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Getting your articles published in reputable journals allows authors to get the recognition for their remarkable works, and it can also be used as criteria for career advancement. This is why authors must make sure their articles are adequately written to get the publication they need and desire.

Articles written with poor quality English or formatted incorrectly are one of the reasons why journal articles submitted to academic journals are sometimes rejected (see here). This is why it is crucial to make sure that your journal articles are well polished before it is submitted. To get a well-polished article, it needs the touch of an expert. That is the reason why you would need a professional journal editing service.

Having to write an article is stress enough to compound it by having to proofread and edit your article by yourself. This is where journal article editing services come to play. After successfully writing the article you desire to be published in a journal, you would need to hire an editing service to help with proofreading and editing of the article to help ensure the article is good enough to be published in a journal.

Among the numerous journal article editing services out there, Scientific Editing stands out because of their dedication and quality. We know how important it is to have a comprehensive article to stand a chance in consideration of articles to be published.

To get selected for publishing, a journal article must be able to meet the requirement of the journal and as well as be able to stand up to the scrutiny of the journal’s peer reviewer. This can only be achieved if the journal article is edited by the best journal article editors in this business.

Therefore, it is for this reason that Scientific Editing made it a point of duty to employ not only qualified editors but also editors that are well experience when it comes to editing journal articles. This is so to ensure that the editors are familiar with the different requirements of different journals and be able to conform our client’s articles to the requirements of various journals to improve their chances of getting selected for publishing.

Journal Article Editing Services

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Journal Article Editing Services

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Editing has been said to be a vital part of writing. This is because it helps to make the writing style more effective, and the article a little more concise and clearer as conciseness and clarity are some of the significant qualities of a journal article. It is, therefore, this reason professional journal article editing services are required when writing a journal article.

Our journal article editing services are designed to help authors by making sure that their journal articles undergo the peer editing process without a hitch and gets published successfully. This feat is achieved with the aid of professional editors in that particular field of study. They have the capabilities to resolve any challenges encountered on the road to publishing.

Our journal article editing services are designed to ensure that journal articles meet journal publication standards, has no mistakes, confusing sentence or unclear arguments. We also ensure that they follow all academic conventions and referencing guidelines.

Scientific Editing offers journal article editing services for all types of academic papers, including the following:

Research articles

Review articles

Original articles

Case reports

Conference papers


Conference papers

Who Needs Journal Article Editing Services?

So, who are those that need journal article editing services?

  1. Targeting high ranking journals
  2. Targeting journals that have high standards of research publication
  3. Searching for content-focused feedback
  4. In need of making multiple revisions to their paper before submission
  5. In need of submitting a premier quality paper for publication
  6. Not great with writing standard articles
  7. Experience with getting their articles published

Journal Article Editing Service Point of Focus

Scientific Editing focuses on the following when editing a journal article:

  • Identification and correction of grammar, spelling, syntax, and punctuation.
  • Correct word usage, flow, and sentence structure
  • Expression clarity and phrases improvement
  • Terminology consistency, a variant of English consistency, and style
  • Proper citation and referencing format
  • Reformatting according to the journal’s guidelines
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Key Features That Makes Science Editing the Best Journal Article Editing Service

  • We have one of the strongest editing team in the business.
  • Our editors are from a diverse range of academic backgrounds, the likes of science, biology, medicine, economics, law, psychology, business, social sciences, and the humanities, etc.
  • Editors at Scientific Editing hold high-level academic qualifications from reputable universities.
  • Our team consists of editors with experience in editing journal articles
  • We deliver high-quality journal article editing services with efficiency and flexibility
  • Our editors are dedicated and embrace their role in assisting academics in getting their articles published.
  • Confidentiality is a requirement for academics working on new research and innovative ideas. At Scientific Editing, we take client confidentiality very seriously.
  • Our team also contains certified editors with a minimum of a master’s degree in different fields of study.
  • Our editors are skillful and confident when delivering journal article editing services.
  • We understand academics have a tight schedule when it comes to submit and publish their articles, so we operate with return date flexibility. That is, we accommodate short and long turnaround according to the demands of our clients.

Steps in Editing Journal Articles

Scientific Editing takes the service of journal article editing seriously, which is why there is a process for the service rendered. The steps are as follows

Assigning your article to the right editor

This is done to ensure that the editor with the right expertise in the field of the article is assigned to the article. This allows the editing service we render to be relatively flawless.

Formatting and editing the paper

At this stage, the assigned editor checks the document for all kinds of errors, including grammatical and technical errors. The editor also makes sure the formatting style used for the article is in line with the guidelines of the journal. The article is checked from both the journal and the readers’ points of view.

Reviewing the paper

After the editor finishes with the editing and formatting, the edited article is then assigned to a senior editor to review and ensure that the article is truly error-free and ready for submission.

Re-editing the paper

In case the senior editor discovers an error or not satisfied with the editing, the article is then re-edited to achieve perfection.


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Reasons You Should Hire Scientific Editing For Journal Article Editing Services

English is not your first language

Some researchers or authors of journal articles are not native English speakers, but they require their articles to be published in English journals. Scientific Editing has native English speakers that will help refine the use of words in the article to make it ready for submission.

Rapid response time

You can decide to edit your journal article yourself, but this might take a long time because, as an academic, you would most likely have other things to do. By taking advantage of our journal article editing services, you will get your article edited as fast as you need it.

Experience editors

Scientific Editing has experienced editors that use their experiences in editing journal articles to help polish your article so that it is well polished for submission. Having an experienced editor work on your journal article will increase the chances of having your article published by the journal of your choice.


Having your journal article edited by an editing service will ensure your article is well polished. They will also ensure that the article can scale through the scrutiny of journal publication.

Error free

Science Editing has qualified and certified editors that will help to make sure your journal article is free from all forms of errors before submission.

Facts verification

Our editing services come with facts verification. Our editors will verify facts and sources in the article to ensure all-round truths in the article.

You would get a break

After coming up with a great idea for a journal article and writing the article, you deserve a break from the stress that comes with it. Our editing service offers you that break by helping with the editing phase of the article writing.

Journal requirements

Having editors that are experienced in getting articles published in various reputable journals, when using our journal article editing services, we make sure sure your article meets the requirements of your preferred journal.

Referencing format

Our journal article editing services include making sure your citation and referencing format are consistent and are in the right format for the journal you are submitting to.

Advantages of Using Scientific Editing Services

Using our editing services to edit your journal article comes with quite a few benefits.

Using our services more often than not will help authors improve their writing skills for journal articles because our editors carry authors along during the editing stage. Authors can take note of the changes and know the mistakes not to make when writing their next article. We implement various strategies to make our good authors even better.

The responsibilities of a well-polished article will fall on our well-experienced editors that will make sure each article is up to standards. Thereby give our clients the time they require to write other articles.

Our journal article editing services will help improve not just the readability of your journal article but also the clarity and organization. Our services ensure that your journal articles are free of error and concise, ensuring that complex ideas are communicated clearly to the readers.

Ensuring that the journey from manuscript to publication is hitch-free by making sure that the article is free from grammatical, spelling, and syntax errors. Having experiences in getting articles published in journals, using our editing service will ensure that your article stands the chance of getting picked for publication by journals.

When using our journal article editing services, our editors will also ensure that the distinct requirements for the journal of your choice are adhered to. Also include, making sure the right formatting and referencing format is used in the article.

One of the aims of writing a journal article is to get the article published by reputable journals and to get it across to various readers around the word. Due to the competition of getting an article published, the selection process of articles by journals has become rigorous. The only way to battle these selection processes is to ensure that your article is edited by top-notch journal article editing services to ensure your article conforms to all necessary requirements.

Scientific Editing was created to help assist authors in getting their article published by employing a team of qualified and experienced authors. We help authors get their articles published by making sure it is writing the best way it can possibly be.

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