Format of a Scientific Research Paper

There are customs and formats, with regard to scientific papers, that are not taught in typical English classes and may not be used in other languages.

What’s more, many of the largest and most recognized scientific publishers work almost exclusively in English. If you want your work to reach a global audience, the only feasible way is to publish it in English. This becomes even more apparent where smaller countries and lesser known languages are concerned.

In many countries, scientific publications in English outnumber publications in the national language, often by a large margin. For example, in the Netherlands the ratio is 40:1.

Many researchers, including native speakers of English, simply seek an outsider to bring in a new perspective. If you look at the same grammar error for long enough, it is easy to convince yourself it is correct, and the same can be said about poor connections in an analysis.

We strive to produce a holistic revision that can point out and correct your shortcomings in English as well as enhance your overall research paper content.

Formatting your research paper

When you are a researcher, one of the most important things you can do is to publish your work. This is a huge step in any research process and is ultimately the driving force behind the continued funding and support to that particular study.

Without proper format of a scientific research paper, the mark of your progress can be much delayed. This can be especially difficult for researchers who do not speak English as a native language, and those who are not yet completely fluent in English. There are customs and formats, with regard to scientific papers, that are not taught in typical English classes and may not be used in other languages.

Formatting science research papers

Common Mistakes Found in the Format of a Scientific Research Paper

There are nuances in every field and some publications simply follow different rules. However, some mistakes are so common that they appear in many of the research papers we review.

In our experience, the abstract is often difficult to write for researchers as boiling down their research and data to a simple paragraph can feel very restricting. This is where many make the most mistakes, some of which can cost them a lot in the long run.

Many of the most prestigious journals are very content heavy, they are often quite thick, and reading through its entirety can be long and arduous, which is why many don’t attempt it. Thorough format of a scientific research paper is essential for those journals.

If you want your work to stand out, you will need an abstract that can present the research that distinguishes your research paper in such a way as to grab the attention of someone who is moving from paper to paper and skimming through the journal.

Another major mistake is being too vague in your assertions or using indirect language; the aim of your research and your hypothesis must not be hidden.

You need to make sure your work is clear is the first step in making sure others in your field know your position. This may also encourage the general public to consider your findings if it could be applicable to day to day life. If you can be accepted as a primary source of information by being clear and not unnecessarily complex, this will ward off middlemen and misinterpretations for your work.

It is important to ensure that you are not writing the research paper from a generic point of view, without consideration for proper format of a scientific research paper, your paper would eventually be published. This is an important point since it forces you to reformat again and again, which can make you lose information after each format.

It is best practice to go into a research paper with a particular journal in mind that would best fit your content.

Scientific Editing helps researchers write their paper in the right format.

Paper reformatting

Why You Should Have Your Paper Edited

Research papers are more than culmination of years of hard work and dedication. After spending such a long time, you want to ensure your work is accessible to the wider global scientific community.

Sometimes the best way to do this is by submitting your work to a journal. In order to do this properly and with some expectation of success, you should have your research paper edited by editors that offer specialized services according to your field, and the format journal you are submitting to.

Most researchers will encounter difficulty when trying to edit their own work. You may be too close to your work to edit it appropriately because you have become accustomed to its flaws, a fresh set of eyes can add a new perspective and some much-needed feedback.

If your institution does not have the right resources to support you, you may need additional help. This can be due to the institution not being based on English, or perhaps your institution is quite small and there are not many other in your field. We can provide professional feedback in these cases.

You have nothing to lose by getting a little extra feedback, so contact us today for a quote.

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How We Will Improve Format of a Scientific Research Paper

We will work on your research paper and help you improve every aspect of it. Many journals may have specific formats you are not familiar with, let us help you with that. You can then focus on the content and delivery of your paper. You will be free from the worrying and discomfort you may have for relatively minor, but not unimportant, details concerning formatting.

At Scientific Editing, we will also ensure you are putting out the best content possible; this will entail revising your grammar, word choice, spelling, and syntax where possible. This can be especially helpful for ESL researchers, since they likely have less access to editing services, or simply just peers who can help them with editing. Our new perspective can allow you to think of your research more critically and to fill holes in your logical analysis.

We will review your research and data and see how your analysis was worked out from the information you provide. Many researchers have seen success with our methods.

Citations and Format

It is important to reiterate just how much the formatting of your research paper can impact your chances of getting published. Even more than that, the selectivity of journals concerning their formatting requirements can be quite stringent.

Many of the most prestigious English journals receive a lot of submissions each year, and from those submissions only a selected few are actually published. This high volume of submissions allows a level of selectivity you may not be accustomed with and your research paper can be overlooked, or flat out rejected.

The journal can afford to miss a few research papers if they have such a large pool of submissions to choose from. It goes without saying that if minor requirements can have such a great impact, major requirements such as formatting or proper English, are given a lot of weight.

  Citation is a major part of formatting. Citations are both listed in the references as well as embedded in the text in many journals. These are perhaps the most important parts of your research paper because they add credibility to your research and analysis.

It should be noted that if your research paper contains incorrect citations, you can be suspected for plagiarism, some might assume you were trying to portray the information as your own. No researcher wants a situation like this, but it can be quite easy since citation formats can vary between journals. Our editors will ensure all of your formatting needs are met, and help safeguard against such accidents.

Our Editors

If you are looking for editors, you know there are certain crucial things you want in an editor. You want to ensure the editors you entrust your paper to are qualified, honest, and reliable.

Some editing services simply utilize editors with English qualifications. While this is great in its own field and many other Arts related fields, some scientific fields may not easily lend themselves to outsiders as they may be lost on the types of analysis and information you are dealing with. Ideally, someone who is well acquainted with your field of research and can comfortably review your paper will be the one advising you on it.

Our editing services guarantee that all the editors are highly qualified and experienced in editing. When you task us with working on your paper, we will assign one of our editors who is graduated with a degree related to your field of research. This brings us to another one of our unique services. Our editors will also give you feedback on the paper itself, its format, its scientific value and let you know if your conclusions are not concrete.

Formatting scientific research paper

Critical Feedback

Our critical feedback allows our clients to get the perspective of other professionals in their field. Our highly specialized and educated editors already have a grasp on the scientific data your paper relates to, and with this information they will critically assess the analysis and data you present.

No matter what the your paper is about, we have an editor for you. Our editors range from Environmental Sciences, Biology, Physics, Math, and many other sub-fields in between. Are you skeptical or do you just want to verify who will be working on your paper? Don’t be afraid to reach out to us. We want to make you feel as comfortable as possible so if there are any questions you have concerning out credentials, don’t hesitate to ask.

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Plagiarism Precautions

Your manuscript entails many long and hard hours of study, research, data collection, as well as many other struggles. You may be concerned that your data could be leaked before you have had the opportunity to claim it as your own. This is why we want to assure you that your manuscript is being kept with the utmost safety precautions in mind (Please read our confidentiality statement).

Regardless of your field or the length and state of your manuscript, we take precautions with all our clients’ confidential documents. The people working on your manuscript will be held under accountability to ensure they treat your work respectably and we personally take responsibility for your manuscript while it is in our care.

Our website is safe and secure, we use all the appropriate encryption methods where necessary and take no risks. If you have questions about our safety measures, feel free to contact us and we will provide you with additional information. We will do our best to assuage your concerns.

Custom Requests

There are special circumstances in all cases. Sometimes you may not need a lot of editing because your content is quite short, or you only want us to edit particular passages, so we have different price ranges to suit you and your needs.

We also have special rush orders available if you are working against a deadline because we recognize you can occasionally need some last-minute assistance; however, the amount of time we can shave off will depend on your word count.

If there are any other custom requests, we will be happy to accommodate you, whatever the case may be. Contact us and we will try our best to fit you into a custom service.

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What our clients say

Format of a scientific research paper 1 | Scientific Editing

D. Flores

Scientific Editing revised one of my papers. They did a rigorous and job. I submitted my paper to a reputed journal of my field and it was accepted! I appreciate the editorial team of Scientific Editing. I am very happy with their editing services.

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A. Tsinoy

Scientific Editing gives a peace of mind to non-native speakers of English when it comes to submitting a paper to a journal. I am very pleased with the editing quality. The editor was well-versed in my field and applied necessary changes without influencing my original ideas.

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E. Filion

My paper was rejected 3 times before I came to Scientific Editing. An editor from Scientific Editing helped me rewrite my research paper. I saved a lot of time and effort by seeking help from Scientific Editing.

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L. Karger

The editing service provided by Scientific Editing is great. I will certainly use the company’s editing services for my future papers and I recommend it to other authors.