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A dissertation must be properly written and presented to receive a favorable assessment grade. Not everyone is great at writing and many students find it difficult and are prone to mistakes. Non- native English speakers and students with dyslexia can also find academic writing to be a challenging task. Before submitting a final dissertation, it’s recommended that intensive dissertation editing and proofreading to be carried out to make sure your material is at top quality.

Luckily, Scientific Editing provides services geared towards students and researchers who need that extra assistance. Dissertation editing and proofreading are in demand services that students and professionals from across the board often seek.

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What you receive with our dissertation editing and proofreading service

Dissertation editing and proofreadingCritical feedback from PhD qualified experts from a wide range of fields and academic discipline backgrounds.

Dissertation editing costProfessionally edited documents that do not alter your original content meaning and research

Dissertation editorConfidential and top-notch security measures to keep your dissertation safe

Dissertation proofreading and editingGuidance on how to improve your overall project

PhD dissertation proofreading costAffordability


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Items we process during dissertation editing and proofreading

  • Checking for spelling and grammatical errors and redundancies – simple errors are easy to overlook when you are writing and sometimes you simply aren’t aware that you’ve made an error or you just aren’t that great at spelling.
  • Scanning the documents for mistakes in the use of vocabulary and semantics – many students often misuse vocabulary or aren’t sure about the meanings of words they may use. Jargon and terms that are specific to the area of study can also be easily misused or ill placed and often never fully explained or defined.
  • Double checking syntax, punctuation and sentence structures – These are commonly overlooked in writing and it’s not unheard of to forget to place punctuation where it’s required. Run on sentences and sentences that lack structure are familiar culprits in long form writing. Poorly structured paragraphs are also frequently created.
  • Thorough and in-depth linguistic evaluation- all aspects of linguistics are assessed in your written material to seek out and highlight errors to be fixed, this is especially important and incentive for non- native English speakers who may not fully grasp certain features of linguistics or have problems adhering to difficult linguistic structures.
  • Making sure your material is conformant to the layout required by the academic body such as MLA, APA or equivalent – these layouts have a specific model to follow and must be compliant. Failure to do so may take away from your assessment grade if submitted without seamless layout formatting.
  • Reference and fact checking as well as proper citation usage as needed – a dissertation editor and proofreader have the tools and know how to fact check anything you require pertaining to your material. If you are not sure of your sources or to ensure nothing you have written was unintentionally plagiarized, they can use their expertise to conduct searches and advise you on their findings.
  • Ensuring the dissertation is properly sectioned and all headings are visible and concise – an expert will help you organize your dissertation correctly to professional standards. From your abstract and table of contents to your conclusion and glossary, they will aid you in neatly arranging your sections in proper order, as well as ensuring the language and content is clear and concise.
  • Word count and page count – this is done to help you keep within your university’s specific instructions for your dissertation submission and to make sure your pages are properly numbered and in line with your table of contents.
  • Font size and choice of font – some institutions require a specific font and size to be used, a dissertation editor and proofreader will scan your documents to look for any discrepancies. If not, the font you choose must be professional and you can get help to choose one that is of an acceptable standard.
  • Graphics and chart revision if included – if your dissertation data is displayed in charts or graphs, your work will be double checked to ensure they are accurately represented and precisely co relate to any written discussion based on the graphics.
  • Overall aesthetic values – having a well done and professional looking final product is a big boost in presenting your work, you will be advised on how to achieve this if you need it. Updates in trends or designs are also considered. The end goal is to have a sleek and neat presentation.
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These are just a few basic tasks that a professional dissertation editor and proofreader would undertake to check the quality of the work provided and make corrections accordingly.

These tasks and more are conducted according to the type of dissertation whether it’s:


Thesis editing Non empirical


Each type is based on your topic and research ideas in your field and your work will always be unique as it stems from your own findings and results. Dissertation editing and proofreading enables you to enhance your original material to be in line with existing industry standards and to be clear and concise while keeping your vision and intentions intact.

Benefits of seeking professional dissertation editing and proofreading services

  • Guidance from real life PhD qualified experts
  • Error free and coherent writing
  • Time saving
  • Eases stress and anxiety
  • Encourages you to be more mindful of your approach to writing for academic purposes
  • Helps you create a high-quality end product

If you feel like your work is sloppy or you aren’t feeling confident enough to submit your dissertation for grading, consider contacting Scientific Editing to have your dissertation screened by top experts in your field. Dissertation editing and proofreading is a vital step in order to have a successful assessment outcome. Your work will make more of an impact if it’s error free and easy to read and comprehend.

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