The art of attracting your reader

Are you about submitting a paper soon? Do you want to give your readers a good reason to get hooked?

In this blog post, we'll discuss the barriers, ways to overcome them and how to be unique.

Obstacles that Interfere

Let's talk about the elephant in the room. Even if you have one clear goal, it is hard to stay on task when you have to keep a lot in mind to attract your reader.

As attention span has decreased gradually for internet consumers, constant pops of digital advertisements have made it inevitable to lose concentration.

When readers have access to your online content, there are innumerable advertisements or web banners that distract them. These ad placements promote services and push eye catching products that are unavoidable.

Their main motivation is to drive in visitors of a website to their landing page. In this era of constant digital marketing, you cannot skip out on this.

With nonstop competition, someone out there will always be a better competitor. That is why staying ahead of the game requires balancing your writing as an important factor to hold your reader's attention.

The following tips can help you acquire the art of attracting your reader:

  • Provoke curiosity: Give something your reader would find unique. Stand out individually with a different angle and work your magic with the title/headline and the introductory paragraph. We don't want to piss them off later on, so make sure you are hyping your reader for a worthy read ahead.
  • Write just enough: Don't bore them with too much information and don't disappoint them insufficient and basic information.
  • Personalize: Add a personal touch to characterize the bland information and differentiate it. Bring up examples to make the content related and enter your reader's thought process.
  • Engage emotions: Keep your reader hooked with a touch of emotion, maybe tell a story. This addition will help explore the topic deeply by telling a story. It will surely impress your reader!
  • Convey sincerely and Follow up: Keep up with the information you promised to deliver to your reader. You got your attention using a punchy headline, and promised some great insight on your topic. In the body of your content, you have to focus on information. Keep your word and make the details worth reading.

Go the extra mile!

  • Get published on other platforms - Make your way into competitions, sign up for events where a lot of crowd might show up. This is an offline effort that matters to create one on one connection. This may even get you organic attention. Read out a fraction of your content and take opinions and reviews from potential readers.
  • Presence on Social Media - Getting on social media platform will help you promote better and communicate directly with readers. There is scope of feedback, and you can inform people about any events you're attending.

Whether it's your blog, website or even an article, you deserve undivided attention from your targeted audience. We understand exactly that goal and wish you all the best with your successful writing endeavors!


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