The golden rules of punctuation

Conversations in reality, and what appears as text, are indeed two variants. Speaking errors are understood, but on print, evidence remains as a standard and an embarrassing situation will have you facing the music. Writing an acclaimed thesis, or attempting to impress someone over instant messaging, punctuation will allow you to become more enlightened. With a keen sense of speaking, and writing exactly what you mean, comprehending the major principles of punctuation will be your guide.

Symbolic Representation

Sorting symbols appropriate enough for your piece of text to be clear and precise, such as commas, or semicolons, puts more emphasis and adds a more professional outlook to segments of writing. Notifying someone of an important date, or event, could be misread, and ultimately the wrong assumption or outcome could be faced, thus, hyphens, come in handy in these situations. Instead of asking your office assistant to deposit twenty-five thousand-dollar bills, you accidentally emailed twenty-five-thousand-dollar bills, leaving for a very questionable transaction to take place with the bank teller.

Compress and Conjugate

The idea is to enunciate, and through that comprehension, many matters will be disclosed easily. There are hefty scientific journals which have an abundance of breakthrough information, however, when composing such an analysis, the reader needs to understand, and not the writer to dump constant information, without an etiquette of the English Language.

Expression of Words

Stating your qualifications on a resume could be daunting, especially when you've been rejected for the umpteenth time, and ponder on life choices. A quality component is an indication of being well-read, and able to differentiate. Important capital letters should be set when informing the reader about a specific designation such as 'Officer' or 'Supervisor', regardless of it being at the beginning of a sentence, as it indicates significance.

Ambitious Standards

If you desire admission from a prestigious University, and your application recommends an essay, therefore strong punctuation and spelling checks will put you in priority, even if your piece isn't interesting, however, the latter section is also a selection procedure. Fast-forward a couple of years, and you have been granted admission, at a said College, the final year is amidst, the aforementioned thesis is on the horizon. Give a solid introduction, explain your topic, throw in a couple of jargon here and there, but most importantly be clear! The Professor in charge of checking papers will indeed have a pleasant time reading your paper because the amount of professionalism will be initially displayed and with good intentions.

Gold from the Golden rules

Throughout the internet, you can hone a proficient craft in the English Language. Grasping pronunciation effectively succeeds in attaining a prominent status. This is because, the text is applied in every form of life, from advertisements to notices, from several devices, thus apply the apparent methods which are punctually correct! This will go a long way, and perhaps people from other countries, who are not as efficient, will require your assistance, learning the golden rules, will be much in your favor. Many education systems bypass the importance of punctuation, henceforth it needs development.


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