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When it comes to writing a science paper, you need to convince your readers of your arguments, and follow the format of your journal and the standards of your field.

Our team of editors at Scientific Editing can assist you in expressing your scientific ideas while following the rules of academic writing so that you can submit your manuscript with confidence.

We provide English proofreading services for all your documents:

  • Books
  • Research papers
  • Review papers
  • Academic essays
  • Theses
  • Presentations
  • Posters
  • Cover letters
  • CVs
  • Research proposal

After using our English proofreading Services, our experienced proofreaders will return your document free of language errors.

How does it work?

When you submit your document to Scientific Editing, we allocate an editor in your field or a closely related field. Your editor will correct the mistakes of your document and provide feedback using Word’s track changes and comments. Every submission to Scientific Editing includes both English proofreading and editing. If you need quick English proofreading services, you can also select our express service for your order.

Our online proofreading services ensure that your paper is judged on its scientific values and not rejected due to typos and grammar errors.

Online Proofreading Service for Academics

Every proofreader at Scientific Editor

English editing and proofreading Has a PhD from an accredited university

English editing and proofreading Has published research papers in their field

English editing and proofreading Has years of experience in English proofreading online

English editing and proofreading Is knowledgeable in your field of study

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What we take into account for online proofreading

English Proofreading services

We Have Served Many Universities with Our Online Proofreading Service

Homonyms: We check for homonyms. Homonyms are words that share the same spelling or pronunciation but have different meanings. For instance, confusing complement with compliment could be disastrous. Our editors take care of that.

Figure and tables: We check the figure and table numbers. It is not very uncommon to find that the figure or table numbers in the text do not match the actual figure or table numbers.

Punctuation: Our editors correct any mistakes related to capitalized words, missing or extra commas, periods, and quotation marks used incorrectly, and so on.

Special fonts: When using our online proofreading services, we double-check unusual fonts (italic, bold, or otherwise different. Genes, for instance, must be italic while proteins must be regular.

Typos: We check for typos and spelling.

Page number: We carefully review page numbers, footer, and header for accuracy and correct order.

Word choice: Choosing the correct word choice improves your content to a more sophisticated level. If some of your paragraphs begin with the same word, your writing will become boring, and it won’t be as dynamic as it should be.

Redundant words: When a word repeats in your paper or thesis, it compromises the language flow, and your reader loses his/her interest in your results. Redundant words will be replaced with proper synonyms.

American vs. British: Whether you write American or British English, it has to be consistent throughout your paper or thesis.

We Check and Fix:




Word Choice


Language Flow


Overall Structure

Relevant Information

British Versus American English


Benefit of using our English proofreading services:

Online Proofreading Services
Proofreading Sample

When a paper or a book is filled with grammatical, spelling, punctuation errors, people, especially in the scientific world, will find it challenging to take the writer seriously. This is a problem, especially when the writer requires the article to be published in a journal. Online Proofreading services for your content will save you from the humiliation of having your article rejected by science journals due to grammatical errors, or any other type of errors.

Depending on the grammar checkers and spellcheckers, a word processor will more often than not do a bang-up job in correcting spelling, especially when the word you intend to spell is not rightly spelled.  Sometimes you ended up spelling an entirely different word as spellcheckers will not be able to figure that out. Having your English proofreading done by our online proofreading services will ensure that such a mistake that would be overlooked by grammar checkers and spellcheckers are rooted out and corrected.

Writers make the mistake of misusing some words when they write their scientific articles, and this might be because they are not deeply rooted in the English language. However, our proofreaders are sound and fluent in the English language, and this will help them during online proofreading to identify the wrong choice of words and replace them with the right ones, thereby communicating the message or idea in the article clearly and understandably.

Using our English Proofreading services will also ensure that the sources cited in the scientific article are not just accurate, but are also legitimate. Our proofreaders verify the credibility of the information in the article. They also check to make sure that the citations in the article are consistent and conforming with the required citation format.

Also, online proofreading by our proofreaders will ensure that your article or book stands the chance of being accepted for publishing by various scientific journals. This is because our proofreaders will ensure that the article conforms to the requirement of the specified scientific journal.

As well as ensuring conciseness and clarity, having your article proofread by us will save time and effort on the writer’s part.

Our proofreaders will offer an objective insight into the article, check on word usage by identity, and amend words or phrases that regular spellcheckers will not catch. We also check for misspellings and incorrect words that are often used in place of others because they are homophones.  We check for capitalization, grammar, and punctuation. Our proofreaders will also ensure that the article does not contain any repetitious clichés.

Overall, online proofreading services will ensure that your article is entirely error-free. Plus, we also ensure that the idea in your article is communicated in the best way possible using the best language for ultimate understanding.


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    What is the difference between proofreading and editing?

    To get a better idea of the differences you may read the following articles:
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    Which service should I order?

    Whether you need an editing or a proofreading service, your document will be fully edited and proofread by our editors. The submission process for a thesis, dissertation, manuscript, book, or any other document is the same.

    What type of document does Scientific Editing edit/proofread?

    We are specialized in editing and proofreading of a variety of contents. Here is the list of what we do:
    Academic proofreading service
    Ebook editing service
    Essay editing service
    Manuscript editing service
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