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Are you a medical professional who loves research, but doesn’t love grammar? You’re not alone! The medical field is an intense profession that doesn’t focus on where commas go, or what a semicolon even does. Medical journals however, do care. Allow us to alleviate some of your stress with medical editing. Our team of experts will target your pain points and get your manuscript or document on the right track.

Medical editing services

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Here at Scientific Editing, our Editors are linguistic experts who can quickly and efficiently turn your research findings into an article that you’re proud of!  With our medical editing service, we can help you style your writing to be appealing to the journals you’re most interested in. You have already put all of your time and energy into your research, and getting your findings on paper; Allow us to ensure your readers understand your findings by looking for grammatical errors, language inconsistencies, poor word choice, and structural issues.

Many medical professionals seeking structural advice for their work hire an editor and then find a medical professional to check content and wording. At Scientific Editing you get both. We eliminate the amount of rounds of revision it takes to get the job done, and bring your material right to the source. Your medical editor will ensure you are following the rules of grammar and also critical elements such as your preferred style guide, reference listings, and keep an awareness of your journal’s submission guidelines.

Our team is composed of medical experts in a wide plethora of fields, from Virology to Anthropology. They are ready to help you tackle the challenge of getting published. They know what you’re going through, and they are here to guide you through the minefield of medical editing.

Worried your material might be too difficult to understand? Well unjumble the jargon and untangle the run-on sentences. Your material will sound professional, clean, understandable, and repeatable. Your material is not just a recount of your work, it is also a presentation of yourself, your research and your time. It’s important to make it presentable. We will not only tackle editing, but we will also make suggestions for how to pose your argument to make it stronger. Weak arguments are an element of a manuscript that can quickly eliminate it from being chosen for publication. We’ll discuss the main points of your work and make certain it’s heard loud and clear.

medical editing services of case reports

We have a big team of experienced medical editors waiting to get your material to its prime. Each of these professionals is a native english speaker who has published their own original works. Check out our About us page to learn more about our talented team, and their unique specialties. If you’re unsure of how medical editing can help, give us a call and we can get to know each other and discuss all the ways we can work together.

We love to build a relationship with our clients, and no job is too big! Our success is your success, so reach out to us to get a conversation going about how we can take your work to the next level.

Editing medical papers

Medical editing service up to 2,500 words 2 day
Medical editing service up to 5,000 words 4 days
Medical editing service up to 7,500 words 5 days
Medical editing service up to 10,00 words 7 days
Medical editing service up to 15,000 words 10 days
Medical editing service up to 20,00 words 14 days
Medical editing service up to 30,00 words 20 days

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