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Substandard quality of a manuscript is a common reason for a journal to reject it. Some journals, although rarely practiced, require authors to submit editorial certificates to prove that their manuscript has been edited by an English editing service before submission.

A poorly written manuscript can obscure the main focus of your research. When journals receive a manuscript containing mistakes in grammar and spelling, they assume that the author did precisely edit their manuscript. If the authors are careless with basics of their paper, what about the substantive aspects of their study? When a manuscript is not well organized, it concerns journals that an author is unable to conduct a logical study and create compelling arguments. Our editors cannot conduct your research for you. However, proper English editing can certainly help the journal editors acknowledge the logic and flow of your research!

Our editors are academic scholar with years of valuable editing experience. They have already published scholarly papers and therefore they understand the review process your manuscript must undergo.

We have carefully selected our editors to work on your documents based on experience and familiarity with the subject area. All of our editors are trained to locate any grammar errors, awkward phrasing, language misuse, and improper style. We ensure that your edited research paper, book, or document allows peer reviewers to assess your research on its merits and not be distracted by language issues. You can rest assured that your manuscript will get a boost by using our editing service.

Our academic editors are

  • English editing and proofreading Native speakers of English
  • English editing and proofreading PhD holders
  • English editing and proofreading Experienced authors with publications
  • English editing and proofreading Knowledgeable in your fields of study

To get selected for publishing, a journal article must be able to meet the requirement of the journal and as well as be able to stand up to the scrutiny of the journal’s peer reviewer. This can only be achieved if the journal article is edited by the best journal article editors in this business.

Therefore, it is for this reason that Scientific Editing made it a point of duty to employ not only qualified editors but also editors that are well experience when it comes to editing journal articles. This is so to ensure that the editors are familiar with the different requirements of different journals and be able to conform our client’s articles to the requirements of various journals to improve their chances of getting selected for publishing.

Editing has been said to be a vital part of writing. This is because it helps to make the writing style more effective, and the writeup a little more concise and clearer as conciseness and clarity are some of the significant qualities of a journal article. It is, therefore, this reason professional editing is required when writing a journal article.

English Editing Service

Key Features That Makes Science Editing the Best English Editing Service

  • We have one of the strongest editing team in the business.
  • Our editors are from a diverse range of academic backgrounds, the likes of science, biology, medicine, economics, law, psychology, business, social sciences, and the humanities, etc.
  • Editors at Scientific Editing hold high-level academic qualifications from reputable universities.
  • Our team consists of editors with experience in editing journal articles
  • We deliver high-quality journal article editing services with efficiency and flexibility
  • Our editors are dedicated and embrace their role in assisting academics in getting their articles published.
  • Confidentiality is a requirement for academics working on new research and innovative ideas. At Scientific Editing, we take client confidentiality very seriously.
  • Our team also contains certified editors with a minimum of a master’s degree in different fields of study.
  • Our editors are skillful and confident when delivering journal article editing services.
  • We understand academics have a tight schedule when it comes to submit and publish their articles, so we operate with return date flexibility. That is, we accommodate short and long turnaround according to the demands of our clients.

Scientific Editing and English editing

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