Fear of Writing and How to Overcome Your Fear

One of the greatest menaces to writers lies within the fear of writing. At the root of it is self-doubt and fear of failure. For writers, it is hard enough to write with a sense of self-criticism while writing. Many aspiring writers have bid goodbye to their passion for writing because they succumbed to the fear of writing.

The fear makes them believe that whatever they write will never be good enough. The fear of rejection and other people reading your written piece also work as stress triggers. But as writers, you must keep in mind that if you let the fear control you, it will forever hold you back from reaching your goals.

Instead of fostering such negative energy, here are some strategies you can adopt which will help you overcome the fear of writing:

check markJust Write It

Getting started is arguably the toughest part of writing. Especially when you have a fear of writing, the whole process may seem to be tedious. The trick here is just to get done with it. No matter how ridiculous it might sound at first, you should write it down. Once the writing process starts, it will be more natural for you to continue.

check markRefrain from Procrastinating

When starting the piece becomes troublesome because of the fear, it is important not to indulge in procrastination. Convince yourself to stay away from the pointless session of mobile scrolling or wasting your energy doing anything else. If you feel like you need a break, take a ten-minute pause to refresh your mind and then get back to writing.

check markAcknowledge Your Fear

It is also essential that you do not ignore the fear while you are going through such a situation. Having negative thoughts is a natural mechanism of the human brain.

What is more important is to embrace these fears instead of giving them the steering wheel of your creative mind. Fear is the mind’s way of keeping you away from pain. So if you are scared of something, it does not necessarily mean it’s harmful. The best way to overcome writing fears to just continue writing.

check markUse Criticism Constructively

Criticism is one of the most common reasons behind the instilled fear of writing in a writer. But what most people fail to see is that criticism provides a learning curve. The first draft, the first book, or the first line will never meet your expectations. It will also not please everyone who reads your writing, which is okay. The harshest comments still carry value from which you can learn. Instead of being crushed by others’ judgments, use them to improve your work.

check markBreathe It Out

Sometimes the fear of writing comes as a wave of anxiety. In those times, any measure of preparation might not come handy. But meditating and breathing through it will help. Close your eyes and practice slow breathing until the wave of fear passes. This simple exercise will help you take a mental breath.

As a final point, it is crucial to remember that the fear of writing is not as scary as fearing the fear of writing. Writers should not fall into this loop and keep practicing writing regularly.

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