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How does it work?

When you submit your document to Scientific Editing, we allocate an editor in your field or a closely related field. Your editor will analyze your text and correct the mistakes of your document and provide feedback using Word’s track changes and comments. Every submission to Scientific Editing includes both English proofreading and editing. If you need quick English proofreading services, you can also select our express service for your order.

Our scientific proofreading services ensure that your paper is judged on its scientific values and not rejected due to typos and grammar errors.

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Scientific Proofreading Service for Academics

Every online proofreader at Scientific Editing

Has a PhD from an accredited university.

Has published research papers in their field.

Has years of experience in English proofreading online.

Knows how to analyze and polish a proof copy and proofread research papers.

Is a native English speaker specialized in English proofreading and revising a draft.

In simple terms, proofreading means carefully checking for errors or mistakes in a paper, article, manuscript, or document before submission or publication. In the writing process, proofreading is the very last stage before publishing.

When it comes to writing a science paper, you need to convince your readers of your arguments, and follow the format of your journal and the standards of your field.

Our team of editors at Scientific Editing can assist you in refining the draft of your document so that you can submit your manuscript free of typos, grammar mistakes, and inconsistencies.

We provide English proofreading services for all of your documents:

  • Books
  • Research papers
  • Review papers
  • Academic essays
  • Theses
  • Presentations
  • Journal articles
  • Cover letters
  • CVs
  • Research proposals

After using our English proofreading Services, our experienced journal paper proofreaders will check your draft for issues. After refining the text, we will return your improved document free of language errors.

How Proofreading Works

Assigning a proofreader online

Upon receiving your document, our editorial board assigns a proofreader specialized in your subject.

Thorough proofreading

Your assigned proofreader fixes the English grammar, punctuation, language flow, and referencing.

Scientific feedback

Your assigned proofreader provides you with scientific feedback specific to your paper subject.

Senior review

After proofreading, a senior editor reviews the work to provide you with the finest proofreading service.

On time delivery

Enjoy our English proofreading service with all tracked changes, comments, and scientific feedback.


Online proofreading, copy-editing, and rephrasing,

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We Have Served Many Universities with Our Online Proofreading Service

Homonyms: We check for homonyms. Homonyms are words that share the same spelling or pronunciation but have different meanings. For instance, confusing complement with compliment could be disastrous. Our editors analyze your text, spot such mistakes and typos and correct them.

Figure and tables: We check the figure and table numbers. It is not very uncommon to find that the figure or table numbers in the text do not match the actual figure or table numbers. We fix those issues.

Punctuation: Our editors correct any mistakes related to capitalized words, missing or extra commas, periods, and quotation marks used incorrectly.

Special fonts: When using our scientific proofreading services, we double-check unusual fonts (italic, bold, or otherwise different). We redraft your text and correct any mistakes.

Typos: We check for typos and spelling errors.

Page number: We carefully review page numbers, footer, and header for accuracy, consistency, and correct order.

Word choice: Choosing the correct word choice and synonyms improves your content to a more sophisticated level. If some of your paragraphs begin with the same word, your writing will become boring, and will not qualify for publication.

Redundant words: When a word repeats in your paper or thesis, it compromises the language flow, and your reader loses his/her interest in your piece of writing. Our editors revise your draft by replacing redundant words with proper synonyms.

American vs. British: Whether you write American or British English, it has to be consistent throughout your paper or thesis.


Benefit of refining your paper with our English proofreading services:

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When a paper or a book is filled with grammatical, spelling, punctuation errors, people, especially in the scientific world, will find it challenging to take the writer seriously. This is a problem, especially when the writer requires the article to be published in a journal. Online Proofreading services for your content will save you from the humiliation of having your article rejected by science journals due to grammatical errors, poor sentence structures, or any other type of errors before submitting your manuscript.

Depending on the grammar checkers and spellcheckers, a word processor like Microsoft Word or Google Docs will do a good job in correcting spelling, especially when the word you intend to spell is not correctly spelled.  Sometimes you end up spelling an entirely different word and spellcheckers are not able to fix spelling errors. Having your English proofreading done by Scientific Editing will ensure that such a mistake that would be overlooked by grammar checkers and spellcheckers are rooted out and corrected.

Writers make the mistake of misusing some words when they write their scientific articles, and this might be because they are not deeply rooted in grammar of the English language. However, our journal paper proofreaders are sound and fluent in the English language, and this will help them during online proofreading to identify the wrong choice of words and improve synonyms, thereby communicating the message or idea in the article clearly and understandably.

When using our English Proofreading services, the sources cited in your scientific article will be checked for accuracy and legitimacy. Our proofreaders verify the credibility of the information in the article. They also check to make sure that the citations in the article are consistent and conforming with the required citation format.

Also, online proofreading by our journal paper proofreaders will ensure that your article or book stands the chance of being accepted for publishing by various scientific journals. This is because our proofreaders will ensure that the article conforms to the requirement of the specified scientific journal.

In addition to polishing your draft for conciseness and clarity, having your article proofread by us will save you time and effort.

Our journal paper proofreaders will offer an objective insight into the article, check on word usage by identity, and amend words or phrases that regular spellcheckers will not catch. We also check the text for misspelled words and incorrect homophones.  We check every sentence of your draft for capitalization, grammar, and punctuation. Our online proofreaders will also ensure that the article does not contain any repetitious clichés.

Overall, online proofreading services will ensure that your article is entirely error-free before submission. Plus, we also ensure that the idea in your article is communicated in the best way possible using the best language for ultimate understanding.


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Online English Proofreading

English proofreading means reviewing the final draft of a paper, manuscript, or document to ensure it is consistent and accurate in term of language, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting.

The internet isn’t just a global market anymore, it has become the biggest market in the world. All types of editing services can be found on the internet, with the world becoming heavily digitized. It is the same with writing and those who offer writing services today. There are many writing and editing organizations today that provide writing and editing services like Thesis writing, Dissertation writing, Artist or blog posts and so on. Even more prominent are freelance writers and editors who do not work under any editing company and write, edit, and redraft any piece of writing for a particular fee.

According to research in January, there are over 1.94 billion websites on the Internet, and close to four million blog posts published every day. You can trust that those numbers have greatly increased by now because new websites are being created every day, which means more content.

Considering the stats above, you can imagine how much content that is; the number of essays, articles, eBooks, magazines, and so on. That perfectly explains why online writing and editing services are greatly required today and why content creation jobs have skyrocketed in popularity recently.

What Is Proofreading?

Proofreading can be defined as the process of carefully checking for mistakes or error in a text before it gets printed or published. It usually takes place after the paper or manuscript has been printed. A copy of the final manuscript after it’s gone through all the stages of editing, including copy-editing is then examined by a professional journal paper proofreader.

What Is Traditional Proofreading?

The term proofreading is used differently in different fields and this one of the things that cloud people’s understanding about what it entails. For instance, if you asked someone in the publishing profession “what is proofreading” the likely answer you are going to receive is very different from the reply you will get from asking someone at a university.

A person in the publishing industry would define proofreading as “the final possible opportunity to revise a manuscript before it is released to the general audience or before publication.” The online proofreader compares the ‘proofs’ or the printed versions of the manuscript (formatting, page numbers, headers, etc.) with the final edition.

How to Choose an Online Proofreading Service

Editing and proofreading services online have become the standard method for many medical institutions and university research institutions because of the quality and efficiency of the editing service. Because there are so many platforms that offer copy-editing and proofreading services, it will be wrong or perhaps foolish to believe that every online service is capable of rendering the services mentioned above. The question now is which editing and proofreading services should you choose to revise and correct your document?

Before you decide on choosing any online editing service, there are several criteria to consider. If you are looking for an editing service to refine and polish your draft prior to submission, the most important factor you need to consider is, of course, revision quality. However, that’s just one aspect of these services. You also need to make sure that any editing company worth your time and money should have the following standards:

The editing platform or company should have a proven record of professional proofreading and editing work. Look out for online proofreading services that have been around for a few years and have edited and revised thousands of documents; they are likely to offer superior quality because they have remained competitive in a growing industry.

The platform or company should have affordable services. Unless you are independently wealthy or your revision is being paid by your research institution or university, ‘cost’ is an important factor you should consider.  Any good editing service should charge a per-word rate, instead of by the hour or by bulk bundles of characters or words.

The company should have a simple and convenient ordering process. Can you order an editing service for your document any time of the year, whether it’s during the day or night; weekends or holidays? Do they have an instant price quote for copy-editing and proofreading based on delivery time and word count? Will you be assigned to an editor with expertise in your subject area, or will your order be automatically started? If the answer is no to any of these questions, then you might want to find another proofreading service.

The platform should offer a range of delivery times on edited work.

• Find an editing company that offers a service guarantee on the quality of their work.

• They must also assure the confidentiality of the client’s documents and information.

So, remember to choose a proofreading service that meets specific high standards.

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English Proofreading of a Research Paper

Benefits of English Proofreading Services

Proofreading is a delicate exercise of fixing language errors and inconsistencies to revise a text and improve it. As a writer, business professional or editor, you must be able to master the two types of communication; written and verbal communication. 

We cannot begin to explain how important writing is to humanity. It is an essential tool that we use to communicate, inspire, educate, and work. Writing has become a part of us. Writing defines us, our knowledge, skill, education and personality; it defines a particular time/part in history, people, nation or country. 

Importance of English Proofreading Services

Many people do not value the importance of English proofreading services; some people do not even understand what they are, and this is sad because most of them do not comprehend just how important online proofreading services are. 

When you draft a business letter or email, your communication must serve a purpose, and it must also be flawless and error-free. For every mistake you make, your credibility is reduced, and that might end up costing you dearly. And how do you fix your typos and grammar errors to improve your communication? “Proofreading.” The act of refining your writing to make it error-free. 

If you are an undergraduate or postgraduate, having unclear sentences in your manuscript, thesis, dissertation, or examinations could ruin your paper. And if you are applying for a job with poorly written resume, your chances of getting a job could be down to zero. 

Proper and error-free sentences in a resume could help you with your career search. English proofreading services are a significant part of writing that shouldn’t be overlooked. They protects us from damaging our opportunities, reputation, and status.

How Can English Proofreading Services Improve Your Writing?

Preventing Future Mistakes

“A writer is as great as his writing.” What that means is that; by constantly and consistently eliminating mistakes from your “writing routine”, you can improve the overall quality of your content and information. Therefore, if you make a mistake in your writing and you notice and correct it while proofreading, you won’t make the same mistake in your future writing. 

improving Creativity

 They say perfect makes perfect, and writing is a practice that demands creativity. The same is true for online proofreading services. So, when a person writes as a poorly constructed sentence, it can easily be rephrased or modified during proofreading. Rephrasing and modifying a sentence structure require a certain degree of creativity. 

Proofreading will constantly challenge you writing skills and put your mind at work and this will keep your creative juice fresh and running. 

Improving Problem Solving Skills

The whole idea of copy-editing and proofreading is to find problems and find a solution to them. For instance, if you are a professional journal paper proofreader, working on a student’s work; when you encounter an unclear sentence or paragraph, the first thing you have to do to figure out is what he/she is trying to say and how the error can be fixed while maintaining a perfect sentence structure.

For every problem you solve, you improve your problem-solving skills, which in turn will sharpen your grammar and writing skills and help you become a much more experienced writer. So, the next time you encounter a poorly structured piece of writing, the redrafting and polishing the piece will be reachable much faster. 

Enhancing Your Concentration

When you are proofreading a text, your awareness needs to be razor-sharp, and this is key to the success of editing and proofreading any piece of writing. English Proofreading will teach you the art of concentration and focus. ‘Good concentration’ will ultimately lead to better results. 

As a writer, you must be present and aware of every activity without getting distracted, and proofreading will teach you this. 


The more you edit and fix your own mistakes, the better you become because you are constantly learning from each mistake. This will help you boost your morale and confidence in your writing. 

Snapshots of Scientific Feedback for research papers

Scientific Comments on Research Papers

Who Needs an English Proofreading Service?

There’s a common misconception about the groups of people that patronize English proofreading services. Some don’t fully understand the reins of a proofreading service, while others think it’s dedicated solely to authors and Masters or PhD students for their theses and dissertations.

Some also think the service is meant for ESL students who do not master the English grammar and need assistance with checking their draft for typos and other issues to polish and revise it before submission.

Anyone with a proofreading task can require and acquire the services of a professional journal paper proofreader. You don’t have to be a celebrated author or on your second or third degree to seek an editing service. Between these schools of thoughts, there’s a whole lot of range. This is where you’ll find the article writers, book writers, ghostwriters, bloggers, college students, columnists, and people of different levels of writing experiences.

In essence, there’s no limit or criteria to who can demand an online proofreading service. However, for enlightenment, this piece identifies the different categories of people who are most in need of an online proofreading service.

If you’re concerned about the proofreader’s qualifications, service providers in this niche are often mandated to possess a Master’s degree in English or the language in demand as this will guarantee their proficiency in the language for editing and proofreading purposes. Also, editors/proofreaders are required to have excellent communication skills and a keen eye for grammar errors, inconsistencies, typos, and word choice to redraft and improved piece of writing.

There are a lot of traditional and online proofreading services available today; all you need to do is pick one.

Now, Who Are the People That Need This Service?

The next thing we’ll be looking at are the categories of people that use an English proofreading service. You may fall in either one or both of these categories.

  • Students

As a student, there are a lot of papers and essays you’ll need to turn in, assignments, term papers, and reports, research papers, projects, theses, and dissertations that will be due in no time. Hence, depending on your level and the degree in view, there’s so much work to do and even more to look forward to. These written papers need to be error-free and of high quality, as the rewarded grade depends on it.

Also, as a student, there are probably several other things that require your undivided attention, but you have limited time to attend to them. By acquiring the services of a professional online proofreader for either paper you have to turn in, you save yourself some time, get some stress off you, and turn in an error-free, quality-enhanced written piece. It’s a win-win-win. 

  • Professional Writers

As an author, story writer, content writer, or even ghostwriter, English proofreading is still crucial to refine your content. This is because errors can misconstrue the intent of the written piece, truncate the intended message from being conveyed while marring the credibility of the writer. Hence, proofreading is actually a career-saving move for professional writers.

Most of the time, these writers are oblivious to their own mistakes, which is why a fresh pair of eyes is required for rephrasing and polishing, or in one word, proofreading.

People who write pieces with heavy word counts like students, authors, freelance writers, occasional writers, and many others require an online proofreading service. On the other hand, people who also write pieces with small to medium word counts like emails, proposals, business documents, poetry, etc., might also require a proofreading service. It all boils down to the associated risks. If an error in the written piece can cost you so much, you need an online proofreading service to fix your writing mistakes. 

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How Our English Proofreading Services Work

Proofreading a long piece of writing like a research paper or thesis can be a time consuming process, and if you are new to online proofreading it can seem pretty tough indeed. If you want to start revising your content, you need to learn how to proofread yourself. Otherwise, you should look to bring in an English proofreading service that can do the proofreading for you.

You have two options: learn how to proofread yourself, or hire an English proofreading service to check your content word by word.

Focusing on the formatting first

The first thing to do when it comes to English proofreading is to focus heavily on the format that is being used. The format is very important for various reasons, not least because it can play such a huge role in improving your content. If you get a specific and consistent format being used throughout the writing, then it is naturally going to look and sound better.

That is why our English proofreading services always look to make the commitment to changing the format as soon as possible – good formatting is a big part of quality writing and every editor need to implement.

Spotting the basics

Now, our online proofreading services moves on to looking for the things that you can deal with right away – things that cannot hurt the content itself. Our journal paper proofreaders look for things like errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation as well as syntax. An online proofreading service spots the errors which are prevalent such as using the wrong tense, the wrong from of English, and anything else that might pop out as an obvious error.

By fixing these obvious problems first, our online proofreaders get rid of the issues that exist around your writing.

Focusing on the flow

Next, Our English proofreading services spend some time looking closely at the actual flow of the writing. A journal paper proofreader might find that section C actually makes more sense to come before Section B, for example. The proofreader looks at the order of the writing, where points could be better made, and then amalgamate all of these changes into the one document that allows for better overall control of your writing.

By enforcing flow, our high-quality online proofreading services avoid things like excessively long sentences and poor word choices.

Removing redundancy

Next, a journal paper proofreader tries to avoid any needless repetition that comes through in your writing. This is a common issue as some of us rely on ‘comfort phrases’ that we think that they sound good but we rely upon too much.

Proofreaders spend a bit of time on editing those issues out of your writing, and it is bound to become better. A bit more variety in your turns of phrase and your use of adjectives can go a long way to making your writing stand out a whole lot more. This is a major focus of the second phase of our English proofreading services.

Checking the facts and figures

From the ages of a character in a fiction book always being the right number to checking figures on a fact you have used; our online proofreaders use their time to look for problems with the facts of the matter. This goes a long way to producing better content, but it also plays a major role in making sure that your content can simply sound better from a written perspective.

Trust us – the fact-checking matters just as much as the spell-checking. When you hire an English proofreading service, then, fixing the five above factors makes it much easier for your paper to get accepted by high impact journals.