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Manuscript Editing

Publishing in science journals is the global measure of your research progress. There is a great competition among scientists to publish in the most prestigious journals and many manuscripts with outstanding findings could be rejected in the first submission.

Even experienced writers may need revision of their work and sometimes their manuscript must be re-formatted before submission to a different journal. At Scientific Editing, we want to assist you at every stage of manuscript preparation.

Scientific Editing not only provides you with fresh insight about your writing but also enhances the chance of success in publishing your work. We provide a high-quality editing service, and we help you become a better writer. We clean up your writing so that you can concentrate on your research.

What does our manuscript editing service provide?

  • Scientific comments and annotations that you may apply to your research to aim for higher impact journals
  • Pinpointing weak arguments and suggestions for strong arguments
  • Improving the word choice and sentence structure of your manuscript
  • Line-by-line editing of your manuscript to improve language flow and clarity
  • Corrections of grammar errors
  • Correction of typos
  • Pinpointing inconsistencies
  • Tracked revisions of word documents to give you an overview of our changes

Manuscript editing

At Scientific Editing, our manuscript editing and proofreading services can help you perfect the scientific arguments, grammar, and impact of your work. All scientific journals, regardless of their impact factor, demand well written and grammatically correct manuscript.

When you decide to submit your paper to a different journal, our editors can save you time by reformatting your paper. This allows you to improve the scientific aspect of your research while we do all the editing and proofreading of your manuscript. Let our experienced science editors help you prepare a flawless manuscript. Email us or fill our online form to discuss your manuscript and what we can do for you.Alternatively, you may find your answer in the Frequently Asked Questions.

You can rest assured that Scientific Editing academic editors have your back when it comes to manuscript editing. Their extensive knowledge can be trusted with your hard work and sacrifice of producing a publishable scientific manuscript. Due to their wealth of experience, unrelenting focus, comprehensive efforts, and personal academic achievements we at Scientific Editing provide the highest quality editing services out there on the market.

Here at Scientific Editing, we offer editing services for a wide variety of specializations. Our editors are well versed in editing scientific manuscripts. If you wish to see the different fields of studies that our academic editors cover please take a moment and visit our editors.

No matter how specialized your discipline or area of research may be, one of our scientific manuscript editors is sure to be able to help you. Our editors obtain a high level of technical competency in a wide array of fields of study. Our editorial teams are comprised of journal peer reviewers, physicians, MDs, and Ph.D. accredited specialists.

manuscript editing

What Do You Get From Our Manuscript Editing Services?

Studies show that 62% of the published papers have been rejected at least once. At Scientific editing, we offer a wide range of services to get your scientific manuscript up to the high standard required for it to be publish-ready. We’ll provide comprehensive support to help you become a better writer while cleaning up your manuscript to ensure you’ll be less worried about the layout of the scientific manuscript and get back to concentrating on your research. No scientific researcher wants to be bogged down with the inconvenience of correcting tedious spelling, grammar, or language mistakes. That is why we provide the following services:

  • Correcting any grammatical errors.
  • Correcting any spelling errors.
  • Correcting punctuation errors.
  • Ensuring the syntax of the English language is followed.
  • Ensuring your scientific manuscript reads logically, clearly, and the narrative flows easily.
  • Bridging any language barriers.
  • Reducing unnecessary redundancies and repetitions.
  • Identifying weak arguments and suggesting alternatives to strengthen your argument.
  • Identifying any inconsistencies or contradictions throughout your narrative.
  • Editing and modifying any referencing mistakes.
  • Providing helpful annotations and scientific-based comments to help you target more prestigious journals and publishers.
  • Offer trackable editing revisions of your scientific manuscript so you can keep track of editing revisions.

Manuscript editing comments and feedback

What our clients say

“I love what Scientific Editing did. They did a fantastic job.”

Abigail Sanders

“I recommend Scientific Editing to all of my friends and will use it again and again.”

Malcolm Fodge

“I am happy that a friend recommended me to contact Scientific Editing. They provided me with a professional service.”

Petros Ricci

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