offers its services for editing biology articles to correct all that injustice.

When Scientific Editing gets a contract to work on editing biology articles, they go the extra mile in ensuring that your research is plagiarism-proof. The same can be said about every other niche and area of study. We take the extra effort to ensure that ‘no work goes through the hands of the professionals at Scientific Editing and still has specks of plagiarism.’

Additionally, when citations fall below the expectations of some journals, the submitting researcher can be suspected of plagiarism. In some cases, these allegations can get such people blacklisted by the authorities. Thus, Scientific Editing can play an active role in ensuring that your citations are consistent enough to avoid any mistaken suspicions of plagiarism.

Strive for Perfection

Mistakes account for a large percentage of rejected research articles, and unlike faulty content, it can happen to anybody. If your grammar happens to be perfect, you can still have errors in punctuation that could present traps you might not be so lucky to see.

Unfortunately, once a mistake is made, identifying it might prove a bit too much for the writer, as the cognitive processors that control the perception of such errors might have dulled their alarm bells after staring at them for so long.
That is why it is essential to give the article to others for approval and editing before turning it in for submission, regardless of your status as a native speaker or otherwise. Fortunately, Scientific Editing editors are ready critics, who will work tirelessly to fix these errors.
Also, if the majority of the journal publishers are English-based, this naturally puts researchers who are not English Language writers at a terrible disadvantage.

Especially since the composition of the article is expected to be nigh-perfect before it can get a nod from the journal. Not reaching out to editors for editing biology articles is a dangerous move. Reaching out to a terrible editor is even worse.
Your work deserves to be treated as it is: a valuable addition to your body of knowledge. Nothing underlines that fact than getting your articles edited by Scientific Editing.


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Copy Editing Sample

The Scientific Editing process

After editing biology articles and submissions of students from a vast range of universities, a list that includes Harvard University, McGill University, University of Toronto, Cornell University and other universities of similar stature, we have developed a reliable system to ensure that you get the best results possible, regardless of the academic structure of your institution.
If you contact Scientific Editing to oversee your project, we make it a point to make your article go through these three processes:

Project Processing

First, you submit your scientific manuscript for editing. During this time, your work is run through our database to select the most qualified editor in your field to take care of editing your scientific research personally. This step is vital in getting the best out of your work, as only someone from a similar field should be allowed to proofread or edit your article.

Thorough Review

The expert attached to your submission will carry out an in-depth analysis of your article, noting the strong points that make the article and discovering suggestions that will strengthen those points into foundations, while highlighting the weaker arguments that impede the quality of the work. These more vulnerable points will be evaluated and repaired accordingly.

English and Format Editing

We can then review any inconsistencies in your grammar, punctuation, citations, and style. Your article getting through to publication depends on how intentional your presentation is. No effort will be spared in making sure that you have a correctly represented chronicle of your ideas and research.


A service for editing the grammar of your essay or paper

A service for proofreading PhD program dissertations

A service for editing papers that have not been accepted


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Anyone That Contacts Scientific Editing, Makes a Friend

Working with other people on academic projects can be quite daunting unless they are editors of Scientific Editing.

At Scientific Editing, editing biology articles or proofreading physics experiment reports to perfection is not the only goal. More than that, enlisting an expert from Scientific Editing is sure to be a positively memorable experience and an event that will rekindle your passion for research.
Don’t spend sleepless nights and stressful days reviewing older articles. You have already written down your findings, and all that is left is to claim the reward for your relentless hard work. Cover all your bases and ensure that you give the fruits of your hard labor every chance of happening when using our services for editing biology articles.

What better way of improving the probability of your manuscript achieving publication status than enlisting the help of Scientific Editing for editing biology articles?
As a trusted brand that offers fast, affordable, and professional article editing services, Scientific Editing is made up of practicing chief scientists and department heads, as well as professional writers and editors who have been involved with editorial boards of high-ranking journals.

We are always willing to assist you in perfecting the correctness of English grammar used, formatting your citations and article structure, all the while adding their top advice to the value of your work.

There is a long list of journals for your article. We can help you find the best fit!

Submitting your paper can be stressful. We can handle the submission!