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At Scientific Editing, we have methodical academic editors to help you succeed.

After submitting your thesis to Scientific Editing, we will be in touch with you to give you personalized feedback on your thesis. The feedback goes beyond English grammar, rewording, and typos. While your editor will certainly address those issues, your editor will also pinpoint what your thesis lacks, what needs to be added, what needs to be removed, and more.

Your personal editor, who has a PhD in your field or close to yours, will edit your thesis for a confident submission.

Thesis Editing Services

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Whether your writing your master’s thesis or PhD dissertation, take advantage of our thesis editing services today. Submit your thesis for editing and we will find the right editor for your subject. Our editors check the structure and clarity of your thesis. Our editors will also correct your grammatical errors.

Whether your writing your master’s thesis or PhD dissertation, take advantage of our thesis editing services today. Submit your thesis for editing and we will find the right editor for your subject. Our editors check the structure and clarity of your thesis. Our editors will also correct your grammatical errors.

Get started on improving your thesis with our thesis editing services

Hire an editing expert for your master’s or PhD thesis

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The mark you receive from your thesis significantly influences your final degree classification

When you hire Scientific Editing to revise your dissertation or thesis, you will make a wise investment in your degree or doctorate.

Do not compromise your degree by poor English and academic style

Our experienced editors will make sure that you do not loose marks due to poor English writing. In addition, we will work on improving the academic tone in your thesis, the language flow and structure of your writing so that it is well-received by your thesis reviewers.

Take advantage of our experienced academic editors

Scientific Editing makes sure that your dissertation or thesis is submitted free of language errors by having it reviewed by an academic editor in your field of study.

At Scientific Editing, we understand that every thesis or dissertation has its own complex language and only someone from that field can figure out the weakness and flaws of the topic. We have academic editors experienced in different fields.

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Need a committed and professional editor?

Scientific Editing has a team of in-house academic editors passionate to help you succeed. You will be assigned an editor with experience in the academic review process. Your editor will prepare your thesis or dissertation, for you to submit your research correctly and with confidence. Your assigned academic editor checks the accuracy of your citations, validity of your arguments, format of your thesis, English grammar, and more.

For more than a decade, Scientific Editing has operated in an international scale by professionally proofreading and editing thesis and dissertations from different countries. Our editors are highly experienced in editing academic literature and are trained to understand your writing style, and research message.

We have worked with hundreds of scientific manuscripts. Furthermore, all our editors are native speakers of English. Scientific Editing values the effort you have put into your thesis, and our editors passionately will assist you to submit a thesis free of language errors.

We have served many universities worldwide

Servicing International Universities

Scientific Editing has proofread and edited a large number of master’s and PhD theses for students from different universities, such as University of Toronto, McGill University, Cornell University, Harvard University, and many more.

Our editors have helped many students successfully perfect their theses! We hire only experienced editors to guarantee your satisfaction. By having a thoroughly edited thesis, you can express your ideas in a transparent and impactful manner. Our editors at scientific Editing will edit your thesis and provide precious comments and feedback in order for you to confidently submit your thesis.

Our editor will provide personalized feedback and guidelines

  • We check for all English grammar, punctuation, spelling, typos, and other errors
  • Our editors who are native speakers of English will enhance the clarity, style, and sentence structure of your thesis.
  • We correct your citation format
  • We offer an efficient turnaround time and quick delivery of your thesis before the deadline.
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We understand your deadline

Are you running on a deadline? We cater to that too. If you have to meet a deadline urgently and you need to ensure that you receive your feedback on time, we provide a rush service. For an additional fee, you can have your wait time cut down so you can meet your deadline on time.

Our wait period also depends on the length of your thesis, feel free to look over the pricing section of our site and you will find that we cater to everything from under 500 words to up to 20,000 words, depending on your needs.

Out academic editors at Scientific Editing understand that deadlines are extremely important when it comes to graduation and we will always meet your deadline. You may choose how quickly you want your edited thesis back.

If you’d like to have a very personalized editing of your thesis, you may tell us at the time of submission! Our editors will then make sure to only provide relevant feedback.

  Satisfaction guaranteed

Our editors are highly experienced and we are confident that we deliver the best quality edits that meets academic standards. You may also check our testimonials. However, if you are not 100% satisfied, you may contact us right away and we will find a solution for you.

If you have any questions about our editing process, our friendly support team are always ready to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

How We Improve Your Thesis

There are some common misunderstandings about thesis editing services. For instance, some people seem to think that only students who have learned English as a second language need editing services. This is clearly not the case for many reasons, even native English speakers can be caught making grammar, spelling, or syntax errors, and it is nothing to be ashamed about!

We have dealt with a wide array of clients and without a doubt, we have found that native English speakers benefit from our services.

When we review your thesis, we look for mistakes in grammar, spelling, syntax, and many other aspects of your language usage. Sometimes, your language usage could be grammatically correct, but clunky or awkwardly worded. This can easily arise in some fields, especially STEM related studies.

Although something may make sense to you, it might not be as clear as possible. You want to avoid vague or arbitrary language where ever possible, remember, your thesis is supposed to portray your argument, so you want it to be as air tight as it can be.

We also review your argument. If there are any holes in your reasoning or shortcomings in your position, we will let you know. One of the main advantages of our service is that our staff have gone through the same process you are going through right now.

We are professionals in the STEM fields and can understand your topics and arguments better than someone who is simply reviewing your English. Your thesis will undergo a critical analysis that can help you see your work from a different perspective.

We will give you notes on all these critiques and help you enhance your thesis to match the work of our trained professionals. Keep in mind, we also work with researchers and have edited submissions to scientific journals, so you can rest assured on the standard of our quality.

How Our Services Work

Unlike other services, our team is comprised entirely of STEM graduates. Whether you are studying Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, Biology, or any other field in the realm of STEM studies, we have a staff member who can accommodate you.

Unlike with other fields, STEM students face unique challenges. You do not want an editor who is just critiquing your language, especially if they do not know what the language of your particular field means, or is intended to mean.

We provide a highly sought-after service, as very few editing services that deal exclusively with academic content also specialize with STEM topics. Most of the time, students are forced to rely on their professors or peers to guide them through their editing process, however these people may not be the only people that will review your thesis when it comes time to defend it.

You want as many skilled eyes on your thesis as possible, but this can be challenging if, for example, you go to a smaller university or your field is very restricted. We want to make academic life fair and even the playing field for students who need access for top notch thesis editing services.

We will take your document and review your language usage, including grammar, spelling, syntax, and all other aspects of proper language to ensure you are producing a thesis in line with all English conventions. We will also review any other part of your thesis specified.

Are you having trouble working on a particular argument? Are you unsure if you have patched all the holes in your reasoning? Do you just want someone to tell you if your argument makes sense? Do not worry about it. Contact us with the details of the type of review you would like, and we will do our utmost best to ensure you receive it.

We strive to make this process as custom as your want it to be, explain your concerns and we will tailor our service to meet all of them.


revising manuscripts of all subjects

Revising all kind of college essays

Revising center for theses

Editing English and styles of your thesis

English editing a fundamental part of all of our services whether a thesis, research paper, review paper, presentation, etc.

Proofreading of your thesis

By default, proofreading is provided for any order we receive. Our editors will proofread your thesis to make sure it is free of typos and grammar errors.

Defining thesis Statement

Every thesis should have a main point. A thesis statement is a sentence that describes your position on this main point. We check your thesis for the thesis statement.

Meeting your deadline

Writing a thesis could be very stressful and students need to meet multiple requirements. At Scientific Editing we understand that every student thesis has a deadline.  Scientific Editing offers an efficient turnaround time and quick delivery of your thesis to make sure you meet your deadline.

Making your argument shine

We make sure all of your words contribute to making your arguments. Ordinary words like “says” make ordinary points. Could you use a word like argues, suggests, claims, or acknowledges instead of “says”? Strong words give more authority to your sentences and make them more interesting.At Scientific Editing, we will take care of that.

Providing multiple step editing

Depending on the level of editing required for your thesis, we do multiple steps of editing. In the first step, our editor reads and analyzes your thesis and provides suggestions and comments as a report for what needs to be done. After you implement the suggestions in your thesis, our editors will edit your thesis for clarity, language flow, consistency, writing style, and punctuation.


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Do you have any additional concerns you would like to go over? Contact us today. If you want to know particulars of our service or if you have a custom order you would like us to consider, reach out to us. We want to make this as easy and as painless as possible. We want to work with you to ensure our service has made a positive and lasting impression on your academic career.

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