Joining a New Editor in Geology

Dr. Mark Flores has recently joined our group as an editor for geology papers. Scientific Editing has a long list of in house editors for many different fields. But for some time we did not have an editor specialized in Geology. When we received orders for editing a geology related document, we had to contact our collaborating editors for their assistance. Although we always tried to provide our clients with the best service possible, this was always considered an issue that needed to be addressed. After searching for an experienced and professional editor, Scientific Editing finally managed to recruit Dr. Mark Flores to join our team.

Dr Flores currently obtained his PhD at University of Pennsylvania in 2007. He studies groundwater contamination caused by agricultural, industrial, and urban activities. His research provides new information about sources of contamination. He has served as the editorial board of several journals for more than 10 years. His experience in editing and proofreading has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of scientists to get their work published in peer reviewed journals.

We at Scientific Editing hope that by having Dr. Flores on our team we can now provide a faster turnaround time for papers in geology. We believe that Dr. Flores’s experience will also enhance the quality of our editing service in geology.

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