Does It Matter in What Font and Size I Write My Manuscript?

There are so many types of fonts that have been made available today. In so many cases, the exact selection of font is not critical. This is because the manuscript or journal will actually typeset the last version.

Nevertheless, there are some things to consider when selecting the font type and size for your manuscript. This also includes journal preferences.

How To Select A Suitable Font

Amongst the plethora of choices that you have when you are writing your manuscript, choosing a specific font cannot be overemphasized or ignored.

Everyone is aware that Microsoft word automatically defaults to the font known as Calibri. But, this does not in any way mean that Calibri is the only choice in the entire Microsoft word.

Nevertheless, there are a few things to consider when you are selecting the font you will be using for your next manuscript. They include:

check markJournal preferences

Immediately you identify the journal that you will be sending your work to; you should check out the author guidelines. This is carried out in a bid to have an idea of the particular requirement in relation to the font.

Also, know that journals are bound to have certain requests for their fonts that are in figures too. An example is that it could be 8-point Arial. There is a possibility that it could be different from the font that will be used in the entire body of the paper

check markBelievability

Similar to all other visual media, writing carries some aesthetic qualities that can have an impact on the reader.

Going beyond the stylistic preference of the reader, the style of the font can have a major influence on how much the reader will take your work seriously.

Judging from a study carried out on the website of the New York Times, readers agreed with statements that were written in Baskerville font.

This agreement was more than that of different fonts, with George inclusive, which is even a very similar serif font. The research also revealed that fonts like comic sans are known to be terrible at conveying important information and must be avoided at all costs.

check markConsistency

It does not matter the font you finally decide to write your manuscript in, just ensure that the font is consistent throughout the document. It should also be of the same size.

Just like some other features of your paper, consistency is sometimes more vital than the nature of the choice you get to make. Bear in mind that a consistent writing style showcases careful attention to detail.

Also, it will end up leaving a very good impression on your research work.

To Wrap It Up

Fonts are not just writing styles we choose randomly. Also, people are concerned about the font as it appeals to the reader. Hence, you must select a good font that will appeal to the reader and capture their attention.

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